1. @Percival Googlyeyes and called Studio 54 his personal Vietnam. Tell me that attitude didn’t fit with him called the war dead “suckers and losers”.

    1. @freedom of rights could a new strain become more deadly? The vaccine effectiveness is wearing off after 6 months & is only 60% effective. Meanwhile antibodies from covid recovery make you 90-95% immune, according to a new isreali study of 700,000 people. Are you going to keep getting shots every year, or are you going to just see what happens? I hear headaches are common amongst the vaccinated….

    2. @freedom of rights How is that a miscalculation? I even showed my work. It’s a simple formula. Can you link us to a source for this “official rate”? Because I have never heard or read any doctor citing a 0.5% mortality rate for Covid.

    1. @Kevin Malone When you pull up to a gas station where some idiot with a Texas Twang is lighting a cigarette AS he’s pumping gas, it makes you wonder, no?
      Not saying ALL southerners are dumb as a post, but the smart ones with common sense are outnumbered by idiots or have moved away for their own sake.

    2. @Kevin Malone Justin specifically said “ignorant” southerners, not “all”. Quit jumping on the angry bandwagon. Geez.

    3. @Kevin Malone you guys are no match for the North. Don’t even get ideas to try for a second go round with the North. Stay down South and keep your tails between your legs and accept your mistake. By the way, y’all are hated up North as well but you guys were the enemies of America.

    4. @Powerage Scott i’m just saying it’s really annoying hearing northerners always say they’re better than us

    1. @Shawn O’Connor emergency room isnt the covid wing responsible hospitals even have covid screenings through a separate entrance.

  1. It’s unfortunate that they are sooo stubborn and bullheaded as the one man said….. and he said that they made it political and while that may be true, each person has the choice to continue to make it political or actually listen to science and Drs!!! Being bullheaded just may lead you to that cemetery! And that would be very sad!

    1. @freedom of rights evidence of “severe side effects”?!?! You have no point, just made up disinformation to scare people. But freedom, or should I say freedumb

    2. @M K its not misinformation most countries disclose theirs but the USA hide the data people are suffering severe side affects

    3. @freedom of rights can’t reason with these haters. It’s just trump this and trump that. All I know is I saw bidenus address on Afghanistan and I saw Trump. Biden put his head down when doocy asked a question and just acted like he was sleeping. You and I know who the real big dog is

    4. @freedom of rights right, so they guy in the video would be OK with a ‘rushed vaccine’ if Trump “had” it…but not ok with taking the same rushed vaccine now? Later? Fucking hillbilly logic.

    1. @Liza Field If Fox News says Biden made the virus in his kitchen they would
      believe it. How did the US survive so long with so many numskulls?

    2. @John Godley John i so agree, & feel unhappily that because of the reason you cite, we are NOT “surviving” now. 2020 may be the last time (for decades) any semblance of a serve- the- common- good statesman became President. Half of Congress already serves ALEC, Koch, Mercers, FreedomWorks, API, Monsanto, Putin, Erdogan, Saudis etc. Big global $ is an intoxicant, plus pours out this constant propaganda, microtargeted & packaged to survivalists, faith groups (“it’s all fer Jesus!”), homeschoolers, gun freaks, gamers, racists, astrology New Agers, etc. The Ralph Reeds & Grover Norquists with Koch contracts have trained us for decades to disparage & hate our own govt, to the point that Jan 6, attacking our own nation, was a good thing to many “patriots.” I’m sad & expect more of this for years. But not giving up. Hang in there!

    1. ​@J J Regeneron is a company. Its treatment, REGN-COV2, was started in 2020 as part of operation Warp Speed and was granted emergency use authorization in Nov 2020.

      That was even simpler.

    2. @hirodash2112 hey simple jack where did the idea of regeneron come from? The 1918 pandemic using monoclonal antibodies to cure people. For a hundred years we’ve been doing this

    3. @J J . Regeneron is as new as most current vaccines. And Pfizer HAS been approved by the FDA.
      How does it feel to be so wrong all the time?

    4. @BandeNere monoclonal antibody treatment has been around for 100 years, literally, fda has approved many products that have killed people

  2. Man, watching this reminds me why my 2 years at LSU sucked. Being around stupid makes you stupid, just glad I was able to get away. Don’t get me wrong, they are not bad folks, just not the sharpest tools in the shed.

    1. I love that all this idiots don’t take the shot and don’t wear masks.
      It’s like a problem that you have just vanish. So beautiful.

    2. I agree with John Salazar! I’ve been there once and I encountered as many African Americans as white people. Most of the whites were hostile for Midwest accent and confessing I was from MN.

  3. Generally foolish reasons but at least one guy made an astute observation: “It’s kinda hard to get people to do something they don’t understand.” That’s not a good reason, but it’s easy to understand the emotion.

    1. @T Free
      Hey T! I’m an *Essential.* received my two jabs before you in early January 21. I had Covid August of 20. I can tell you that unless you’re an *Essential,* you haven’t a clue of what you’re talking about.

    2. @Harold Moore I’m not lying check cdc official website over 7000 severe reactions but its underreported I know for a fact

    3. I even share posts about peoples experiences after getting the jab..cnn will never show is these side effects. untill its happened to your family you’ll agree to whatever they post

  4. This doesn’t surprise me a bit. I lived in that area many years ago. The video speaks for itself. Plain stubbornness for the one guy. Ignorance. Pure ignorance.

    1. @Ralph Sims I’m not saying it is but it’s the best we have right now, in my opinion. I’m just saying that it’s quite possible that the woman whose death was mentioned in the video would most likely still be alive right now IF she had taken the vaccination that was clearly available to her, BUT because she, and her husband chose to ignore the information that was readily available to her, she did not. She is dead now. It’s very possible her death could have been avoided if she had only taken the shot. Because she didn’t, she’s now a become a statistic. I don’t have the answers. I sure wish I did. All I do know is right now the odds are in your favor if you do take the vaccination that is free to everyone. I haven’t seen anything at all that should discourage someone from taking a shot if it means the difference between life and death.

    2. @Susie Barnett so if you’re vaccinated and both vaccinated and unvaccinated spread it…….then why does it matter if some people choose not to vaccinate? Am I missing something?

    3. @Ralph Sims I ask myself the same question. I explain this to people over and over, but it’s like they’re so brainwashed to be pro-vaccine and anti-choice, that they don’t even care.

  5. “I believe a bunch of nonsense, couldn’t tell you exactly why, and I’m a bullheaded sumbeach”. Welcome to Trumpland

  6. FFS, do these people not think that maybe, just maybe, “the good Lord” made vaccines possible to save their lives?

    1. @Stuckinnazicalifornia talk about close minded. Sigh.

      Do the same thing I have been doing for years for flu. Take the latest shot.

      Yes, we all know the vaccines lose efficacy. I have known that for years for the flu virus.

      The virus keeps mutating, they keep changing up the shot. For flu and covid

      I cant tell if you anti vaxxers are joking .

    2. @Stuckinnazicalifornia oh, no. You will lose resistance to covid also . That’s why it keeps mutating. You can get reinfected.

      They change up the vaccine for flu also each year. Same for covid.

      All this drama over nothing.

    3. @Stuckinnazicalifornia immunity to covid wears off whether you have natural immunity or vaccine induced immunity.

      And even if you had covid, which I doubt, you might have had a light dose and weak immunity.

      Get vaccinated, it only boosts your immunity each time you are exposed. That’s the way it works.

    1. @Real American Tell me, oh, enlightened one, what credentials, qualifications, and first hand experiences do you have to argue otherwise?

  7. Ellie & Donnie’s pieces are always my absolute favorite!! Never disappoint! Go straight to the people, making it the most interesting news you can watch IMO.

    1. Brian is weak .. Id just dump the wife and move on .. Im never taking that poison and no one can make me take it and im glad it pisses people off

  8. Elle Reeve is an amazing reporter, the way she talked to these folks is something else. Didn’t change too many minds but her approach didn’t upset anyone either which is a very positive way to tell a story

    1. maybe someone should push these idiots a little….learning through knowledge and logic ain’t working with them…

    2. @Raymond Clouston her job isn’t to convince the people, it’s to seek to understand them and report on them. Also, I have a lot of people in my own family that are like these people. And they are LESS likely to do something if you push them. Her style might actually be more convincing than if she were pushy, believe it or not.

    3. @Raymond Clouston “learning through knowledge and logic ain’t working with them…”

      “We have persuaded them to accept as fact the dictates of scientific theory. It is with this object in view that we constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories. The intellectuals of the masses will puff themselves up with their knowledge without any logical verification of it, put into effect all the information available from science, which our agents have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want.”

      -Behold a Pale Horse (by William Cooper) – Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion – Protocol #2

    1. @Ariel Sea Fauci is a part of ‘them’. He’s merely a puppet like they all are. The true ‘controllers’ remain hidden in the shadows.

  9. “I ain’t takin’ no shot!” Also… “Well, I was in the hah-spittle and on everything they got!”

    The irony.

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