Home Owners in Jamaica Under Pressure to Sell to Developers | TVJ News - Nov 26 2021 1

Home Owners in Jamaica Under Pressure to Sell to Developers | TVJ News – Nov 26 2021


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  1. Jamaica hold down and take away. (Fe you own things) No wonder scammers are so plentiful into Jamaica, all because this country is doing some form of contribution.

  2. why they dont leave the people them alone .jamaica has alot of hills with view they can use thier machines and cut road anywhere and make house anywhere .its greed

  3. Demons attacking demons. Can only imagine how they got that house in the first place. The evil that surrounds Jamaica is just too much for me to bear¬!1

  4. A what really a waan in Jamaica, people are complaining about a current situation and no one investigating the matter, OMG

  5. As goes a nation’s respect for property rights, so goes its regard for democracy. If you can’t enforce something as basic as title, you are a banana republic and NO foreign country or its citizens should invest in Jamaica. In fact, lobbyists globally should actively seek to throttle such investment as well as foreign aid. Better yet, impose sanctions, as is done against Iran. Farewell Singapore aspirations. 😳

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