1. ” We can’t have someone in the Oval Office who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word Confidential or classified ” D.J.Trump

    1. @Orange Hat Music Are you still there are have you gone to ground? I was hoping you might respond to the two questions I posed for you and give me the benefit of your legal expertise.

    2. @james mooney Don’t know where you are coming from. What I asked you was very simple question – does a President have the right to remove government documents from the White House at the end of his presidency and to take them as if they were his own property?
      I asked the same question of Orange Hat Music (?), and he/she/it has gone to ground.
      I also asked another question that is also relevant to your comment, but first let me clarify that I never questioned that a president has the right to declassify documents. What I questioned is whether he did so or not, and where is the record that he did.
      Have you read the DoJ submission entitled ‘United State’s Response to Motion for Judicial Oversight and Additional Relief’? If you had, you would clearer see that there was no dispute between the parties that the documents were actually classified.
      This whole nonsense post temp that the President can declassify documents is a total distraction. The question is not whether he can, but rather if he did. Information available seems to confirm that he did not.
      Finally, as regards you mentioning Hillary Clinton, I am not going to engage in ‘whataboutism’, as it is totally irrelevant to the Trump case. If he is charged, it will not be a defence to reference Hillary Clinton. Whether he is guilty or not will be determined by the facts of the case.

    1. @mercurywoodrose defendant doesn’t have to say anything. It’s up to the DOJ to present evidence beyind a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed. FBI recovering documents at Trump’s home suggests more than a few laws have been broken. More to come.

    2. MSNBC VIEWER: Nobody is crazier than me. I will believe just about anything!
      CNN VIEWER: Hold my tinfoil hat!πŸ€ͺ

    1. MSNBC VIEWER: Nobody is crazier than me. I will believe just about anything!
      CNN VIEWER: Hold my tinfoil hat!πŸ€ͺ

  2. Exhibit 2A. They went into Mar A Lago intending to build their case. They asked the former president to return the documents enough times. Once they started their search it was obvious there was obstruction.

  3. Men lose there life everyday over there pride/ego. Don’s pride/ego is unprecedented. Don is a narcissistic/compulsive liar all because of his uncontrollable pride. Afd fame to his unprecedented pride/ego is one hell of a drug. He’s just like an addict who sees nothing wrong with what there doing while the world for years has told him otherwise. Don will lie until his grave if its anythinf about his image.. Scary part is he knows his huge followers believe him no matter what. Sad world.

  4. If they had no choice to seek a search warrant because the evidence led them in that direction then they have no choice but to seek an indictment because all of the evidence leads them in that direction.

    1. MSNBC VIEWER: Nobody is crazier than me. I will believe just about anything!
      CNN VIEWER: Hold my tinfoil hat!πŸ€ͺ

  5. “Thank you for a tour of your beautiful home and private library”
    – Forever yours, the Saudis πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦

    1. All they wrote was ” We dropped by ,you were not home , we had a conducted tour of the basement room…Took lots of souvenir photos..you know, to show the folks back home…”

    2. @Hapa H No, but influence-peddling in Ukraine and China does.

      My god, just read something about the issue and you’ll understand.

    3. @Hapa H I love how you don’t need a shred of proof to believe that, but you think Hunter’s laptop doesn’t exist!

  6. Don’t forget to Vote in ROEvember.
    And, for every Gov official election,
    even for Dog Catcher. People have
    become wise and vigilant to where
    it begins. Let’s hope we keep it up.

  7. Time will tell all wait. The nice part about the United States is everybody’s innocent until proven guilty. Being a prick or being nice both are entitled to their day in court.

  8. “I’m sorry just one more thing, if the top secret documents, were planted by the FBI, how were you able to declassify them”? A Columbo meme

    1. @MediaSector He doesn’t need a paper trail to declassify. He just needs to discuss it with someone. Where have you been? This isn’t news.

    2. @Mean Bean Comedy the FBI films every search they do, although the general public will NEVER see the video. If this does go to trial the jurors will more than likely see the video, probably in the jury room. You should learn about the government instead of just making it about J. Edgar. Who has been dead 50 years.

    3. @Mean Bean Comedy sorry dude. What does that person he talks to do? The person creates a paper trail. Declassification requires a paper trail, end of story. The top levels of classification require each agency who placed a classification on a document to be consulted, for obvious reasons. That’s setting aside the fact that you were not able to digest the fact that I told you the the statutes invoked in the affidavit don’t rely on the classification system. The espionage laws were written decades before the classification system was created.

  9. looks like Donnie really pooped πŸ’© his pants bad this time and doesn’t know how to clean up. He’s had people doing his cleaning all his life.

    1. How can anyone validate that their are no more other documents including copies of original still exists. Which is scary and risky for those people whose job to collect intelligence for governments?

    2. @Sid Walters that’s why the Trump lawyer who wrote up the certification and the Trump lawyer who signed it could be looking at Trump being their last client.

  10. What I’d like to know is how much of this classified information the TFG has already been sold to the highest bidder? No doubt he stole it for financial gain.

  11. πŸ˜€The “snitches” may have never seen the document evidence had this buffoon of an individual just them in the boxes in a locked storage room, rather than having them scrolled all over anywhere, for anybody to see. Including Russian operatives.

    1. @Patricia d’Assier Please believe I TOTALLY agree with you. I just talking about, if you wanted to be a criminal, he is extremely reckless with his criminality.

  12. Who else in the Trump family or orbit had access to the files and what did they do with them?

    Is DoJ also seeking to gather more files kept at other people’s locations?

  13. Possesion of these documents is a clear violation of the law. Why is he not arrested? I guess everyone will look the other way on yet another one of his many crimes.

    1. As I said before: Donald Trump could take a machine gun and mow down hundreds of people, and he would never be placed under arrest.

  14. Well β€”we don’t anymore. Haven’t in almost two ….very long years in the Oval Office. President Biden is doing, the best job he can. I wish he were younger, though. Stillβ€” he is very appreciative of the office he holds as a former Congressman and Vice President. Hallelujah. Yup. πŸ™β­οΈ….πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ….🀎…🌻…….πŸ™ƒ……πŸ‚

    1. At least President Biden understands how the legislative process works – how the office of the presidency works and is not a traitor to his oath of office, the constitution or the American People

  15. CNN must have doubled its employees to respond to these stories with the agreed-upon talking points. LOL. Keep it up, this will help wake up more people to this ridiculousness.

  16. DOJ Spokesperson: “What Trump said was inaccurate and misleading.”
    Nothing new about that; Trump has proven that statement over the last four years! LOL!

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