Hospitals across Canada confronted by anti-vaccine protests 1

Hospitals across Canada confronted by anti-vaccine protests


Health-care workers say protests against pandemic and vaccine protocols outside hospitals are adding to their fatigue. CTV's Avis Favaro reports.

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    1. Doug “corrupt coward” Ford said he is “following the science”. Well then, lets find out who he is following and protest there. Right? I think thats the proper place. Too bad the nurses are having to take a break from their tiktok dance videos, but hey… gotta break some eggs.

    2. @Roberto E to protest at Hospital is just stupid. The Government controls Hospitals. If these protesters are sooo stupid to believe the government then they need to stay at home as they might wonder out into traffic.

    3. @D B The nurses were either just getting off shift or about to start shift at these protests, that is why they were there. Imagine telling union strikers that protesting in front of their workplace is stupid.

    1. @Mr. Bug Pop Politicians should be stationed in the hospitals because they started the virus problem + are a failure at Pandemic control.

    1. @Superballs’ Supervids Fine them all when they interfere with other people’s work.

      I’m sick and tired of hearing and seeing them in the streets.

    2. @tarmynastyr

      Did you actually see them interfering? Did that one couple actually need a police escort or was it all for show for the camera?

    1. society doesn’t need antivax nurses home boy. deal with it however you see fit. including being a crybaby on youtube.

    2. @Jeff S so again, if it’s not stopping the spread then why should they have to get it. Is critical thinking just totally vacant from society now…

    1. @Daniel Arcadia I think we already knew that police forces are totally capable of hiring UTTER MORONS to work as cops. So what’s your point?

    2. @Superballs’ Supervids he’s the 10% of the 10% you can’t ignore him.what he thinks is as important as the 10% who think what they think is as important as the 90% it’s a bit of an Alice in Wonderland thing I am sure you can follow.

    3. @ROOKTABULA The Police are designed to be supported by the population and to deal with ” individuals ” that step outside agreed minimum parameters ( see constitution ) . Not act as strong arm for dictates by bureaucrats

    1. @Jeff’s world ,,,hahaha,,,you are paid troll too ! Are you getting one or two sandwiches for your online work cupcake ?

    2. @D C oh you would be surprised and horrified. (I submit the states of Florida and Texas, plus TikTok’s “Milk Crate challenge” as examples)

    1. Thanks for making tik tok vids? Geuss it keeps the small brain amused while they dismantle the world around you, ya thanks nurses.

    1. @MTL – icq I’m talking about the ones outside of Covid as well. Like the basic vaccinations you need for public school.

    2. @MTL – icq For example, to go to public school in Ontario you need shots for polio, tetanus, measles, dipherea etc

    1. @Matt Wisniewski and other big brains give kids antibiotics and painkillers for every illness that is out there. Big pharmaceutical companies are thankful for this promotion of their products. Lol

  1. “I know more than scietists”
    “last years heros”
    It wouldn’t be an anti-vaxxer protest without misspelled signs.

    1. Ahh the “I do Mah Pwn Resurch” crowd, more proof that provinces need to be spending more on education, not less.

    2. @Aaron Dunlap Try again…I am not a conservative, nor an anti-vax, and I went to college, but nice try. You’re welcome to another go at it.

    1. lol ya thats the NEWS for you. Needs a police escort… At this point they should just take fotage of a warzone and use that. Then it would be at lest closer to the story they are trying to push.

  2. The sad thing is I can’t tell if the “scietists” sign is a troll or real, because “NO Mandatory Ingection” also exists.

  3. LOL the body language of Mr Sunjay Sharma is so very sincere… “Um.. Uh..” Fumbles on words. He uses a pretty disrespectful tone for his patients, especially someone that took a Hippocratic oath.

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