Historian And Biden Advisor Thinks ‘We Don’t Have Two Functioning Parties’ 1

Historian And Biden Advisor Thinks ‘We Don’t Have Two Functioning Parties’


Jon Meacham, Vanderbilt University historian and occasional advisor to President Biden, argues that the current Republican Party is illegitimate because the party has thrown all of its ideals away for Trump, who is a true ‘demagogue’

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    1. @darena12 it’s easy to understand how intelligence could be perceiver as irrational by a liberal leftist.

    2. @darena12 I have spent a long time on you tube waiting for a liberal to say anything of even the remotest intelligence…….I guess I have to just keep looking.
      As Captain Kirk said:
      “Beam me up,Scotty”…no sign of intelligent life here.

  1. Jon Meacham was once revered on the right. The fact that he isn’t anymore proves what he saying about the “both sides” argument. His insight (for this former conservative) is invaluable and needs to be ‘trump’eted over the airwaves. The right has gone too far.

    1. @Deborah Freedman
      You are exactly right. What constitutes a good Republican at the moment is loyalty to and appeasement of Trump. Conservative values mean nothing to the party anymore.

    2. As a “radical leftist” progressive, I for one am very grateful for the Conservatives, like yourself and those mentioned in Deborah’s comment above, who have spoken up and stood up to your party (or rather, those extremists who used your party for their political gain). You are standing up for America and Americans. While I wish we could always see eye to eye on other issues, this – defending America and pushing democracy/freedom forward to really truly include all of us – is the most basic, fundamental thing we have generally agreed upon. It has been effing traumatic for all sides to see some decide that no, they don’t want that and act upon it no matter the cost. Then again, I’ve assumed you said former conservative to indicate you aren’t part of what the current GOP stands for but if you meant that your views have shifted to the left, welcome to the party and don’t forget to pick up your complimentary rainbow flag and copy of the Communist Manifesto 😝😆

      Anyway, I’m optimistic we will be able to bring our country back from the brink. Or at least I’m hoping we can. Gotta get a couple Senators to wake the eff up and get their heads outta their butts first lol

    3. @Jillian Copeland that’s been the party since Reagan took over. People act like Reagan didn’t bring the party here but he did.

    4. @Deborah Freedman Can you describe any benefit to conservatism, manifested in our lifetimes?
      Your party has always been a con job, a trick to get working poor to vote for tax breaks for the rich and trickle down, and it’s goal was always only to turn you away from all the things that would benefit you, so what do you think conservatism has ever offered you other than driving you towards fascism with lies and propaganda our entire lives?

      Nothing the RNC stood for, for my entire life, has been genuine or good, all just more subtle racism and trumpism and propaganda for oligarchy.

      You don’t have living wages, you don’t have affordable housing, you don’t have affordable healthcare, you don’t have healthy infrastructure, you don’t have corporations and the rich paying their share of taxes, you don’t have the needed social safety net, you don’t have a lot of consumer and environmental protections and things you should have had all along including a good educational system or a functioning democracy because of conservatism. Our planet is nearly destroyed by climate change, we are about to suffer greatly, all because of the RNC and the con job called conservatism.

    1. Yes! I just asked about that a minute ago and see your confirmation here. Hilariously, totally deliberate lol

    2. @Ruby He is. He was asked about governor Ron DeathSAntis today and he answered with: “Governor who?” LMAO

    1. @bombastic attitude The DOJ is moving. Patience. The scope and magnitude of it all requires prudence and making sure all the evidence is carefully vetted and confirmed.

    2. @bombastic attitude There is no hoping about it. It’s getting done.

      Garland just brought a DOJ lawsuit to AZ. More are coming.

      Anyone that thinks this will be done in less than year or even within a matter of months is going to be disappointed.

      It’s going to be a long haul. Resign yourself to that fact. There are good people diligently working within our institutions.

  2. I love it when this country has a highly competent president, one who puts the people and the country far above himself; too bad his predecessor couldn’t do just that.

  3. President Clinton pulled this Country out of a crash caused by a Republican, President Obama pulled this Country out of a crash caused by a Republican.
    Our previous 2 Presidents that were Democrats, President Clinton and President Obama, left the White House after 2 terms in office, with a smaller Deficit, the difference between income and spending, then when they were Inaugurated. Trump slid into a climbing economy on Obama’s coat tails when he was Inaugurated on January 20th 2017, he did NOT create it.

  4. The Biden approach is working because its aim is to do GOOD FOR ALL American people. Remember this when go vote in 2022 and 2024: Democrats work for the people, republicans for their power. What will you vote for in 2022 and 2024? You must VOTE BLUE if you care for America and Democracy!

    1. Personally, I thought Obama rocked the tan suit. But, that’s just the opinion of a liberal, stuck in the Deep South!

    1. Trump didn’t issue 50 EOs in his first three months. Trump didn’t admit that an eviction moratorium was illegal and then extend it anyway, effectively nationalizing the property of millions of Americans. Trump didn’t violate his constitutional oath by illegally suspending the southern border to flood our communities with drugs and hundreds of thousands of unvaxxed migrants, because new Democrat voters were more important to him than the health and safety of Americans. Trump didn’t claim on national TV that election integrity laws were the greatest threat to our democracy since the Civil War, because he intends to use election fraud to create a permanent one-party Democrat dictatorship. Trump didn’t put his fingers in employees.

  5. Voting is like driving. Vote (D) to go forward. Vote (R) to go backward. Vote third party and you won’t go anywhere. It’s simple as that.

  6. The picture of trump dancing the YMCA at the endzone can’t be described as anything else but a CLOWN ACT.

  7. President Biden reminding us that he’s an old white guy and he can get away with wearing a tan suit 😁

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