Honoring Yourself During Pride Month

Pride doesn’t just have to be about activism and entertainment, it’s about embracing everything the LQBTQ+ community represents. NBC’s Joshua Johnson discusses what he’s taking pride in this month.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Honoring Yourself During Pride Month


  1. Headline should be: U.S. Black Female Athlete succeeds on the Track Field with the help of her traditional Black Grandparents. Her biological mother was absent in her life.

    1. @Make Racists Afraid Again Why are you hating on Black Grandparents? Stop being so hateful against the Black Community!

    1. I think you mean to say “assertive” white guy…. Now he is Erkel.. more “user friendly” to the pinks

    2. Jake from statefarm who’s white? I’m not white. Nothing wrong with white. I think he’s has been told to turn down or something.

  2. I’m proud that I’m calling out how MSNBC, CNN, the democrat party, etc. WONT report on democrat senator Sheldon Whitehouse outed for his long term membership in a “NO n-word allowed” exclusive “whites only” beach club.

    1. @Make Racists Afraid Again you left out DEMOCRAT senator. (But appreciate you admitting it, even though CNN, MSNBC, and entire democrat party is mystifyingly circling their wagons around him)

  3. I’m proud how I called out MSNBC Joy Reid for her homophobic rants leaked from her email

    1. @Jake from statefarm You can easily do a search with the keywords, but I’ll play along with what appears as a deflection tactic.
      Her homophobic rants would be the ones she admitted to and forced to apologized for, after initially trying to spin she was hacked and it wasn’t hers….
      Any thoughts?

  4. Proud to be an American that supports our FLAG our MILITARY our LAW ENFORCEMENT and our RIGHT to BEAR ARMS. Not PROUD to have a president that is a total joke.

  5. Yea, take pride in your neighborhood. Take pride in having a job and a career. Take pride in being clean and off drugs. Take pride in pulling your own weight through life. Take pride in having an open, educated mind, solving problems instead of creating new ones.

  6. Homosexuality and the Olympians go hand and hand. No heterosexual man would say, “let’s have a naked athletic competition”. Signed the first Greek Olympians. It’s true.

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