Historic Oakland Hills Country Club in Michigan catches on fire | USA TODAY

The historic Oakland Hills Country Club, set to host two U.S. Women's Opens in the coming years, is badly damaged by the blaze.

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At about 10 a.m., flames licked the roof of the private clubhouse as black smoke billowed. The fire quickly spread, engulfing much of the wooden structure. Eventually, the roof collapsed, with one fire official calling it "almost a total loss."

For Michiganders, the devastation is significant. Oakland Hills is more than a posh private club for summer fun. It represents the aspirations of generations of Michiganders. It holds a place among some of America's greatest golf courses.

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  1. I feel bad about that historical building on fire all the memories of that building had held, and any one of you could have that happen to you. I don’t want you to think I want your house to catch on fire, I seen what fire does to people like yourselves finding a place to stay losing everything and your own personal memories, I feel so sad when it happens to good people like you.

  2. Firefighters managed to save some of the memorabilia. It was one of the oldest entire timber structures in the state. Fire started in the attic of the main building. People wildly underestimate how quickly fire spreads. The term “spreads like wildfire is underrated”. Hope the rebuild happens quickly and they will surely host a major again to aid that cost. They just spent $12m redeveloping one of the Championship courses.

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