1. 我是香港萧苦元我和我母亲乱轮和父亲搞同恋和女儿淫乱我手舞足蹈造谣39个中国人死在英国 ! OKAY 👌

    2. “Remember W-U-H-A-N:
      W – wash hands
      U – use mask properly
      H – have temperature checked regularly
      A – avoid large crowds
      N – never touch your face with unclean hands

    1. Nah I reckon we’re going to be worse off. Why we order our food and I’ve seen how food place keeps clean so idk man.

    1. @Virgin Grandpa you’re right. Even if you use a mask and goggles, and wash hands constantly, it can still get in the side of the mask

    1. @Vince MacArthur , not if they get the Cornavirus. They will be too sick to build Nuke’s.

    1. @MugenTJ You are terribly mis-informed. It has a proposed death rate of about 5%. The Flu = less than 1%. Stop watching CNN.

  1. Max tests kits 6000, total confirmed cases 6000…..cases that didn’t go to the hospital or were turned away 100 000+

  2. I’m so confused. Weren’t the Hong Kong residents just protesting about face masks? Here you go government 🙄 I swear someone did something to make a point…. am I the only one?

  3. “Hong Kong restricts border to contain Wuhan coronavirus”???

    Shouldn’t it be: “Hong Kong restricts border to EXCLUDE Wuhan coronavirus”???

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