‘Hollywood forgot me’: McConaughey reveals career turning point 1

‘Hollywood forgot me’: McConaughey reveals career turning point


Actor Matthew McConaughey reflects his Hollywood career, including how he transitioned from romantic comedies and how an iconic unscripted moment from "The Wolf of Wall Street" came to be.

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    1. @Dixon Uranus because he’s so goodI’ve seen just about everything he’s been in but Dallas buyers club was his best performance.

  1. no way Hollywood forgot about this man…he is just to good of an actor…just look at all those great movies he did!!!

    1. Hollywood didnt forget him, they used him up and threw him away. His commodity is no longer good anymore.

    2. @Muddy Water and what are those struggles really?the only difference is he he dosent work a 9 -5 , us citizens take things for granted.

    3. @Christopher Wood not on the same level as any of those maybe on the same level Henry Fonda in Bogart and no way can you compare him to Spencer Tracy you’ve got to be delusional

  2. Matthew lists a lot of non Rom-Com movies but leaves out his two best films – Interstellar and The Gentlemen.

  3. Matthew McConaughey is definitely a really good actor. We would have never known it if he stuck with the romcoms.

  4. Saw this live on tv. Great interview. Well spoken by Matthew McConaughey. But the first part of this interview was actualy the most interesting where he tells a story about his parents and the way he grew up. Specially when it comes to love and hate.
    M. McConaughey . Not only one of the greatest actor Hollywood has ever produced but also a great speaker. Verry humble too.

  5. Someone with a “laid back” vibe who gets the job done is a valuable asset to ANY organization.

    1. But it seems like he’s not doing so hot right now could be Hollywood some ignoring him as they should I wouldn’t pay a plug nickel to see one of his movies or whatever

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