Holder On George Floyd's Fatal Arrest: It's 'Taking Me Back' To Ferguson | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Holder On George Floyd’s Fatal Arrest: It’s ‘Taking Me Back’ To Ferguson | The Last Word | MSNBC


Former Attorney General Eric Holder talks to Lawrence O'Donnell about George Floyd's death and expresses his concerns about Attorney General Barr stepping in to supervise the investigation. Aired on 5/28/2020.
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Holder On George Floyd's Fatal Arrest: It's 'Taking Me Back' To Ferguson | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. As a former police officer, the arrest of George Floyd was an absolute tragedy. Based on what is shown on the videos, there was clearly excessive force used in making the arrest. Those officers should be held to account, not just fired. They should be arrested and tried, which was more (unfortunately) than Floyd got.

    1. Carl A you don’t need to idolize the government. Wake up. People die because of idolatry like yours. It’s insanity. Just stop.

    2. @C J you sound TOO stoooopid! My Floyd did NOT have a fair trial. Better yet, NO TRIAL. Are you BALL-LESS? why am i asking the obvious…I SOUND LIKE CJ NOW!!!EEEEEEWWW

    1. Nah buddy I know for a fact with empirical hard data that the Republikkkans are responsible and push for slave labor quotas in the private prison industry. In my former private practice in Washington D.C. I was privy to some information…

    2. Not anything like it ! The whole country is out of work and hungry now. It wasn’t like this then.

    1. @Petronius Arbiter
      Thats the kinda commentary that makes me have no sympathy when they waste a jogger

    2. That’s funny cuz Cops will go down the list violating your civil rights to get you to incriminate yourself. But when they’re the suspect, they do everything in their power to cry violation and demand their civil rights not be compromised. Surely, video evidence is more concrete than a psychologically forced “false” confession

    1. I basically agree but I don’t think they should be charged with murder. Well… I suppose it COULD in theory be a “felony murder” where they were apart of the other cop’s “crew” and a murder was committed by one of them, meaning the ability to convict them of some kind of murder charge. In fact, you would basically have to charge them with a HIGHER charge than the officer who killed them is getting, which would be preposterous. I’ve heard some suggest probation and they did already lose their jobs. I want to hold them accountable, but at the same time, they may have looked the other way but that doesn’t really make them just as guilty. It’s tough.

  2. The only question i ask myself is “WHO IS NEXT ? “cause this situation has been going on for a longtime but nothing has been done

    1. Lots of hollow words from people who have the power to make a tangible change, I think the protests/riots were a long time coming.


    3. Karen Shelton Obama’s Presidency was covered by slick words. We were warned against believing in people like him.

  3. Video evidence is everything. They have it, they saw it, it was murder. A 4 year old could see that.

    1. Fred Pearson arguably though a 4th grader shouldn’t see it considering that it’s a dying man right lol omg

  4. This has happened before.
    The media will drop the story as soon as it stops generating views.

    1. Hmm I dunno they have 3 more min they can squeeze out of this. 1 being when they release the fact there was resisting and 2 riots when he’s charged with less than murder.

    2. I don’t think the can now the riots have started if they all of the suddenly stopped this story I’m sure the good .. president will reminds us on his famous Twitter fued how stupid a acting president threatens to close down soicial media at a time of a global major pandemic when information is key to keeping updated on were the hotspots are. What does he want the world to get more waves of infection come on me trump u only have tell November to show us you care. Stop picking fights with Twitter. He had way more cash than you lol does that upset you

    3. Can u imagine all the enemies trump has made since comming to power ohhhh wait tell November when he goes back to just plain old business man .. I wonder how many billionaires will use trump tower then.. hehe wait and see

    1. This needs to be war. This government is all insane. It’s not just the cops, it’s everybody. They are against people.

    2. DD_Ranch Texas that’s not true, all governments are above the law. They just use their system to destroy the people & if they get caught, they get themselves out. This system is not just broken it is insane & must be changed before the violence to confront it becomes out of control. The system needs to admit that it is the only criminal here.

    3. Petronius Arbiter: I said nothing about governments being above the
      law. You must be responding to someone else………

      Only corrected the mistaken notion that cops are not civilians.

  5. Prosecutor: We’re gonna have to build this case….

    Social Media: “Here’s the tape”

    Case Closed

    1. @Judith Wake District Attorney: I’m sorry maam, that’s not how our injustice system works. If you have any useful information you’d like to share, here’s my card. That’s the number to my disconnected line, you wont be able to reach me there. Thank you for your concern, thoughts & prayers.

  6. Them cuffs was to tight from the beginning, then 3 officers hold our brother down 1with his knee on his neck. His body was hurting.

  7. Holder on George Floyd: it’s taking me back to Fast and Furious. Those were the golden days. Memories. Gang bangers with machine guns paid for by hard working Americans. Aaahhhh

    1. Jan J
      Abbreviate or shorten words having to do with Skin color. Razist the z instead of the C uh Chna. For the virus cv19 or Mexican beer flu. Unsure what you tried to say but list some I’m not sure YT likes.

  8. When the FBI comes in and says that we are going to take as long as we want to investigate a videotaped murder it is time for the FBI that clearly wants riots that will hurt Trump to be disbanded and have all FBI buildings imploded.

  9. No, Ferguson was a false narrative about “he had his hands up” that you and Obama legitimized.
    This was real unprovoked police brutality that ended with death.

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