1. @Mr.Dioneo do you worship mechanics and plumbers too? They have done more for you than these non practicing “doctors” who went to school 30 years ago.

    2. @poo dilly non practicing doctors? We’re you dropped as a child? These doctors are the ones conducting research on the virus. These guys have years if not decades of experience from many other viruses in the past. But no of course you are smarter then the doctors

    1. @KingInTheNorth nothing random about natural selection my friend. The virus wants to live and propagate. Like humans “)

    2. @Frankythechops yes so nature punishes the randomized nature of evolution and the ones that help keep going. It’s random.

  1. 3.7 million maskless kids in the sunshine State never missed a day of school, guess what they are all fine and healthy. Riddle ne that

  2. After two years these ppl are still trying to ConvinceUs that there’s a PandemicHilarious!

    1. Lucky you. My family friend died yesterday from pneumonia after covid. Gone in one week. Year ago my neighbor died with the same diagnosis. But my father got confirmed covid 2 times and was ill for couple days without any complications. It’s all depends on the personl health I think.

  3. I just love how he suggests the unvaccinated have no immunity.

  4. Same guy who said it was a myth that omicron was weaker than delta

  5. Same guy who said it was a myth that omicron was weaker than delta

  6. We can’t comply our way out of this government mess.

  7. Every single person message your MPP to keep stuff open, if you own a business, KEEP it open, the government wants you to suffer to their own mismanagement and defunding of our healthcare system.

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