‘History Will Be Kind’ To Mark Milley Says Gen. McCaffrey

General Barry McCaffrey, former National Security Council member, and Admiral James Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, laud General Milley because they believe Milley defended our country against Trump’s wrath during the former President’s final days in office

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  1. What kind of billionaire solicits donations for a lawsuit? Especially since lawyers are paid on contingency?

    1. @Chris DeWine You have no idea what you’re talking about. Contingency fees only apply to certain types of legal work—specifically civil cases in which the plaintiff is hoping to be awarded damages. Pretty much everything else is based on billable hours or salary.

  2. Image that! A leader owning up to a mistake they made! Phew!! I thought those types were extinct .

  3. In the mold of Dwight David Eisenhower he knows politics should be involved with national defense. His duty is to the Constitution of America and like many in the congress he upheld his oath to defend it. He is the definition of a patriot.

    1. In the mold of ol southern generals. Leaders bible pics are way more important than African Americans constitutional rights…..
      Actions speak louder than words. He showed the world what he stands for. Actions should be believed , lies after the fact shouldn’t…..

    2. @Dan Johnson Southern generals were traitors to the country and don’t deserve any glorifying. Certainly should never have military posts named after terrorists. Along with burn every confederate flag as Robert E. Lee asked.

    3. @Karen Powers
      Yeah because tear gassing peaceful Americans so your buddy in oval office could take a pic with a Bible is so great and honorable 🤣🤣 maybe stop excusing generals just because ex post facto they realize majority not on their side so they claim , oh it was a mistake.
      Generals especially should be accountable. It was a mistake was same time excuse general gave whe Obama administration foreign policy included Dr without boarders hospital bombings. Children and their doctors burned to death from American bombs and instead if accountability for war crimes it’s just 🤷meh a mistake.
      If another country flew over and bombed the hospital with your child in it- would you think that terrorist nation should be accountable for war crimes or would you shrug it off so easily saying meh their general said it was a mistake on tv so I guess all is good?????🤦

    4. @Karen Powers
      On the comparison on northern and southern generals maybe you can enlighten all as to the glorying greatness of Sherman.
      Not sure what it is about burning kids to death thats such an American ideal that it can still be rationalized while be committed to this day as long as those kids are somehow “others”

    1. Having served our military for over 20-yrs, I’m pretty sure our professional military would never support a coup & let our country be like a Third-world banana republic. I have great respect for people who own up to their mistakes, so I salute you for admitting your mistake on Gen. Milley 👍. Thanks bro.

    2. I commend your personal integrity for admitting a mistake. By some ignorant fool’s, General Miley humbled himself by admitting his lapse in judgment to all of command and to the American people, what a leader what a man, what incredible integrity. History will be very kind and respectful to him. Millions of people worldwide respect him now. Cheers from Canada.

    3. @Snazhound True Americans appreciate your comment. Thank you.
      Valerie from Heart of America. ❤🇺🇸

    1. I wonder how much else they would tolerate.
      Seems endless.

      Regular people though get arrested, or worse, for no good reason.

      Poison the country all you want, just don’t use bullets? Thanks, law enforcement and DOJ…

      Where have all the good patriots gone? 🎶

    2. That general is going to prison him and Nancy clothes he tried to undermine the president of the United States and remove the nuclear codes from his possession while he was still president old general is going to get a court martial and Nancy’s going to prison you won’t be in power forever sooner or later we’ll have the house in the first year we’re going to spend everyday locking up Democrats

  4. General MacCaffrey, Admiral Stavridus & General Milley
    ARE the very Living & Breathing persona of Democracy, Independence , The Republic, and Honor . . . They highlight the “present” danger, and ugly Ameri-Nazi evolution of Trump, the GOP, and his followers.

    1. Fascism will not be stopped in America because there is little or no real opposition! It’s now over 6 months since the Coup attempt and we are only getting full details now.

    2. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde nah,it takes time to bake a cake. Dinner is not served all at once. It’s coming,it will be worth the wait

    3. Don’t forget LtCol Vindman and his brother. The Vindman Brothers are true American patriots, unlike the treacherous and traitorous Flynn Brothers.

    4. @Rhonda McMiller-Diop It takes less than 9 minutes for a cop to choke someone to death over $20, while rich people can incite a riot on global television to attack Congress to try to abolish the US Constitution and then just go golfing at their private resort with police protection.

  5. Now people hopefully understand that being educated is what kept the US from falling to Trump….
    This is why Trump loves poorly educated it simply makes it easier for him to get his way…this is also a reason republicans are pushing against certain subjects in education….

    1. @Chino T. and yet milley didnt think at all. talking about trump planing a coup and the military doing nothing about it. he is pretty much a loser that obviously talks a lot now. i mean he hasnt opened his mouth once before

    2. General Milley is a known Trotskyist operative, having received radical indoctrination at Moscow State University, during an engineering exchange program in 1982, with the then Soviet Union.

    3. @Semyon Budyonny Trump started off when fox news had bring your kid to work day and one of their kids left a floaterin the restroom and didn’t flush…that’s why he complained about low flush toilets and shower heads…

  6. … meanwhile Donald Trump, Mike Wolf, and William Barr still run free after using chemical weapons on American citizens. What a democracy! What a country!

    1. That should change. They will be more and more imprisoned by their crimes and they can’t escape the mental awareness of their evil deeds. That will bring them much suffering which they will want to find a way to stop.

    2. Listen to Fauci who is STILL EMPLOYED by the United States Gov’t. Wear your Mask and take your Booster Shot of Vaccine.

    3. Milley proudly wore his uniform to do that with his buddies. Give him the credit he deserves. He’s at lease as good a guy as trump and Barr- birds of a feather

  7. General Milley makes me proud to have served in the US Army for 35 years. Thank you General for remembering what our military us all about.

    1. ty for your service, my husband served for only 3 years, but those three years definitely taught him about honor and we passed it on to our children. I would love to see more military men and women, and RELIGIOUS LEADERS speak up!

    1. Thank you for you’re Service.. But what about other veterans that follow trump? Should we be worried? JA

    2. @Sopadecalavza Caballero, yes, those other veterans are worrisome. Ashley Babbitt was one example. Where did it get her? Such a shame for anyone to die, and it’s such a shame to see what she was doing, as a vet…

    3. @Sopadecalavza Caballero Don’t worry iam 59 years old now and still defending my our American! Your a great person.

  8. I actually feel comforted knowing that Trump thinks he “Alone Can Fix It”, because that means donny will definitely end up in prison. 🤣‼️HAHAHAHA‼️🤣

    1. @Losaiko Save the Earth!!! I think your’e right…He’s gotten away with everything, & still continues. I curse him…I hope he loses all his money in front of us..look up diaper don. He’s disgusting..And if enough people believe , this will come true. Because he or anyone else is not going to go to prison..

    2. @Lutgardo Gomez; While his continued “flying over the Cuckoo’s nest”.😁😂😂😂😂😂

  9. My congratulations to the highly educated generals that recognized our Munich moment and prepared as best they could.

  10. General McCaffrey: “The only protection the American people have is too elect people to that office who have character, experience and integrity, and in this case, we had a near criminal regime in charge of the U.S. government that was trying to overturn the election.”

    1. @corryjookit that wouldn’t explain his influence on the masses. his rallies are well visited and he has a lot of supporters. he got well over 40% after all. so yes, he has some kind of charisma, at least catching on to those of with a certain view of the world.

    2. @James Davis actually in the military under military code of justice there are orders that you must not obey unlawful orders a coup is a big one.

    1. I say this men should have a statue rigth in front of the capitol. He may have won the most important figth in the history of the US since the civil war. And he did it without firing a shot.

  11. General Milley is a Righteous Man and I have much respect for His leadership during the Trump year’s, thank you so much.

    1. @Donald Rider it’s really not a crime. Actually it’d be more of a crime not to inform the third in line to the fact that you have fears of the then current head of state resorting to force to stay in power beyond his term. It would have been a dereliction of duty not to inform her. Based on the concerns Milley voiced it’s quite reasonable for her to request adding more safeguards to the launch codes. Dont blame the adults for taking away a grenade from an angry child throwing a tantrum.

    2. @Donald Rider your ranting like a child. It hardly gives the image of a responsible adult, then again you do seem to be dumb enough to brag about wanting to imprison opposing political party members so I shouldnt expect any less from a person who thinks such blantently fascist tactics are a sign of American ideals.

    3. @Brandon Angstmanobviously you were never in the military the president is the Commander in Chief he did not order a coup and he didn’t launch any nuclear rockets by the general trying to undermine his authority is a crime in the military for Nancy to be involved in it discussing it what they could do to prevent him from using nuclear weapons as long as he’s a commander in key that was a crime cuz she’s going to go to prison and so is he a member you’re not going to be in power forever I want to return to us watch out we’re not going to pass any loss for the first year we’re going to start investigation after investigation and start hauling Democrats to jail Facebook and other social media companies interfere with your action they put their thumb on the scale of voting can’t do that either it’s called election interference they’re going to jail Mark Zuckerberg mark my words I promise you this hundreds and maybe thousands of Democrats are going to get a life in prison

    4. @Brandon Angstman one thing I noticed about Democrats about one and four of all Democrat comments always lead to the fact that they went to college and somehow they are superior to other people like you know the working Man gives you a false sense of superiority when the rubber meets the road at college education ain’t going to do your squat

    5. @Donald Rider i barley passed high school. I just happen to understand the difference between right and wrong and democracy and fascism. My family has fought for this country to keep it free and I’ll be damned before I let some loudmouth draft dodging con artist and his easily impressed gang of thugs threaten it’s ideals without calling them out for the cowardly little neo Nazis they act like. You don’t like being called that than quit supporting a wannabe dictator.

  12. I definitely was not a fan of Milley when he walked in uniform with Trump, but I believed his apology, and he has shown that he is very serious about the separation between military and government, and his responses about being informed and doing a lot of reading when he went in front of the House has shown me he knows what he’s doing.

    1. @Eliminate Democrats Why? We already lost the republicans. They eliminated themselves. Good riddance far as I’m concerned. Not like they did anything anyway.

    2. Milley is like a herding dog who protects the sheep by removing the wolves’ heads with his gun. Good job General.

    3. @Angus Davies -NO from his apology we can tell that he did NOT know the photo was about to happen- I NOW have even more respect for Gen. Milley

    4. @Mervyn Greene how about that Vindman! Restored my hopeful vision of who we aspire to be! 🙏❤️🤍💙

  13. General MCaffrey said, “The only protection the American people have is to elect people to that office, who have character, experience, and integrity. And in this case we had a near criminal regime in charge of the US government, that was trying to overturn the election.”

    1. It was quite some line from a chap of his standing. It really makes me wonder how the US could have gone so completely off the rails so quickly.

    2. @Eirn Escobar no one has found anything. The lies are old, embarrassing and sad. Poor losers

    3. I have a problem with referring to this in the past tense. It is still being attempted. The only proof you need is to watch a few minutes of right-wing media, or listen to GOP members and Trump supporters.

    4. @Eirn EscobarTrump was building a wall to keep Escobar out of America. How did you get in muchacha, our relatives need to know

    5. The catch 22 is that no one with integrity, intelligence and sanity wants to be a U.S. politician. Personally, I could not take enough showers in a day to interact with our politicians.

  14. The millions of Trump supporters think this is all a political stunt, especially in large part because they’re watching Fox and Newsmax. And of course those traitorous networks never bring these individuals onto their shows for any opinions.

    1. @Stylz G Dynamite my sincerest thanks for taking such a lofty burden as defending this nation from those who would see harm done to it. I’m sorry those who have sacrificed for this country have to see so many fools attempt to tear it down just to sooth the ego of a bloated con artist. You desere better from us.

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