Hockey Canada: CEO Scott Smith and entire leadership board stepping down

Hockey Canada has announced that Chief Executive Officer Scott Smith is out, 'effective immediately.'

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  1. Is it the board though? Is it the board that stayed at the hotel that night? Are we gonna have the same issue different board? Something tells me alot of this is becoming political because it’s showing up as headline while we on the brink of nuclear war, shouldn’t that be a little more headline?

    1. It’s the board that tolerates and does nothing about it. But hockey players have behaved this way since I can remember 🤷

    2. The Board, like all Board of Directors, is an executive committee that supervises the activities of an organization. The powers, duties, and responsibilities of a board of directors are determined by government regulations (including the jurisdiction’s corporate law) and the organization’s own constitution and by-laws. Them stepping down is an indication of their negligence and corruption. This is making headlines because it’s a hockey scandal in Canada.

  2. All the money was drying up and they were not going he able to pay themselves big win bonuses anymore so they are cutting and running now

  3. well took them long enough to get the message but are these the ones that messed up or just the scapegoats for the ones that were there when these incidents happened

  4. I have been a part of a hockey family for 60 years… Changing leadership will do nothing to change anything. Hockey Canada has always been this way.

  5. The arrogance of this board is incredible. They really thought they would get away with all of their deceit and abusing their positions. So now there’s a lot more cases yet to come out right?

  6. Some of these corporation who are pulling funding completely are only going to hurt the kids. I think some are just using this as an excuse to opt out. If they were serious about the funding they would have just paused like some did. It is about time the losers stepped down.

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