1. Lets be real here, with out the cameras and the USA being everyone babysitters a lot of those protesters would be dead already and it would be squashed or led to a revolution

    1. USA lost their right to be anyones babysitter by having their current president and policy…
      It may change when this changes

    2. @Mopsinda Charline dude no governments should be “the worlds baby sitter” but 11 aircraft carriers are why you cant just not do what the US says

    1. doubt that, mainland will absorb it like everything else. As soon as the British contract was up it was GG.

    2. @Raymond Chow your comment makes no sense except you wrote it to show everyone that you are stupid.

    1. Its their time. Eventually every country will get tired of the communist bullshit and fight back.

  2. Fox News Host Sean Hannity And CNN’s clown Jim Acosta Spar On Twitter. As Jim Acosta’s ‘Quiet’ Book Signing: 30 Books Sold
    Oh well Don’t Cry For Me Argentina!

  3. There is no freedom without bloodshed so Go and proclaim your liberty..

  4. Isn’t foreign forces instigate the riot for no other purpose than to poke China in the eye? The proposed extradition law is NO DIFFERENT than the ones between the US and all of its Five Eyes.

  5. The activists claimed China could forcefully detain any (innocent) person without legal due process. If that’s the case, China didn’t need to wait for the bill to pass – they’d do it any time.
    According to the activist’s interpretation of the extradition bill, this could apply to any law in the world that may open doors to abuse or error leading to arrest of any (innocent) person.

  6. looks like a perfect opportunity for the Chinese…………………………to conduct a live fire exercise…..🔥

  7. The US and the British STOLE Hong Kong from China during the opium war in 1842. The protest DOESN’T come from the HK people. 37,000 NGOs, the political parties, the media and the universities are all funded from the WEST to instigate riots for no other purpose than to poke China in the eye. The Key of the problem is where are the protests coming from and what are the demands that they’re raising it’s all against CHINA and not against the BANKS that run Hong Kong.

  8. American protesters can learn from Hong Kong. The United States has serious problems with the justice system and governments. Police violence in the US is a crisis.

  9. Young people have nothing to do in the city. The city is tightly controlled by property developers and retail monopolies. Various forms of entertainment have disappeared in the city because the bad urban planning.

  10. Terrible demands from the protesters, those arrested were breaking the laws and now they want apologies from police. This ends with lawlessness in HK. CIA sponsored protest to destabilize HK.

  11. Hong Kong: Faaack youuuu China!
    China: Faaack youuuu Hong Kong!
    Japan: Fack you wharu and fack you dorphinnn

  12. China is just trying to gain more territory. The people of Hong Kong just want their freedoms in tact and to live their lives without the Chinese government dictating and controlling their lives.

    If this many people are against it, it’s pretty obvious that’s what they _should_ do but Hong Kong’s leader is a puppet being controlled and _encouraged_ by China.

    I don’t think this protesting will end any time soon.

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