1. @djkiid No, it’s unlikely, I wear a procedure mask.
      Also you seem not to have paid attention but vaccinated people who get infected with Delta shed less virus particles and for a shorter duration than unvaccinated idiots.

    2. @O SNOOPY SNOOP poisoning someone is murder, but what is prohibiting some taking their medication or protective clothing?


    1. @Darrmad Masks work. You just need to stop wearing it under your nose. It has to cover the mouth and nose. 👃

    2. @Rusty Slick and how many people are wearing N95 mask? I bet only 20% of people i see have n95 on which means about 80% of the population is walking around under a false sense of security while spreading it to others but as long as your face is covered with anything your ok. Its a joke. A true shitshow.

    3. @Darrmad Well, under no circumstance is a bare face more protected than a masked face; regardless of which mask it is.

  2. I’m sure the Governor mansions in Texas and Florida have plenty of spare rooms, so start sending them there.

    1. @Whatisgoingon2021 Karen’s don’t really care. Lol they just want to have control in others lives because they can’t control their own so they go around and make ignorant comments. Blm in the window. Not cause they care but so they won’t burn her house down. People are crazy.

  3. I hope the family received the medical bills, they made a choice. It’s on them now. The non – vaccinated are now the cause of the pandemic. If people listen to the COVID-19 briefings, they would have a pretty good idea with they can receive the boosters.

  4. Here’s a solution, shun the Anti-Vaxkers/anti-maxkers. Dont allow them in hospital,grocery and public places. Unless they learn some courtesy, then they will be denied access EVERYWHERE.

    1. @Fat Freddy’s Cat Most MAGAtts are unemployable tweakers anyway. Ban them from NASCAR events, that’ll get em to the Pharmacy

    2. @djkiid The unvaccinated who wear masks, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! There’s plenty who are dilligent, BAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Are you actually saying that with a straight face? Yeah, suuuuure…….these unvaxxed dopes couldn’t care less, they are the same ones rabidly fighting the masks too and we all know it.

    3. @ItsStillRealToMe DamnIt yeah judge the whole unvaccinated group based on the individuals who are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame looking being dumb and rebellious. Plenty of educated individuals who interpret data in their own opinion which is what research is, a perspective on data, are choosing to not get the rushed vaccine and wear masks diligently. You’re just following what the media is showing you. Wonder why the news doesn’t cover educated college graduates in the medical field who choose not to get vaccinated like myself and when they talk to nurses they down play their education just like doctors do in a hospital setting. I wear my mask and social distance. And I am not taking the rushed vaccine.

    4. @Douglas Lowe While we’re at it…. they should be banned from touching their relatives and livestock, if you know what I mean……😏

    1. Dont believe what the news tells you. We love Desantis down here! Best governor we ever had here. Florida is thriving right now with or without covid

    2. FL is not as bad as the Media is calming it to be! I know lots of people in FL and have taken a trip to FL in the past few weeks. My god I bet Mainstream Media could get you to jump off a cliff!

  5. It never ends.

    (But it could, if everyone took this sh~t more seriously. GET VACCINATED. If you’re not vaccinated, or even if you are, wear a mask.)

    1. I think being unvaccinated while wearing a mask and social distancing diligently is more effective than being vaccinated and walking around with no mask and close contact. The government really messed up by allowing an “honor” system in which the vaccinated can walk around with no mask. And the government should be pushing healthy foods!! They want medicine to be the source of all our answers for health to make money.

    2. All decent people get vaccinated AND wear masks in public. It’s all or nothing. We have to do it all.

  6. Anti-vax/anti-mask protesters demand their ‘freedom’ without restriction. THEY have the right to wander amongst the public at large yet do not think vaccinated people have a right to NOT be surrounded by unvaccinated COVID reservoirs who can infect them and their unvaccinated children. Breakthrough infections are driven by the unvaccinated.

    1. freedom is a two-way street. it requires responsibility to others. what the anti-mask/anti-vax people want is nihilism. they want to hurt you. that’s all they’re asking for

    2. Shoot the unvaccinated if they get closer than 6 feet!!! Simple solution, you were “afraid for your life”

    3. @rRaph York poisoning someone is murder but what is when prohibiting or preventing someone to take their medication or wear protective clothing?

    4. It’s fine. Live a few more years and you’ll realize America has been like that for decades. Theyre always disregarding everyone else in pursuit of stroking their own egos. It’s ironic you don’t realize everything you hate about these ego driven nut jobs, is actually perpetually supported by yourselves. Just remember every time you defend America. Your the reason these nut cases think they’re never wrong, because Americans can’t take an ounce of criticism. I mean why would you when you spent the last several decades pretending like America could do no wrong

  7. I was lucky enough to have good parents (some aren’t, sadly), so my health was safe with their judgement, as De Santis espouses. THEIR advice would have been, “Eat your vegetables, wash your hands, go to the doctor/dentist, take your medicine and WEAR THE DAM MASK!” What’s De Santis saying to his toddler?

    1. He is holding up a stupid Trump sign and saying “make America great again”. I saw the video. Ugh

    1. @tim mcclements Google it. They have to request them officially because infectious human corpses are dead meat that is highly controlled. Can’t just snag them from the Walmart distribution center.

    2. @tim mcclements I know health care workers here in Texas. They don’t even mention these trucks or bodies piling up.

    1. @Jason Boyce no mention about the viruses in a can eh? A mask is like using a chain linked fence to keep mosquitoes out! Now n-95 or better that’s a different topic as those masks actually work a little!!!

    2. None of this matters we will learn to live with Covid & other vaccine resistant viruses soon! You all can hide I will be outside enjoying life 👍

  8. The crazy thing is first he blamed immigrants at the border, then went to black people and now DeSatan is saying it’s Biden’s fault.. He makes Trump look kind hearted!!

    1. I haven’t heard any governor say anything about Biden being involved. This is one of the problems that Joe has not stepped up to the plate to order military field hospitals at these hotspot locations. If you look at the CDC chart Southern California is deep dark blood red infested with COVID-19. We have hotspots in Colorado in Minneapolis Minnesota. Joe needs to identify these hotspot locations and direct field hospitals.

    2. DeSantis’ biggest donor is a huge investor in Regeneron. DeSantis bans mask and vaccine mandates, so when people get sick, he tells them to get… regeneron… 🤔

    3. @Jason Boyce Oh no, HE HAS STOCK in it right along with his wife and the blood treatment.. So does Abbott..

    4. Nobody makes Trump look kind-hearted after his concentration camps, but he makes Trump look comparatively saner given he realised he was killing off his voters far too quickly for the next election.

  9. In the meanwhile, “ in vaccinated countries” we are NOT using masks and EVERYTHING is open.
    Our daily amont of death are still not climping, because vaccines works.
    I mean sereously america…. Wth are u doing

    1. Nothing they are doing nothing and expecting everything to stay the same. Covid don’t care about their feelings about doing less and receiving more smh.

    2. Not America . The North and West Coast US have equal rates of vaccinations that Europe has . It is the South and Midwest States that do not want the vaccinations . Under 40% are vaccinated in Dixie . And I was at the hospital here on the` Gulf Of Mexico last week . Patients are lying in the hallways sick and half the nurses already caught covid and without vaccinations now they will also get the Delta soon . You can’t fix Southern US stupidity my friend .

  10. When the hurricane hits, as your hospitals are already at capacity, remember you gave your life needlessly so people would have the freedom to NOT cover their mouth when sick.

    1. they were so sick in my hospital waiting room here on the Gulf that they could not use a mask they spewed Covid all over the room while waiting for an ICU and tubation . Once they get it suddenly they want to be treated

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