Historic Midwest Floods Expose Fragile Ecosystem | All In | MSNBC 1

Historic Midwest Floods Expose Fragile Ecosystem | All In | MSNBC


Communities up and down the Mississippi River and along its tributaries were hit with massive rains and floods in 2019. As impact of the climate crisis has become reality, these communities need to prepare for the future. But it’s not just areas that flood that are harmed. As flood waters are diverted elsewhere, coastal communities are hurt when water as well. Trymaine Lee reports from Mississippi. Aired on 09/20/19.
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Historic Midwest Floods Expose Fragile Ecosystem | All In | MSNBC


    1. @fredy gump Why don’t you learn something Forest Gump. Man-made climate change is a lie. It is nothing more than an effort to get control of the energy. Wake up.

    2. @T Boned Oh, right. How did I not realize that encouraging people to install their own solar panels, and encouraging people to use less energy….is obviously about controlling energy. Obviously an attempt to consolidate power by some big, giant, super evil entity. Is it NASA? Probably NASA. It’s always NASA…. Is it satellites with lasers causing climate change?

    3. @fredy gump Keep watching the fake news and continue to be willfully blind. Follow the herd to the edge of the precipice in the fog. It is the global agenda buddy and you better wake up to it.

  1. Sorry folks but donny has a few bigger more pressing matters
    to deal with but he will give you mention sooner or latter. Believe me.

    1. I’m guessing Trump’s big problem right now is he can’t decide between the cheeseburger and fries or the Wagyu steak with mashed potatoes

    2. @100101mint mint101001 no im thinken how do i keep my butt in office and outta jail. And where did i put that thoughts and prayers speech.

    1. The two most immediate emergencies will be (1) coastal flooding and (2) widespread famine, when changing wind and rain patterns totally disrupt agriculture, all over the world.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera (0) it’s a little bit worse than that there’s going to be something coming in with the tide and that’s going to be foreign bacteria along with new forms of bacteria and most of which are going to be extremely deadly

    3. @100101mint mint101001 Eventually, yes… but long before then, I believe people will be starving to death. Disease will just be the icing on the cake at that point. But you’re still right… this is going to be a huge plethora of disastrous problems. Famine, disease, heat stroke, flooding, displacement, forced migrations… you name it.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera I also believe we’re 15 years too little too late the water’s been gone to warm up and the Frog is already relaxed

  2. Maybe putting the crisis forward as Global Stewardship or something along those lines.

    Those who don’t believe in climate change surely understand protecting human life as well as the planet’s ecosystems for flora & fauna world wide is imperative.

    Let’s all agree clean air & water are necessary.
    Let’s agree we must act quickly to protect life so future generations have a clean place to call home no matter where they live.

  3. When natural disasters happen randomly and infrequently, you can get away with being a climate change denier. But when we see record-setting disasters every single year, for ten straight years, then it’s no longer a theory — it’s a fact.

  4. If people want to address their problems, they need to start by saying the phrase C L I M A T E C H A N G E out loud, over and over again. Then, they may begin.

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