'Horrifying': Officials Prepped For Trump Coup Attempt 1

‘Horrifying’: Officials Prepped For Trump Coup Attempt


As citizen Donald Trump’s namesake company faces a criminal probe in New York, several new books expose the “horrifying” final days of his administration. One details how Trump displayed no regard for Mike Pence as MAGA rioters targeted the former Vice President during the January 6 insurrection. Other reporting outlines how Trump generals and officials braced to thwart a potential coup. According to another new book, Michael Bender’s “Frankly, We Did Win This Election,” Trump privately praised Hitler. Trump denies all these reports.
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    1. @Tronald J. Dump the thought of trump trying to mount and ride a horse…hilarious. First they would need a draft horse…🐴

    2. @Becky Weisfeld i think so. Many of them would have thought they’d be pardoned for any crime. I think Trump could have incited his nut job followers to start shooting and using those pipe bombs. However, I agree with others. He’s a big pu$$y and would never put himself in front.

    1. a week after dt’s election a family member told me “if he doesn’t win a second term he will wiill attempt a coup” laughed…..sorry

  1. It was clear. Everyone including the media cowed in fear and just wanted it all to just go away. The problem was cowardice and indifference that prevented any action to be taken against this treasonous criminal.

    1. @Twinkle Toes cops said white supremacist did false flags in thr blm protest, not even the cops are on your side lmfao

  2. I remember the APCS a bearing the Trump flags a few years back. Sadly, there’s enough numb nuts in the military who have no clue what their oaths mean.

    1. @Steph J Are you still sucking up that BS? The AZ “audit” has been going on for weeks and weeks headed be a company whose head is a conspiracy theorist. For God’s sake, get a clue!

    2. @Steph J Remember one thing, whatever they say they found…….They have to prove in Court…………..I smell a KRAKEN

    3. @spymaine89 yeah, lets play. – your 72 mil armed vs the entire military with missiles and 84 mil behind them also armed with guns. Sounds like fun. Bullies always make the same mistake. Threaten without knowledge that people wanting reasonable gun control are in fact also armed with guns. Another HUGE mistake would be to think that those of us that are not currently unarmed are not trained. And not to worry after the KEYSTONE MAGAs end up offing each other there will be plenty of arms laying around.

  3. Who could have seen the coup coming??? Only those who were paying attention. Rachael Meadow did a great job reporting on this by pointing out what Trump was doing replacing people on top posts. The coup was being put in motion and people were not paying attention.

    1. @Ken L Yeah, Trump really got rid of that swamp as he brought all his rich buddies on board and de-regulated to the point our environment would have been more devastated than it is. All about lining his pockets and those of his rich Big Oil types.

    2. @Tri Arb And there are 81 million people who are getting tired of those who don’t protect and support democracy and can’t even take a vaccine so children can safely go back to school and the country completely open. Thoughts and prayers to all the a**holes!

    1. @Mine Finder There’s 81 million out here who will not sit by. Don’t threaten our democracy. You are several screws short of having your bulb light.

    2. @Janice Weeden So sad that you’re too stupid to know the difference between a mine and a mind. And so sad that you’re a lonely guy posing as a woman. Pathetic.

    3. @Mine Finder Did you cash those stimulus checks and/or unemployment? Do you or someone you know going to credit from the child tax credit checks which will help take millions of kids out of poverty to some extent? Do you comprehend any of the reasons behind the escalating crime or any of the other things you named? I daresay you haven’t a clue. The only clue you have is Trump, who wouldn’t spit on you if you disagreed with him on anything. And I mean anything with his gigantic ego which he hauls with him everywhere in every situation.

    4. @Mine Finder You are too ignorant to understand or get the play on words, aren’t you? And what’s the BS about the gender? I am more woman than a piece like you could ever handle because you are evidently a few quarts short of a full gallon.

  4. Current Republican politicians and leadership are under DT Spell.
    Lacking self confidence and integrity.

    1. The Republicans have amnesia on anything to do with Trump’s post election hijinks, from trying to pressure election officials to flip states back to him, to a freaking insurrection attempt. What hold does he have over these people? I would not be surprised if he has dirt on all of them and told them he will expose them if they don’t continue to follow him like good lemmings right over the cliff.

    2. @Not Here was being sarcastic.
      Do you in your right mind think Biden is a better president than Trump?
      Or you just hate Trump and you can endure anything as long as it’s not Trump .

    3. @AKANKWASA RONALD absurd question and comment. Supreme Commander in chief president Biden is a return to normalcy…status quo. He’s light years better than dementia donny…anyone would be. Trump was not only naive and inexperienced, he was highly incompetent

    4. @Stephen Kershaw hahaha I wish I could agree with you but I can’t.
      But again it will go back to one’s stand point.
      If you are a beneficiary of the status quo, Sleepy joe is ur guy.
      But to me I don’t see anything to be excited about in Biden’s administration.

  5. The fact that he still enjoys broad support within and outside GOP means the coup hasn’t been fully aborted yet. Sad.

    1. Hitlers first attempt failed, his second succeeded. Trumputin and the insurrectionist gop will most def attempt a coup again no doubt in my mind

    2. @The Blessings Of Jesus Channel Pray for the end of your looney tunes thinking because it is some deep crap! Wearing your waders yet?

  6. Hilarious. As soon as I heard Rachel report on those last minute firings and replacements I knew it was a prelude to a coup attempt. Totally obvious.

  7. All Republican politicians knew it was coming and they were promised returns for their support.

    1. I’m sure you’re right – but I add that they function to a great extent in a state of incredible fear – fear of being criticized for NOT getting on their knees before their Fuhrer

  8. Someone was telling trump which Defense people to get rid of. He’s not smart enough to know who to remove. WHO WAS IT?

    1. @The Blessings Of Jesus Channel Do not hide yourself under the sacred name of Jesus when you all worship the false deity known as Donald Trump! You even have a golden idol of him to worship. If you would spend some time listening to MSNBC, and CNN you would finally get the real truth and might possibly see the light.

    2. @The Blessings Of Jesus Channel Another terrorist attack by MAGA horde? Sounds like something the FBI should be alerted on.

    1. @R P Where are you getting this info? We’re worried sick about this, frantic about how to fight it as nothing even close to this has ever happened before. I know there are lawsuits against these voter suppression laws, but our Senate imbalance and the electoral college still has things stacked against us. I don’t think the framers anticipated anyone even close to Trump, nor did they anticipate the Senate supporting an unstable authoritarian. We’re in trouble, believe me.

    2. @R P I’m not worried. I’m SCARED TO DEATH. Some Coup Cult Clan members are talking civil war. These people are brainwashed, uninformed, and heavily armed.

    3. @D O They forget that Democrats are legal gun owners as well. With years of training, we don’t need a 6 week training course to complete. We will rise to defend ourselves especially my children & family members. Plus our military is second to none. The last civil war was devastating but it was over pretty quickly. Those right wing LUNATICS don’t have army tanks they aren’t even aware of how bad it’ll end for them. Lastly they complain & say Biden is trying to destroy their second ammendment rights and freedom. So in response they break federal laws which ends in them losing their freedom & legal rights to own weapons.

    4. @Now Now I understand. I used to feel sorry for him too. Not anymore. No punishment is going to be good enough for what he’s done. ☮️

    1. @Happy Days Sorry for being obtuse. The pay-off, presumably, is that Putin provides the GOP his bots, his support, and his blessing.

    1. He hates being called “former” you guys are idiots man. 😂😂 He lives rent free In your head and doesn’t even know what you say, or care. 😂😂😂

    2. Maddow had that Russia gate pinpointed. Lol what a dishonest P.O.S. she is . Disgusting bush league journalism at its best

    3. @MyTxMyGun No, it’s also my tax, my gun whether you like it or not. And its clear you can’t handle and hate it when she is right on the pinpointed target. That means she’s correct. Hahahaha

  9. I bet Kevin McCarthy has something to do with the insurrection that’s why he’s doing what he can to stop everything or Trump got him by the balls!!!

    1. Remember, Trumq controlled the intelligence apparatus. He could very well have dirt on a lot of people.

    1. @AmAlloy Industries The US, now an Autocracy, used to be a Democratic Republic. But you go on schooling people with your brilliance. Too many industrial toxins I suspect.

    2. @Mark Ray No way 74 mil Americans voted for a man after he killed 600K+ of them. Out on bail from the insurrection Mark? 🤣

    3. AmAlloy industries, please enlighten us as to what YOU think a “Constitutional Republic” is. A “Republic” is an elected government as opposed to a monarchy or dictatorship. A “Constitutional Republic” is one with a written Constitution that defines the rights and limitations of the people and government as opposed to the dictates of the leader(S). We have a representative democracy, our leaders and representatives are voted into office by the people. Those rights are amended and expanded by our Constitution and the amendments to that constitution. Even the electors to the electoral college are elected by the people. I am tired of right wing morons invoking the phrase “Constitutional Republic” as if it’s a magic phrase without having a clue as to what it means. Republicans rely on your stupidity to justify their power instead of actually having to represent their constituents as was intended by the constitution.

    4. Natalie Mar, you want to see something funnier look in the mirror and try to take yourself seriously.

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