'Historic moment': Health Canada approves Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 1

‘Historic moment’: Health Canada approves Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine


Health Canada has approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for use in this country. It's a critical moment in Canada's fight against the novel coronavirus, as it is the first vaccine to receive the green light.

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  1. Stringent safety protocols which is why they’ve removed all legal liability for damages of this ‘safe’ product

    1. I am not a lawyer but I am fairly sure the government employees who push this garbage are not exempt from criminal liability, if indeed the government decided to prosecute one of their owe…LOL!

    2. @Michael Thibeault Please have a referendum and leave. You subversives known as quebeck already have nation status, so now go the next step and formally leave!

    3. @FirstName LastName
      The deaths are from the trial. The facial paralysis is from UK’s first victims.

    1. @Kyra are you just gonna spew nonsense or are you going to provide anything to counter his comment? He made a valid point and you just say “conspiracy trolls” with no proof that its a conspiracy

    2. @Alisa Dawn P West your comment history is “shut everything down” and “where do I get my tax payer welfare”. You aren’t qualified to have an opinion.

    1. @Rusty Stove You do know that the average lifespan has increased everywhere in the world and is now over 80 years old. I know vaccines and scientific advancements are why that has happened. You have no argument for that.

    2. @justsomeguy LOL! Argument for what. About you begin extraordinary vague?

      Highlighted reply
      5 minutes ago
      @Rusty Stove You do know that the average lifespan has increased everywhere in the world and is now over 80 years old. I know vaccines and scientific advancements are why that has happened. You have no argument for that.

  2. There is also not enough data stating that it is safe for pregnant women and that it won’t cause deformation in child development. So again I will not be touching it not even with a 10 foot pole!!

    1. @GPz84 I’m sorry! But what does being a lawyer have to do with what I have stated above? If anything yes I could have been a lawyer so yes I do know human rights and of the Charter and yes I have been an advocate for many causes.

    2. @Marcel Charette Shouldn’t be responsible for your employee’s life decisions, stepping over the line especially if the ones who want it can get the shot so who cares if some don’t? Medical is personal.

    1. @Nature Porn Not true. Your risks of severe complications are lower, certainly, but they’re still much higher than for the flu. And I’d rather not play Russian roulette with my health, especially not when I have a family to think about.

    2. @Jar Binks That’s demonstrably untrue. In Canada, 7.4% of cases to date have been hospitalized as of December 9th. If it gets to that point there’s clearly been damage, as it usually means reduced lung capacity (low blood oxygen levels are the telltale signal).

    1. @Butterfly you’ll be a human guinea pig as long as the economy is opened up …er-duh. dumbest comment on this video

    1. @Mark Markus Lol speaking of, saw a cheap ad online sponsored by them won’t even bother mentioning here, and again, it was entirely overstated lol

  3. They missed the chance of allergy in the study, that shouldn’t worry you that they missed anything else, because they are scientists.

    1. chance of allergy is 1 in 730,000. to put that in perspective, your chances of getting struck by lightning is 1 in 700k

    2. Anyone in the study was monitored for adverse events. It’s part of the protocol. The side effects were reported.

    3. @lemons I have another post about those two what it means and what the trial found with those two in the UK and why they got the reactions if you want to find it and read

  4. It won’t be mandatory! Your kids just can’t go to school, you can’t fly, you can’t work. It’s not mandatory!

    1. @Jar Binks That’s an easy answer, you live in a capitalistic country it’s not a “democracy” that was always just a mere pull the wool over the eyes manipulation to lure you.

    2. @Millie Me It’s not mandatory not at all, you’ve been manipulated into believing you don’t have ownership of your own life then if you believe that, nobody owns you in Canada no matter how hard they try and there are a lot of bullies in government lol

  5. I suggest to everybody to watch the documentary Thrive on Youtube for free … and Thrive II …to see the truth behind all this.

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