Holness Under Fire for Crime Plan | Scott to Run for PNP VP | TVJ News 1

Holness Under Fire for Crime Plan | Scott to Run for PNP VP | TVJ News


Prime Minister Andrew Holness was taken to task by PNP President Mark Golding for his handling of crime in the country. The criticism came at a PNP meeting in Spanish Town Saturday evening, Mayor of Spanish Town Norman Scott, also used the occasion to announce his intention to challenge for PNP Vice President post.

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  1. you not going to be nothing else than what you are Mr holiness not the one commiting crime what he should do Jamaica need the gallows that will quail the crime too many feloney murder in Jamaica no life sentence no henging big up the pm all the best stay safe

  2. This type of politics that the PNP preaching to the people is baseless and have no place in Gordon house. This is 2021 where knowledge have increased so go back to the drawing board,

  3. The opposition leader need to do something about the crime in his constituency. Women are being killed in his area. Since, last year to present five women were murder in the community of South West St. Andrew of which he is the MP. No one has heard him spoke on the matter. Two young (teen-agers) were gun-down within the said community, yet these are the people who “cheer” for you and put you where you are today – acting as if it is your birth right to be where you are. All you MPs treat the people of this country like…..not one of you will get my vote

    1. I don’t blame you, the people of Jamaica need to speak up more often, every party come and make promises and nothing been happening for decades now, enough is enough !!!

  4. When i see politicans talk like that.These are empty barrels lot of noise and no substance.These are the people you dont vote for.

  5. kmmt i wish a next party was around…tired of JLP N PNP destroying our country along with these criminals

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