Historian Michael Beschloss: ‘Trump Seems So Psychologically Rattled’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Bunker Boy literally said if voting was made easy for everyone no Republican will ever again be President.

    1. @BIG DADDY trump vote is a sextrafficing profile vote. What’s your point? Also, would you like me to send some videos of Regan photoshoots. Sooo much worse. Try harder. No matter what you come up with, its ten times worse with trump. Work on restoring the Republican party first, then throw shade at dems.
      https://youtu.be/PCELMdGMbZI 4:30 a little girl backed away and he carred her arm! For a long time!!!!! OMG! And then he insisted in holding thier baby! 5:26

      https://youtu.be/NCwDW0BsBsQ 6:68 OMG he liked little boys!!! And the BROWN SUIT! How disrespectful to the office!

      https://youtu.be/8S2OGFpVF4w dear gods! He let Nancy get kissed and groped by other men!!!

      Trump racists

      Trump violence

      Trmps debt

      Trumps view of the military

      Trump cant speak:

      Real Presidents

      repubs play book:
      A) project
      B) deny
      C) deflect
      D) whataboutisims
      How about yall change your play book to;
      A) common sense
      B) logic
      C) facts
      D) curiosity

  2. We’ve come a long way from ” Four score and seven years ago” to “Four whores and seven tweets ago”.

    1. @Flavius Stilicho Lincoln wrestled the town bully jack Armstrong , he took a river barge to New Orleans from Illinois over 700 miles

    2. And hunted vampires in his spare time. (Book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is actually very good)

    1. If he loses, A hog ring on a landyard from his nose would keep him quiet, as he perp walks out the door . . .

  3. I can hardly wait to see Trump declare his own insanity to attempt to escape the criminal charges he will face in late January.

    1. Do you really believe trump is leaving? imagine the embrassment he would endure and you know he will not have that. Besides Obama got two terms and there is no way Obama is going to get more terms than him. Putin is schooling trump on how to become a dictator. America is under dictatorship.

  4. Doing the right thing shouldn’t be a Republican thing, or a Democrat thing, it should be an American thing, a humane thing. And the fact that Trump finds doing the right thing, virtually impossible to do, makes him a traitor to his country, and a traitor to his fellow human beings.

    1. Ernest Brown prove he cheats or simply give me a way hes cheated OH BUT YOU CANT you can only quote the news😂😂😂

  5. Daily Reminder: Trump called the Corona virus a Democrat hoax that would miraculously disappear.

    1. @Linda Lauer I’m not seeing my Troll Exposing comment.. deleted. I have found that many of my comments lately have been.. deleted..

    2. @Marc Marmolejo Yes Marc , re-elect the president who touts the doctor who practices ” ALIEN DNA ” and ” DEMON SPERM ” medicine !!! You are a serious type of stupid !!!

    1. My Life Is Dog Hair Your numbers are low,the last two days you had almost 1500 per day, using 1000 per day will have you at quarter million by Election Day.Canada.

  6. The protected feces must be removed at any cost lest our nation is turned into a fascist dictatorship

    1. @Will Dragon Strange.
      The bigger lead Biden has, the more the Rep. put their heads in the sewer and repeat their mantra: “Trump 2020!”

    2. @Will Dragon When you have nothing to say, rely on insults that do not make any sense! Everyone knows that we Democrats are Commies, and you of the GOP are the fascists!

    1. Kathy Weis Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right. George Orwell 1984.
      Google images of European people history, American white inventors, white women with children and happy American couple. Google image that nonsense and youll see exactly wtf is going on .

    2. Sabrina Lancaster Google images of European people history, American white inventors, white women with children and happy American couple. The war on my people and its history are there for you to see.

    3. @Captain Deplorable because the fascist clown has no ability to stop it yet. But he has threatened enough times.

    4. @order or death 2020 Another clueless cult clown who too stupid to know that the fascist freak in the WH has already sent in his state police to prevent the protesting, You cult fools are too stupid to see the corrupt con man for what he really is. .

    1. @Keith Rowell If is going to be your president you just hope your still here to see it and not in one of Trumps bodybags, pandemic exploding with Trump no clue how to fix

    2. @Keith Rowell I understand you are in favour of Trump. Why the name calling? You live in a democracy. Shouldn’t people be able to disagree without calling each other names>

  7. It is a common symptom of dementia, living in the moment, not remembering what you said, saw or did 10 minutes ago or thinking about what you are going to do ten minutes from now.

    1. That’s also common to pathological liars who can’t remember their last lie so they lie some more just to cover it up.

  8. There was a crooked man who led a crooked life.
    He was a crooked husband with a some-what crooked wife.
    He had some crooked children and son-in-law–a louse.
    And they divided this great nation from their White and crooked House….

  9. Can you imagine the effing uproar among the GOP if Obama suggested that we postpone the 2012 election so he had 6 more months to fix the economy?

    1. @MAXX4955 No, with the support of *certain political elements* which at that time made up *part* of the government but not the entire U.S. government.

  10. I bet Trump didn’t even know it was not in his power to delay the election. He is so ignorant of the Constitution.

    1. @Talent Caldwell He thinks as President he can literally do what he wants and goes into a sulk when he’s told he can’t. That’s why he’s gotten rid of all of those people who used to say “no” and filled his administration with toadying crooks who will just break the law and do his bidding.

    2. The only person in the USA who is above the law. He believes it and has been enabled to act as such.

  11. Well, at least we now know why Trump’s been talking to his boss Putin as when it comes to dictatorship he’s an expert.

    1. “…the first time.” Always include the last part of the quote; it’s the most important ‘gut punch’ of it.

    2. Exactly right. Which is why we can’t trust the, “reassurances,” of Moscow Mitch, and any GOP member. Especially the ones looking at serious jail time! You all must KNOW what Bill Barr’s Secret Police units are being expanded FOR, America? They are unconstitutional, and ILLEGAL anyway. Inundate your representatives, join the protests and activist groups, donate your money; DO whatever you can, but by GOD! DO SOMETHING TO GET SECRET POLICE UNITS OUTLAWED! They are building the instrument of your suppression, right under your noses!

  12. How short everyone’s memory is. When Donald became president he set up a commission to investigate mail-in voting fraud and they found NOTHING. It was a total embarrassment because all his sycophants talked a good game and then it was shut swiftly down. That’s the kind of actual evidence that is going to be presented in court because the official statistics and not opinion pieces, show the exact opposite of what trump is claiming.

    1. No No it was actually a Republican caught stuffing ballets in North Carolina in he sure didn’t say anything about that funny but true .

    2. Mark Tito Well thank God we don’t have to panic. No president has the authority to do this, only congress. We know where Pelosi stands on this but Mitch McConnell and McCarthy have both said no way as well. It would also require an amendment to the constitution so trump is just going to have to lose like a good boy!

    3. And now Barr is claiming the same thing under oath. He’s another one they should put in prison and throw away the keys. Do you think Trump and Barr could fit in the same cell together? Maybe Pompeo could join them. No chance of social distancing there.

    1. Trump 2020 M.A.G.A.

    2. I don’t have to perform a field sobriety test unless someone of authority has reason to believe I’m driving drunk. Let’s think about that for a moment.

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