Hospital Staff in Fear | TVJ News – April 26 2022

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  1. The nurses too need to talk to patients better too 1 hand Caan clap respect goes where it come from

  2. A patient is not a prisoner so anyone can leave a hospital unless they are under a form 1. It should not have gone that far. In Canada patients leave everyday and we can’t do a thing. All we do is tell them the risk and have them agree that they are leaving against medical advice. That’s all you had to do have him sign to leave against medical advice. He will come back later. Everyone has a right to alternatives to medicine no matter what we think of it. It’s thier choice.

    1. Exactly same here in the UK if the patient is not under section 1 they can leave. I have patients who self discharged themselves all the time…we can’t do anything we’re nurses not security guard or police.

  3. That Hospital should be call death valley hospital…no one ever survive at that hosp and some of these nursing and medical staff there needs more training.. Their customer service and patient care “Stinks” they have no manners..

    1. They don’t know nothing about Patient Centred Care, from the Matron, Ward Sisters, Nurses u name them need to go bk and get more Training.

  4. Death valley hospitals what happen in the dark will come out to light.. whatever you do unto the least of the Creator’s children you do it unto Him. All life is precious. All life is sacred no matter what colour class or creed. Almighty God is watching us. Save the children , save the people .The ax is laid at the root. Time will always tell. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€β€πŸ™πŸ™

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