Holiday Party Chaos | TVJ News - August 9 2021 1

Holiday Party Chaos | TVJ News – August 9 2021


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  1. choas every where. but in all this me and my household will still serve God. hes my defence.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  2. Jamaica get real. What did you think would happen not abiding protocals? Now we all lock up early. This not change until you do. Gov. Is worried with good reason.

    1. Government is not worried, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He only cares when it comes on to the benefits from tourism. He pays a lot of attention to social media, the only time he address an issue it when is goes viral local and international. Ask yourself this why did he gave back Rick’s cafe license so fast, he did that because he knows a lot of tourist is coming to Jamaica and Rick’s cafe is a hotspot. Recently they drop all charges from Rick’s cafe. Dream weekend is one of or the biggest party that keep in Jamaica, if Rick’s cafe party was that big he well and know that Dream weekend would be bigger but yet he approved it to be kept. He saw from the first night that dream weekend kept that it was pack but yet he waited until the last day of dream weekend to announce no more parties.

  3. Health protocols were observed??? Really??? What a large crowd of people so close to each other and not wearing any masks.

  4. Oh shut up its all about money for you all, you don’t care about persons well being.
    Dream weekend events videos are out from the first day.

  5. Well death does not respect a soul, u can put money in no one hand to get your way and if we are not responsible for our own health when sickness comes knocking best believe we have to answer. Why on Earth are we so drunken with foolishness that we would risk our health just to jump up and down and drink rum ….such an intelligent thing to do especially in a pandemic

    1. True but they should make sure they have there mask people think covi is a joke. And when they say delta it’s a different ball game.

  6. I’ve learned some very powerful things from watching Irina’s video documentary on Jamaica vs the Media and like Mr. Wallace said you cannot be sure what is what. But MSM is the real problem.

    This also might get deleted 😑🙄😒

  7. I wonder if these people know that the hospitals are full to capacity and when they can’t get a bed they say the Government is no good . Party on people

  8. Emancipendence Week August 1-6, as history will prove, well see the cases spike in the next 3 to 4 weeks when these same party goers get sick and brick the virus home to their respective families.

  9. This one of the reason the case are getting high in Jamaica people think it’s better to have fun than to live. I see alot of people and few wear there mask no care 😒

  10. So why you lock the pastor’s and charge them some body will pay that a lie you drop the charges from the rich man and charge poor people but but God is not dead

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