1. How is it impressive to be the first of someone in a category to do something when it was pre-decided that they’d pick someone of that category solely so there would be a first. Takes all of the meaning away from being the first at something.

  1. Yes, I hear that Jupiter is not as diverse as well. My goodness, could we shut collectively shut up? Nobody is ignoring anything, people, all people are welcome to follow any path. 1983 was the first and almost 40 years later we are complaining? I don;t believe for a second that people are “whispering in their ears,” and “people tell us…” So ridiculous and contrived.

  2. The space industry is literally the last frontier of exploration, it requires everything to go to plan or there will be failures. I’m not being sexists when I say to be apart of the space industry, one most be the best of the best. NASA hires people by their skill and ability to perform, not their gender. If an aerospace engineer makes a miscalculation, a multimillion dollar rockets could explode. If an astrophysicist makes a mistake, an expedition miss it designated location and the multimillion of dollars spent were for nothing. An astronaut must prove to be in best physical condition withstand the physical toll of being weightless and act quickly with a solution if an emergency occurs while in space. I would love just to see more people in NASA, all pursuing the grand innovation that will allow humanity to dance amongst the stars and explore the unknown. So we should encourage all; women, men, trans, etc. alike that step up to this grand and noble challenge.

    1. Perhaps a few females have “the right stuff”, but, overwhelmingly, most do not, alas, and we all know this.

  3. *PLEASE!* I wonder if she’s even heard of Valentina Tereshkova, a Soviet cosmonaut, who was selected from more than 400 applicants to launch on the Vostok 6 mission June 16, *1963!* Sally Ride became the first American woman in space in 1983 – 40 years ago! She was one of six women selected to enter the astronaut corps in 1978. All six women eventually flew on space shuttle missions! I could go on!

  4. If all the male astronauts just claimed to be women, then problem fixed, right?

  5. We are regressing as a nation. It’s not about gender or skin color, it’s about working hard and proving your worth.

  6. “lack of gender equality in space” this is the type of stuff that is holding us back. Stop focusing on stupid things like this.

    1. @Doogie Bear She was amazing. Very old fashion. Cooked and baked everyday for 6 of us.

  7. What hilarious is that biologically male astronauts can now just claim to be a “Woman” and this may be the last biological woman to ever go to space. Everything Woke turns to shizit.

  8. accurate information almost always works better than regulation. teaching is the answer, not tyranny
    no taxation without transparency

  9. There’s a severe lack of gender equality in many other areas as well. For example, coal miners are almost all male. Only 14% of Alaskan crab fishermen are female, and there are very few road kill removal specialists who are women. High rise construction workers? Mostly men. Steel mill workers and cell phone repair specialists? Almost all men. Did you know only a quarter of morticians are female? How do we, as a society, tolerate the fact that when it comes to dangerous or unpleasant jobs, women are so underrepresented? And even worse, why doesn’t the media talk about the fact that a whopping 94% of outdoor port-a-potty cleaners are men?!?


    2. @dukeofthedance You are correct. Women make a completely unfair amount of money in porn than men do. If you look at the total amount of money made by women in porn and compare it to the amount of money made my men in porn, the difference is astronomical. I think this needs to change, and men in porn deserve to make the same amount of money as women. It’s only fair.

  10. Oh come on…no one’s gonna talk about gender inequality in bricklaying? Or sewer cleaning? These professions demand best of the best brains, not what’s in your pants

  11. Yes please don’t simply hire the most qualified. We need gender quotas in the Astronaut field. It’s not like it’s rocket science.

    1. @Peyton G they had to remove the dislikes because of biden,the white house channel they shut the entire comment section completely.

    2. @dukeofthedance Thats what she was.. yes I remember… there has been many women in space … many

  12. Everyone complains about gender equality in prestigious jobs, nobody is saying we need more female electricians or miners.

  13. There are more men than women go into a stem fields just like more women than men go into nursing and child care. CNN knows this but have to keep the machine moving

  14. Have you seen them drive? Also, If a women doesn’t like someone on board how is she supposed to cancel them via twitter in space?

  15. We desperately need more woman in space , who’s doing all the fucking cooking and washing up there 🤔 every astronaut needs a sandwich 👩🏿‍🚀🥪🚀

  16. What exactly is history making? She’s not the first female astronaut, that was the cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, in 1963. She’s not even the first non-white female astronaut. Judith Resnick, who is Jewish, went into space in 1984. Mae Jemison, who is black, went into space in 1992. Kalpana Chawla, who is an Indian-American, went into space in 1997. So what is so historical? Sure, most astronauts are male. This is not unique to space. When I got my first programming job, in 1981, there were very few female programmers. When I was in grad school, in the 1990s, in CS, I was usually the only female in my class. If you want more women in technical fields, education needs to change. While neither of my daughters were told, like I was when taking HS chemistry, that girls never do well in science, they were told math is hard from an early age. Fewer sexist teachers would be a bigger boon to women. There are very few astronauts, of either sex. Wouldn’t encouraging and training more young women to be plumbers, electricians or finish carpenters, have a greater impact?

  17. Ah yes, hiring on the basis of gender and not the persons qualifications and skills. Where did we go wrong?

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