Hochul Poised To Lead New York, A Rare Exception To State's Gross, Creepy Political Legacy 1

Hochul Poised To Lead New York, A Rare Exception To State’s Gross, Creepy Political Legacy

Rachel Maddow reviews the mind boggling number of scandals and bad behavior in New York state's recent political leadership, from which Kathy Hochul has emerged unscathed and ready to take over the governorship from Andrew Cuomo who is resigning in disgrace. (edited for length from the original airing)
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  1. NY is lucky to have her Sadly the men before her are so sad to learn that these fellows could not handle the power. Like I said NY is lucky to have her.

    1. Sadly the 3 consecutive NYS Governors have committed actions above the law, Spitzer, Paterson and Cuomo. For Paterson, it’s not even his own term and the illicit actions committed by him didn’t allow him to run for a term of his own.

      Rob Bentley of Alabama (2011-2017) and Jim Guy Tucker of Arkansas (1992-1996) both forced to resign due to being accused for illicit actions. Kay Ivey took over and secured a term of her own in 2018 and Mike Huckabee took over in 1996 and elected to 2 terms of his own on 1998 and 2002 (Arkansas has a two terms for life limitation).

  2. In Australia we’d call that doing a Bradbury. Winning an Olympic gold medal because all the opposition fell over.

    1. We are witnessing the syphilitic flowering of patriarchy. Just in the last few weeks, A Cardinal, A Prince and NY Gov, all brought down due to abhorrent sexual behavior.

    2. @Artstrology Sounds like the beginning of a joke… A very sick joke.
      A Cardinal, a Prince, and a NY Gov walk into a bar…

    3. @Gheorge Muresan Update: The victims are not playing, and neither are their allies. Crawl back into the hole, is the best advice I can give, the syphilitic flowering of the patriarchy is upon us. It is Your Doom.

    4. @Artstrology lol @ NPC projections

      I’m just glad Rachel is acknowledging Cuomo isn’t perfect after covering for him for MONTHS

    1. We are in the process of removing all of the old white guys who felt they had the privilege of not only having there way with women in the workplace but also any other rules that kept them from getting whatever their ID wanted to possess or control.
      And yes, we will need a movement as strong and swift as the Mighty Niagara to finish the job!

  3. in summary you have some very sick and/or depraved Men in NY politics, maybe even US politics? After all a country who can elect Trump as president has some serious internal issues!!

    1. Every country has those. Italy, the Netherlands, England are some that have depraved men who abuse power. Stop turning it into a nation issue.

    2. How about saying the truth – that anyone anywhere in the world on any level who has power over someone is capable of this behavior.
      Thank goodness it is not always the case.

    3. Trump wasn’t nearly as bad as he was shown on media.. you have all been believing a lie… remember you wanted CUOMO AS PRESIDENT? So much for you being brainwashed.

  4. No one can “connect the dots” quite like Rachel. I also love the way she emphasizes “profoundly pornographic” at 3:22 plus how she wraps everything up at 11:28

  5. I listened four times, trying to connect the dots… then once again the next day. How sickeningly dreadful. Nobody without background awareness would believe this ghastly.saga as a movie script.

  6. Rachel ,your final statement said it all, what a catalogue of unpleasant damaging behaviour, but it seems it takes this degree of damage and reprehensible behaviour for a woman to be given the job .

  7. I would like these so called “men” to spend a week at Rikers Island, showering with the rest of the convicts… soap dropping at least twice a day.

  8. It’s sad that so many “men” feel they have to behave badly against women, to feel manly themselves.

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