‘Hopeful’ Biden Infrastructure Package Will Be Foundation For Negotiations | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

'Hopeful' Biden Infrastructure Package Will Be Foundation For Negotiations | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1


  1. Bezos paid 0 in 2020 tax while receiving my tax $ for his business STOP CORPORATE WELFARE and have a minimum tax like the USA PEOPLE pay

    1. Yeah, do you think Biden’s Handlers would consider that very reasonable solution?
      No, they want to ruin America asap by claiming ‘we can have a big bubble of fresh,
      clean air right above America in only 9 years’! They forgot that other countries will
      drive right by us when we’re firmly stuck in our oh-so-green eco-ditch.

  2. Stop holy wars between the vatican and israel! I don’t want jesus to rapture my grandmother😩🙏💯

  3. Gop will never support this bill. Dems should actually increase the size of this bill and give the Republicans the finger!

  4. How can we say America is exceptional when we have a crumbling infrastructure? Investing in our infrastructure will literally pay for itself, but ignoring our crumbling infrastructure will be even more costly as time goes on. If your home has a leaky roof, and inadequate water pipes for the winter, should you ignore it, or should you invest money to make upgrades on your home?

    1. They would claim that the bill is treading on their rights and freedoms to kick random puppies if they feel it.

  5. The irony of all of this is that the infrastructure bill will actually do more to help red states than blue states, yet republicans still oppose it.

    President Biden should just tell Republicans not to worry about the cost, because he’s going to make Mexico pay for it. That lie worked for Donald. 😄

  6. Let’s again be the leader in the world . The future . Solar power , electric vehicles , conservation and appreciation of the earth . Let’s appreciate our existence on this planet . The earth is goin’ to change . Let the future blossom .

  7. My little brother is a blue collar worker who is trying to make it in the auto industry. I hope he can have more access to training programs that aren’t outrageous

    1. All those illegals will get training before your brother. Welcome to the NEW AMERICA. Don’t trust Democrats. You will see.

  8. TheCarpenters Union has apprentice training schools in all of their districts, training potential journeymen.
    Republicans pass so called right to work laws that restrict union membership. They do not have funds for training.

  9. We don’t have a skilled gap we have a lack of skilled cheep labor non union contractors rip off our city’s and state by Listing these cheap foreign workers they got a one visas for as independent contractors that are just paying cash and no taxes go into the city or state so many people come into your city in your state and don’t pay taxes just extracting money out that’s all that’s going on

  10. Republicans will continue to do everything possible to keep Joe Biden from getting another win. It’s terrible that they’d rather hurt Americans than cooperate on legislation.

  11. She’s right about the need to manufacture our own lithium power cells. My home is solar powered and we use lithium iron phosphate batteries for our battery bank. All of those batteries were manufactured in China, which among other things means that their price is higher than it should be, due to customs and tariffs. America needs to capture a chunk of that market.

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