1. China’s largest state-run bank has located its US headquarters on an entire floor in Trump Tower. Trump owes £250 million to the Bank of China. If China decides to pull the rug from under Trump, they won’t have far to walk.

      He’s compromised.

      He owes hundreds of millions to Deutsche Bank.

      He’s compromised.

      And when the banks wouldn’t lend him any more money, he went with a begging bowl to Putin’s Russia. As Donald Jr. said at a New York real-estate conference in 2008: “In terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.”

      He’s compromised.

      He’s a diehard debtor, as his business methods and several bankruptcies confirm. He is kept afloat by debt. On top of this, he keeps trying to flatter, bribe, or arm-twist countries into interfering in America’s elections – which is a federal crime. He’s already been impeached for it. He’s so compromised, he’s a simpering, compliant fool around Putin and Xi

  1. Not surprised. The Chinese Govt is encroaching everywhere and hasn’t played by the rules in decades

    1. NUKE CHINA! Not only are a million Uighurs being detained and abused, in China, but also thousands of peaceful Falun Gong prisoners are having their organs illegally harvested, sometimes without anasthetics, every year in China. Back when Trump was moving naval vessels toward North Korea, I thought maybe there was a trace of humanity in him. But now that he condones the Chinese constructing concentration camps, it’s obvious he has no allegiance to any ideologies, only evil.

    2. When UK ruled HK, the Chinese in HK didn’t elect their governor, unlike now. UK sent the governor. UK never gave British citizenship to HK residents. Lately, UK is offering the Chinese in HK a “pathway” to British citizenship not even citizenship. Why not during 150 years of oppression & exploitation for the “pathway” to British citizenship?!

  2. Guy looks like he’s about cry…at least give this guy asylum…it’s his involvement with the UK that has him in trouble.

  3. Cold war won’t happen, we have a carbon war we’re neglecting, and eventually everyone will suffer.

    1. The Earth gets hotter. The glacier is melting, maybe the new coronavirus is released from the ancient glacier

    2. I don’t know about you but I say earth is getting colder a lot colder nuclear winter colder😏😏we will at least win carbon war

  4. If you saw something and you wanted to expose it you’re supposed to hide your face and identiny you literally put a target on your head -_-
    He knows it put he still went ahead with it

    1. The only reason he is showing his face is because his girlfriend kicked him out, he cannot show his face in Hong Kong due to his love of happy endings and the kinky stuff…Blindfolded, hand cuffed, shackled…lol some pay good money for that

  5. Its like that for some people in some areas of the US we should clean up our own backyard

  6. In war Simon cheng, Joshua wong and all the China traitors die first, kill the 🍌🍌 to scare the dogs.

  7. Is he the guy arrested for prostitution in China And Chineses police released the video when arrested him?

    1. It’s really him. He said he was arrested for political reason instead of prostitution but later got fired by the British consulate. So why the British consulate fired him if he really did nothing wrong?

  8. 很显然,这个人为了金钱和个人利益,不知廉耻的为英美政府充当颠覆国家政权的马前卒,这种人到世界上任何一个国家都不会受到尊重~

  9. this guy got caught for solicitation of prostitution then grandly turn himself to be a dissident. it’s incredible to see how the story unfold and twisted

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