Historic Moment As House Judiciary Debates Articles Of Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC

Historic Moment As House Judiciary Debates Articles Of Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


Jill Wine-Banks tells Lawrence O’Donnell that, on the first night that the Judiciary Committee debates articles of impeachment, Democrats are listening to the facts while Republicans are dismissing those same facts to blindly defend the president. Jill says it's a stark difference between now and the Republicans who cared about facts during the Watergate hearings. Aired on 12/11/19.
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Historic Moment As House Judiciary Debates Articles Of Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC

29 Comments on "Historic Moment As House Judiciary Debates Articles Of Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. Republicans keep defending their criminal president 😡 #bluewave2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Even Nixon ensured his whole cabinet participated in his impeachment hearings, at the very LEAST the GOP should he able to agree on obstruction of congress charges smh

  3. I like Val demmings and Lucy representing for the real black women out here

  4. Michael Humphrey | December 12, 2019 at 2:02 AM | Reply

    Well facts do matter. That’s why Trump’s being impeached+the Russia investigation was started on legal grounds thus there was no hoax, no deep state, no witch hunt (except a lot of “witches” were found😂).

  5. The most deplorable/despicable president in the U.S history…his actions and what he says during his rallies says it all…

  6. 1:17. “It was reported immediately.”

  7. If the Republicans get 4 more years they will try the same dishonest Greedy style as Trump no matter if it is Trump or not ( this is already proven ) …. This is not good for the American people or the economy ( what is the point of so few having so much and the many struggling ) Having Billions is pointless…Not to mention the world economy in general… The Democrats can not afford to manage the country outside the rule of law or so blatantly unfair to the every day people … No one can see the future but We have all seen Trump”s unpredictable style no one likes this not you me, small large business banks, or other world leaders . Trump and unfortunately the Republicans are disloyal to there own country.

  8. Put yourself into the GOP’s shoes… this is their last shot. This is all they’ve got. They know that the future will judge them on how hard they resisted, because resistance is all that is left. Their donors are watching how hard they fight. If they wimp out, the money and job opportunities after their tenure evaporate.
    What would you do?

    • You’ll forgive me if I’m not wringing my hands in empathy over the fate of the pathetic shell that used to be the Republican party.

  9. I watched the whole thing as it streamed. All I saw was Republicans projecting, attacking, lying and denial. The Democrats were strong. They held in defense of the constitution and even gave some of their own personal background, while the Republicans tried to belittle them. It was a pathetic attempt on their part.

    • Yeah i liked how the talked to the people telling them how there rights got violated and why what he did matters even beg the R across the aisle to look into their hearts (like they have hearts)

  10. I refuse to answer any questions or hand over any evidence, because I am… innocent???

  11. I think at first, we were all a little shocked to realize just how stupid Dems really are. Now that we know they are not just pretending to be idiots, I don’t see how this hoax can go much further. Mitch McConnell wanted to vote on having Dems laughed out of the Senate. That would be a sight.

  12. Facts never mattered to tRump but now the facts do not matter to the Republicans anymore. They are living in an alternative universe opposed to the Constitution. Do not listen to the noise & the lies. Facts Matter!

  13. You know this channel is on 24/7 in ANTIFA basements across the country.🤣🤣🤣

  14. The Republicans are a bunch of sad patatoes 😥 they keep saying if this was a court the dems case would be thrown out not even realizing if this was a court they the ” lawyer” would be thrown out of court with that behaviour plus probably get fired by their client cause they are not defending the client..
    If this was a court they would probably attack the jury and the judge instead of focusing on the there client.
    There only arguement so far is your honour members of the jury my client is innocent cause you dont like him
    Nevermind the videotapes and papertrails that focus on his conduct 🤦‍♀️ you cant believe what my client said on the type with his own mouth because you dont like him

  15. The GOP are no different from suicide-bombers at this point.
    If they are going down, then they’re going to take the United States down with them.

  16. Mueller report is about Candidate Trump. HOUSE IMPEACHMENT is about kicking criminal potus out of the wh.
    Rep. V. Escobar was AMAZING!

  17. I’m not suggesting this needs to move slower. But if we do apply the Investigation and ensuing impeachment proceedings of Richard Nixon (it’s not the same things but IMO it does line up a lot more in nature and substance than with Bill Clinton’s impeachment), and general elements of human, tribal psychology and propaganda still work – then one substantial disadvantage the President’s accusers, indicters and adjudicators face this time – _is indeed_ the consequeces of urgency. One very significant product, is the lack of wearing down the parrot-defense. When the core tenants are so clear and indisputable, there defense will eventually tire of making up stories, parrot falsehoods and propaganda, and defend the indefensible – and eventually start (re)examining the evidence and testimony for what it is and its genuine merits.

    But getting there, takes a lot of time. And Mr. Trump’s defense has had a lot of time to “train” for this without all that much _tangible_ consequence and resistance – somewhat like an immune system but with inherent, individual free will and concience. We’ll now learn how hardened their defense of one man above law, order, human decency, morals, ethics, oaths and constitution – really is. Because they’re not even defending the Presidency now – just a man in brutal and corrupt defiance of what the office of Presidency is all about.

  18. These Reptilians just want to stay in power.

  19. They kept it simple and narrow. When he leaves office and the Courts get a hold of him, he cant claim Double Jeopardy. Chess folks, not checkers.

  20. Truth no longer matters, your 1% owners control the senate, the white house and the supreme court. Our Democracy is dead, now back to your Reality TV!

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