'History of the Sitcom' explores the evolution of TV comedies 1

‘History of the Sitcom’ explores the evolution of TV comedies

CNN Original Series premiered the first episode of the new series, “History of the Sitcom” at a virtual screening event. A panel discussion followed and featured:
Bill Carter, Executive Producer, “History of the Sitcom”
Lorraine Ali, Television and Culture Critic, Los Angeles Times
Patrick Gomez, Executive Editor, Entertainment Weekly
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    2. History of the sitcom? I guess CNN knows fictional TV so well, they decided to do a series on it.

    3. @Salvatore James, you’ve made almost 1,000 comments on a channel you don’t like, that’s some impressive whining.

    4. @Salvatore James, I’m a bot? A bot that can look at your comments and call you out on your BS? You give bots too much credit. Basically your comment is, I don’t have a good reason for being on a channel I hate. I have no defense. Better to question the validity of the PERSON calling me out. Lmao.

    1. @the TV baby 83 “But the past sucked”
      In the news it sucked, Vietnam was even worse if you were connected to it but in real life
      I remember things were a lot less complicated, less stressful, and certainly more optimistic than today.

  2. I don’t think we really have sitcoms any more. We just have comedies. A sitcom is a Situation Comedy where the comedy comes out of the situational set up. For instance:
    – Gilligan’s Island: What if a disparate group of strangers are marooned on a desert island.
    – Hogan’s Heroes: What if a POW camp was actually an operation to smuggle folks out of WWII Germany.
    – Beverly Hillbillies: What if a group of poor hillbillies struck it rich and moved to Beverly Hills.
    – I Dream of Jeannie: What if you found a genie in a bottle who would fulfill your every wish.

    Today we have comedies. A mom & dad and their 2 kids, living in the suburbs. Comedy ensues. Five friends living in their apartments in New York. Comedy ensues. The comedy may be good, it may consist of zingers and one liners, but the comedy doesn’t come out of a particular situation that is the premise for the show.

    Just one person’s opinion.

    1. I would argue that a similar thing happened to sci-fi, where it went from “high concept” sci-fi like The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits etc. which was sort of a moralistic set up to adventure sci-fi (Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica). I think Star Trek was a transition, in that it had the high concept as well as the adventure.

  3. One of the first sitcoms in the U.K. was “Hancock’s half hour” in the 50s, with Sid James. It was a radio show that moved to TV. Half the country listened/watched, and the streets were empty when it was on.
    I recently watched them again on DailyMotion, and they are still the best sitcoms ever made IMO. You can see how the shots are set up, and the general format was born. Certain episodes like “twelve angry men”, “the blood donor”, “the radio ham” and “the bed sitter” are masterpieces of stage/screen production.

    1. All sitcoms are used for brainwashing tactical warfare for the purpose of destroying humanity for Satans army

  4. Dark Shadows was the funniest. The rest were rehashed versions of the same “B. S.”. Idiots doing idiotic things. Like “Leave It To Beaver” [aka the idiot] Ward and June should have asked and watched the boys more closely. The newspaper episode, “DUH”? Check the date of the newspapers. Or more early in the weekJune delivering them in a taxi.

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    1. CNN just provides the facts of reality. That makes them factual correct but not even close to being sit-com-Y 🙂

      Oh, got it now. You’re an idiot. I love and support that 🙂

  8. CNN will do everything they can to keep from reporting unbiased news about this administration. They have news on sitcoms now. And of course TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP.

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