Historic U.S. Labor Market Recovery In Sight Says Biden Advisor 1

Historic U.S. Labor Market Recovery In Sight Says Biden Advisor


Jared Bernstein, a member of President Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers, joins Ali Velshi to discuss the May jobs report and how the Biden administration’s policies are going to address barriers to employment.
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  1. The economy and job market are going through an unprecedented sorting out process – there is no way anybody can make proper projections. Let’s just be happy people are getting back to work and the economy is heating up – by December we will be in very good shape with strong numbers all around.

    1. @Roger Out
      Try again in human.
      Why would a McDonald’s employee not receive his or her unemployment benefits lol

    2. @Roger Out
      Do you think part time workers don’t pay taxes? Wow. Wouldn’t that be nice

  2. $25 an hour for restaurant work? Are you guys nuts? Have you been drinking the QAnon kool aid? Where are people getting that kind of money for restaurant work? Sheesh

    1. @dragonfly6908
      At the Hilton the restraint staff can make $25.00 hr.
      The customer pays $100.00 for a hamburger with 10 steak fries & sprig of parsley.
      Waiters make $300.00 a weekend
      A candle as a center piece.

  3. $15-$20 an hour should be a livable wage in Los Angeles California move along it’s been over 30 years we haven’t gotten a raise ever since Reagan came to power he switch the tax code now the people are paying the majority of taxes it’s our turn now switch the tax code like it was before in the 70s

  4. If these owners and bosses would give up their millions and PAY a Decent Living Wage to the Workers who make the Company they would have a happier more productive workforce !!! Families just can’t survive on poverty wages !!! They can’t afford Child Care or Family Care ! I’d like to see these rich owners or managers live on the Wage they pay their employee !!! SHAME ON YOU

    1. Because they’re all food establishments. That’s why they can’t afford to pay you. There’s so much competition. Its mind-throbbingly obvious

    2. We still live in a Capitalist society with private markets and free trade. What you’re proposing is a socialist society where the government controls the market and trade. America is transitioning from democracy into socialism and Biden is giving it a big push. He may even complete the transition in his 4 year term.

    3. @PJ Celeste No, I am not suggesting Socialism. I’m staying these rich owners and managers need to pay a decent living wage !!? GOD in HEAVEN is a Fair and Just GOD and gave us JESUS as the example to treat everyone with Respect and Dignity and Fairly !!! We can do this if we weren’t inherently GREEDY ! If I wanted a Socialists Nation, I’d support Donald Trump and his plan to destroy Democracy and Create a Socialists Nation out of America where he, himself is SUPREME RULER !!!

  5. “we have never seen such job gains in four months”
    So you want a world pandemic and many closed stores with many unemployed people to then be happy of a slight job taker numbers (a mere 200000 came back to work instead of the 900000 claimed). People are coming back to their jobs, job places were not created in that same proportion as people coming back to work where they lost their job due to lockdowns in the pandemic.

    1. I’m so glad some one understands because no jobs were created there just people coming back to work

    2. @Reese Durazo Thanks, the same happens here in our countries in Europe where i am from.

      Take care and have a nice day.

    3. Job creation is a myth. There’s either work to be done, or there isn’t. No one “creates” jobs.

  6. For something interesting, just type on YouTube “CNN staffer caught on tape admitting network tried to get Trump out of office”.

    1. Anybody who cares about the country tried to get him out of office, and furthermore, we succeeded. He was the worst chief executive this country has ever had.

    2. @Constituent A At less Trump is “Compos mentis”. Anyone can type on YouTube “Joe Biden mixes up Donald Trump with George Bush”.

  7. To make it clear, I’m in no way a Trump supporter, but in the same way Trump had no justification in claiming credit for trends started under Obama, its too early for Biden to take full credit for all this especially when job gains right now are really only relative to the huge losses before

  8. service and care work is mostly women.. Child care is a problem still. Why women are for the Biden full jobs plan. Also women have found work on line.

  9. When I read the comments I hear the voices of socialists. People who do not recognize the difference between democracy and socialism, or more importantly the similarities.

  10. Government extended handouts mean dismal job creation, takes Republicans to point that out.

  11. Child care can be a problem when trying to find a job. Decades ago, I had an interview nearly an hour away from where we lived. I loaded all five kids in the car and then left them at the city park nearest my interview and picked them up as soon as I was done. It seemed the least risky option, leaving them alone for less than an hour rather than nearly three hours.

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