Holness 'Mi Nah Big up No Gangsta' | TVJ News - July 2 2021 1

Holness ‘Mi Nah Big up No Gangsta’ | TVJ News – July 2 2021


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    1. Police and gangsters are close friends police get order to do there job but they are friends who help each other make money there is no stopping the gangsters

  1. Kmt. You’ll just continue to support them, outsource them and turn a blind eye to them. Miss me with the bs! Btw, how was Beverly Hills and the rain?

    1. @Team Hammer No, Andrew couldn’t have prevented Elsa and her heavy rain. But most of the country’s flooding could have been prevented. Yes, most natural disasters bring flooding, and sometimes they are unavoidable but do you think if Andrew had sent a team of people to clear up and fix Jamaica’s gullies and drains the flooding would have been so detrimental? Last year, I hope you can recall, Jamaica had received a series of a heavy downpours but HAD NOT been DIRECTLY HIT by a hurricane. Residents and their representatives were crying out to the government to help fix Jamaica’s drainage problem. Not to mention some communities were left temporarily marooned because of the flooding and many people had to relocate from their homes. Knowing this the government had a whole 7 months to start preparing for this year’s hurricane season. Things could be different this year and we could have been hit with a major hurricane. Andrew and his team could have done so much to prevent these flooding and loss of homes caused by flooding if they had sent people to clear and fix the drains. I know not every one of the gullies and drains would be cleared and fixed but you yourself would agree that some of them would be cleared in those 7 months and some communities could have little to no flooding. If last year was so bad and a hurricane hadn’t hit Jamaica do you like the government wouldn’t have thought that some measures should be going on just in case one shows up at our front door? On the other hand, Andrew lives in Beverly Hills and I don’t think I need to explain how that area is was less affected by Tropical Storm Elsa. So there is a logical explanation. In addition, your comment shows your ignorance so I am left to believe that you are barely affected by Elsa and her heavy showers. Well, I would like you to remember that people like you and me have lost their homes and lively hood. Put yourself in one of these people’s shoes and you can see how clearing one little gully can make a big difference.

    2. @No Name am not ignorant! The problem we have as a people, is that we depend on the government(PNP, JLP) to do everything, from creating job, stopping crimes, cleaning the gulllies, ect. We the people are a the main cause of flooding, we constantly throw tons of garbages, old appliances and more, in the gullies, and drains, which stop the water from flowing freely..we need to take responsibility for our actions

    3. @Team Hammer So has people of a third world country can you please tell me what we are to expect the government to do since we depend on them too much. Yes, a major reason for the flooding of gullies and inner-city drains is garbage and such. So you are telling me because of this reason the government should turn a blind eye to these issues that greatly impact the island that it is governing. I would like you to know that it would be a greater cost for the government to fix the areas damaged and affected by flooding than cleaning and fixing drains. You seem to think that the government should not help the people who have elected it. If we depend so much on the government to do things like “creating jobs, stopping crimes, cleaning gullies, etc.” why do we bother electing them. If they are not supposed to do the things you have listed above what are they suppose to do? Let’s not act like after they have cleaned the gullies they could implement a law that stated anyone caught littering or throwing garbage in or around gullies and drains could be charged for ‘X’ amount of money so the process of blocking Jamaica’s drainage system would be longer than it is now. But I want to know how are you holding up with Elsa’s flooding?

    4. @No Name you have a valid point. But you misinterpreted what i said.. i didn’t say the government must not help the country. My point was, The people of the country must take responsibility for their action and stop blaming the government for everything. We shouldn’t need to law to prevent littering, we should know that littering is wrong. We create 70% of the problem the country faces today.

    5. @No Name how comes every other race that invest in jamaica get rich? Do you know that small businesses are the back bone of any economy? Why dont jamaican invest in their own country? Why the people protects criminals, then blame the government for not doing enough? Why do a jamaican rather spend 4,000,000 on a car, rather than invest some of that money back in the country? The government can do alot more, but some of us sit back and expect government to spoon feed us..

  2. True yuh talking mi prime minister!! Them criminal yaah love when the name call up inna the media enuh!! We need fi stop mek them feel important fi true!! A Tivoli mi born an live right now and them bwoy yaah come like them get a stripe when the name cum pan the tv seh them wanted!!

    1. @Marv antony yuh nuh see how much criminal a dead!! Yuh think the police and soldiers dem a laugh!! Kmt.. like yuh blind

    2. king Raj If the police and soldiers aren’t laughing, why aren’t the criminals in jail?

  3. The last time I checked, “gangsters” build their reputations by the amount of duppies they make.

    I didn’t know that they needed big ups.

  4. That’s code speech. When the politicians who created this mess from the late 70s c these guys they just tel them l “, u noh mi affi seh dat in na public “. Also we need to stop talk about these criminals. Do they have a brain to be innovative for good? What can they create which is beneficial to humanity? Look for the kids who are doing well and publicize them. Is there any good coming from Jamaica? If not we r in a sad state.

  5. Lol why did he called name….I’m sure he knows a few gangsta that he call especially election time

    1. That is so true the government and the police officers knew all criminals leaders and criminals do something about them because we all know that you can get out all criminals,look how the government and the police officers lock down the peoples in covid 19 so why the government can’t get out the criminals in Jamaica, we are not fools,the police department and the government can stop crime in Jamaica is them don’t want to do nothing about it crime pays for them the government

    1. U blind deh now…labor party full of gunman frenz ofcourse he cant call their names in public that nuh mek sense

  6. That we need to hear from you priminster ,we need you to get all criminals under the earth now back your talk now by get the police department and the JDF to work, that we need from you, we over seas need to come back home to our country Jamaica and can’t because of crime and violence,

  7. You know how long we over seas want to come back home and start a business in Jamaica and can’t just because of the criminal and and the police officers not doing them job, I can remember when Bruce golden was in power and Adams was in the police department no crime in Jamaica and now it get out of hand

  8. Government badness wonder who law boss a talk?.??
    Y such man never denounce that statement?

  9. Hello gangsters, please tell us the names of the politrickcians who have been funding the gangster’$ movement. Now that the politrickcian cutting their investments give us their names.

    Thanks @JAMAICAFirsT

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