Homeless woman’s blanket set on fire in Vancouver 1

Homeless woman’s blanket set on fire in Vancouver


Vancouver police are searching for the suspect in an assault against a sleeping homeless woman.

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  1. Wow, did the trash from Hamilton, Ontario decide to move to Hamilton street in Vancouver? I suppose in true Hamilton fashion the cops will do nothing in regards to this situation and probably end up raping someone’s child by the end of the night. Best of luck to yall

  2. COVID is a terrible excuse to act like animals. What has happened to humanity that we’re totally void of compassion and kindness?

    1. There is a strong likelihood that there are not many in that area of Vancouver being worn by a homeless guy with many other identifying factors.

    1. No reason for such a heinous, cowardly crime…
      Even druggies, winos and street-bums (no offence meant in these names) are human beings who deserve a (better)

  3. Another reason why prosecution of bad guys should be up a level… bad guys should just be sent labour and money made from their labour should then be used to build more social housing for the vulnerable citizens.

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