Honig: Why DOJ won’t release Mar-a-Lago search affidavit

CNN's Elie Honig explains why the Justice Department is opposing the release of an affidavit that lays out the argument investigators made to a federal magistrate judge explaining the probable cause they had to search former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. #CNN #News


  1. The affidavit would contain important information like the informant’s identity, and considering Trump supporters have already gone after the judge and the FBI agents, releasing their identity would put them in a lot of danger

    1. @Who voted for this? the FBI has always had the right to come into your home if they have a search warrant 😂

    2. @Bill Eichert lol right, no worries I’ve done it too. Seems like there has been a huge spike in troll activity since the warrant issued.

  2. There’s no legal precedent to release an affidavit to the public. The criminal justice system doesn’t do that during an investigation.

    1. @L. Diaz And youre wrong about affidavits. The only stated reason they won’t release it is for the protection of the socalled “witness”, but if that were true all they have to do is redact the name. We can only conclude that the reason for not releasing it is that they had no legal justification for the warrant.

    2. @Gavin Pope They worded it so that any and everything agents wanted to take was fair game. A proper warrant must name SPECIFIC ITEMS being sought out.

    1. @REB4 His lawyer said there was no classified material. But, there was. Why would his lawyer lie, and why would he have kept that material? If Obama did that, the same people defending Trump would light themselves on fire in protest. Besides, you have no clue what my political beliefs are.

    2. @Jo Bosworth Are you trying to say that if other government officials can get away with crimes, then orange man should be allowed to get away with crimes as well?

  3. As soon as Rudy got word that he’d have to appear in court he went ahead and had some more shoe dye put in his hair

    1. He might not show up for his court appearance, because he’ll be standing outside of Four Seasons Landscaping, waiting for it to begin!

  4. “Running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics puts pressure on me,” he said. “Could you imagine if I lose? My whole life. What am I gonna do? I’m gonna say, I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics. I’m not gonna feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country. I don’t know.” — Donald Trump

    1. @miguel tirado “we are going to march down, to the capital, and I’ll be there with you….” “And we’re gonna fight like hell, because if you don’t fight, then you won’t have a country anymore”
      DJT 1/6

  5. Wouldn’t it be interesting if any republican congressman was involved? Everyone in congress wants to see the information to find out who broke ranks & spilled the beans!

    1. You don’t even know if there is anything found at all. It is funny. They talk about protecting the innocent. What’s the point everyone has already determined he is guilty

  6. They keep saying this matter is unprecedented but it’s not. Search warrants are served on suspected criminals with some regularity.

    1. Concerning trump the word is un-Presidented.
      I cringe when he is referred to as the “former president”.
      When he never did anything in a presidential fashion.
      From weaponizing the pandemic to bringing back coal.
      Just say trump. We all know what it means.
      Not even “45”. Retire that number to the American Hall of Shame.

  7. Everyone is failing to mention that they also seized his Passport’s, and that’s a serious issue,… no leaving the country Donny, do not pass go

    1. @Dolores Brown I am enjoying the comments .Trump is an American citizen and shares protections under the bill of rights like the rest of the citizens of the USA regardless of what he says in gest .

    2. @Dolores Brown I will not make that judgement until the charges have been filed and a trial is conducted. Grand juries are famous because prosecutors only have to present one side of the evidence and there is no counsel for the subject .

  8. They also didn’t know that they had all the documents when they left Mar-a-Lago. What they’ve been doing since is trying to figure that out. They might know now, or they might not. If there are documents missing, did they miss them at Mar-a-Lago, are they someplace else in the FPOTUS’s possession or are they no longer in his possession and if not, who has them now. These are all questions the FBI needs to answer (to themselves, not us) and it might take some time. This could be a long way from over.

    1. It probably took them about an hour to catalog the contents and compare that against the list of documents 45 never returned. There a many other reasons to let the Repuglicans stew in their own crimes for awhile.

    2. The FBi previously visited Trump’s residence and gave him more guide lines on security. They took possession of several boxes without incident .Guess they did not inventory the other documents during their previous visits .

  9. We as a society have become so used to receiving “instant information” and having our questions answered at the push of a button that we feel entitled to transparency from our LEA’s. We need to remember that we DON’T have a right to know everything and that revealing that kind of information can be harmful to the integrity of an investigation and potentially harmful to those people involved. We WANT to know but we don’t NEED to know. We’ll eventually get out answers but let’s not jeopardize the work our LEA’s need to do.

    1. @Dragano I suppose there is a slight difference in conspiracy and simple political talking points. Conspiracy is interesting though bc it’s more about being in the “know” than it is looking at reality.

    2. Fine, unless there is impropriety by the LEA afoot. Do we wait and find out to late and not have justice prevail? We do NEED to know.

  10. This is why we can’t have nice things – everyone should just lay off DOJ and let them do their jobs without fear or favor. Politics shouldn’t have a role in this.

  11. They wouldn’t release it in *any other* situation until an indictment(at the earliest). It’s so ridiculous, congressional members are well aware of that.

    1. @Houston Conservative fortunately, I can research and am literate. Case law and procedural regulations are publicly available regarding the disclosure of investigatory and grand jury related evidence prior to indictments.

  12. Takes time to go through a pile of boxes to see what’s been altered or missing. DNA and other forensics perhaps? It’s not stacks of old magazine subscriptions, top secret documents that involve national security need intense scrutiny. I predict what is revealed will be more shock and awful.

  13. I wonder when Kevin McCarthy dropped by Lard-A-Margo after Don lost, for the grin and shake picture, if he got a tour of the throne room. And if he’s going to show a doctor’s note when he gets subpoenaed.

  14. Hmm, why would they make all of their evidence public before a possible trial? No other lawyer would be required to do that.

  15. Graham should not be shielded just because he’s a senator after all he did make a call to Rafenburger and was checking out how he could keep trump in power that’s not part of his job!!!

  16. We saw what we needed to see. I’m fine with NOT seeing the affidavit, and allow the DOJ to do its job. People don’t want transparency, they want names. Ignore the noise and get on with your task.

    1. Correct. Put aside that he’s a former president and conduct this investigation the same way it should go for everyone else.

  17. He wants to know who his accuser is so he can do what he always does, intimidate and slander. Since he doesn’t know who to attack he’s mighty silent

  18. Isn’t it amazing how whenever trump is affected negatively these same people seem to misunderstand the purpose or process of what goes on with an affidavit?

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