1. That was always on the table. Does it matter? The people who are vaxxed are already going to get the 3rd. It’s the other ones that won’t even get the first shot that will continue to be the problem

    1. How are the unvaccinated the problem? Even the vaccinated are getting infected and spreading the virus. Even worse, the vaccinated are going about life indoors, maskless, making spread even more likely. So please explain your comment. The problem here is COVID and the fact that it’s not following the rules these experts set out for it. Masking, and social distancing still needs to be practiced by EVERYONE, regardless of vaccination status. The vaccine merely prevents severe illness (mostly) and not much else.

    2. Exactly. Those who do the least seem to complain the most. I don’t know, but at one time I thought it would be possible for this to be a one and done virus, but not enough people did what they had to do to stop it. So it did what viruses do – mutate. And those who did the least still are complaining the most. So it will keep going on as is – or worse. Now it’s more likely to be a vaccine required on at least a yearly basis, if not more. It never should be political. I just can’t understand the gain of anyone lying to those very people they want money and votes from. Do they not see that those very people are advocating for their deaths? And they’re 100% on board, like a cult suicide mission, just throw your money at them before you die. Whatever makes them happy, I guess. I hate wearing masks but we do it and don’t go bonkers about it. I didn’t want to get vaccines but I did and I didn’t go whacky, I’m not zombified, no microchips, no magnets (darn!!!).

    3. @Cheryl Pounds looking into treat covid symptoms is the best way to end pandemic along with tamiflu protocol but majority of media ban smear it in all but name, WHO hates early travel bans while dnc did riots/lunar new year parades, masks does not cripple covid symptoms=kick can down road

    4. @Cheryl Pounds everyone I know who’s been vaccinated is still masking up and limiting time indoors with large crowds. Most have also had these supposedly “incredibly rare” breakthrough infections. The problem is that the CDC and these so-called experts made a lot of promises to the vaccinated without first having all the data. The CDC told vaccinated to go completely back to normal knowing they could still spread it and knowing the delta variant was on its way from
      India, hence the reason for the current wave. And of course, instead of our government, and the media admitting they made a mistake, they attacked the unvaccinated as the sole reason for this wave when that’s absolute horse$hit. Now I love it how the fully vaccinated are getting a free pass to spread the virus to each other indoors if they show their vaccine card. If they’re going to stop the spread, they would require proof of a negative test instead. Fully vaccinated does NOT mean they aren’t infected.

    5. @ninian storm tamiflu is not for covid. Prevention is better than treatment. So I don’t know what you are talking about.

  2. We will now focus on extra protection of the vaccinated. Thank you.
    We have Moved On from the unvaccinated who don’t even
    Intend to get vaccinated. Thank you.

  3. I’m not putting the blame on anyone. Those of us who have been paying attention saw this day coming. The rest never had any intention of getting the vaccine, so leave ’em behind. And guess what, there will be a another variant behind this one, so strap in!

    1. @Logan And why other countries are working to get their populations vaccinated, we in the US work to sustain and control the virus here. It works, get vaccinated and help stop people from clogging up the ICU’s. Please stop being ignorant, your behavior is only adding to us not being able to get to some sense of a normal life again.

    2. @Fred A Yeah, the only thing we can do is wear masks and hope a booster adapted to Lambda and Delta is on its way. I’m sure they’re working on a delta resilient mRNA vaccine. Not sure about lambda and for all we know, the delta adapted vaccine will work extremely well for lambda anyway.

    3. Endless variants, and endless mask mandates and lockdowns for the next decade at least or forever…..I’ll put my money on,…. forever

    4. @J Pyle Would you have said the same thing when Polio or the Chicken Pox virus’s were runny rapidly in our country? How about the HIV virus, or maybe Eboli? We got past all of those with medications and vaccines, we’ll do it again…it’s in our DNA to be fighters.

    1. Yeah, I mean… it’s a rapidly mutating disease that 30% of the population are letting mutate to their heart’s content…….. Delta is almost a new disease with how fast it’s onset is and how horribly contagious it is…

    1. @Patrick Baer I thought they were the most ravaging group of savages who attacked our capital which was way worse than 9/11? So you agree that nothing serious happened on the 6th? Well then I agree!

    2. Floyd Ray Roseberry was identified as the North Carolina Donald Trump supporter who was streaming on Facebook Live while talking about Joe Biden and revolution from a truck during an active bomb threat investigation near the Library of Congress.

      His wife stated that her husband left North Carolina last night and said he was going on a fishing trip. She says her husband has been upset of the result of the Presidential election and voted for the first time in his life for President *Trump*

      But yeah, let’s lie and say it was Antifa.

    3. @DONNIE Trump Funny how all you MAGAs scream “fake news” at anything you don’t like without even fact checking it at all.

  4. Who cares if it’s annual or not! Getting another shot is not a big deal. I wish the drama queens would STFU.

  5. A third and a fourth and a fifth, before long the government will just take a pfizer fee out in taxes so you can get boosters every three months….

  6. I saw an English doctor on Monday say that a report on long term efficacy based on Isreal data showed the short time frame between the 2 dose regimen was not as high as the longer spaced regimen done in the UK. It’s weird because when vaccinations began we were told from the pharma companies that the timeline we followed was recommended because that’s how trials were done.

  7. I still think it’s a wait and see on the longevity. Since no one has had this vaccination for more than a year, no one really knows.

    1. the price of funerals goes up all the time, more in a pandemic. you need to make a down payment to lock in a price.

    2. The longevity data comes from Israel and Italy both of which spaced their doses like the US and is now having waning immunity and hospitalizations of vaccinated people. The UK give everyone its first doses first then gave everyone the second dose much later. Spacing out the dose gives a more durable immune response.

      Doctors and scientists have known this. We can’t-space the doses now because the first dose doesn’t work against the delta variant like it did the original variant.

      Sometimes you have to stop being suspicious of doctors. A lot of vaccines require multiple doses. The hepatitis B vaccine requires three doses to get an adequate response.

      The data is already in in other countries. Trust doctors and scientists to keep up with the studies and make recommendations. We don’t just make things up.

  8. I’m beginning to wish I’d never had my first jab , ever since I’ve had it I’ve felt lethargic and depressed . That was nearly 2 months ago

    1. And since I had astrazenica first and Pfizer second I can’t wait to get a third jab with a Pfizer. Especially since some countries don’t Accept AZ as a valid dose But I don’t think I’ll be travelling anywhere in this calendar year.

  9. There was never a doubt in my mind for the past year that there would likely be yearly boosters. And it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Vaccines have been keeping us healthy for generations and generations.

    1. Not this one as its much more DEADLY than other viruses..as its likely been engineered in a Laboratory…😣

    2. @Sun Dial You’ll have to clarify further as I don’t understand what you meant. I don’t care HOW the virus got here we have to deal with it now regardless.

  10. That Omega Variant is gone be a BEAST 10 20 BOOSTERS(with more rare side effects of course rare ) a year..YEEAAAH !.. … That’s if we ain’t in Great Depression 2.0 or Ww3 by then….They really really wanna get that hi tech fluid into everybody….. Breakthrough Infected are already making each other sick … So the answer is Boosters even more of that fluid

    1. Bra if and when covid reach the Omega Variant also know as COVID FINAL FORM !
      No amount of BOOSTERS can help.
      The only thing Humanity can do is pray that when they meet their new neighbors , the Dodo birds.
      That the Dodos have forgiven them.

    1. If the vaccine works you don’t need to worry about unvaccinated..if so…wear your mask. I heard they work.

  11. The 3rd shot isn’t our last shot anymore than my last flu shot was my last flu shot or my last tetanus shot was my last tetanus shot.

  12. I’ve been hearing about the possible need for a booster since I started hearing about the roll out of the initial vaccines. The timing wasn’t known, but obviously that wasn’t the priority. Getting as many people vaccinated the first time was and still is. Anyone who didn’t know we might need another shot to ward off COVID or the variants hasn’t been paying attention, but then, I’m not too surprised that’s the case.

  13. This guy spends 30 seconds saying no I’m quite sure this is a 3 and done vaccine….and at the last second he throws in…”at least for a while”.
    I’m completely over these so called experts.

    1. You do know that science changes when we discover things, right? If it stayed the same all the time we would still be thinking you could breed mice by throwing dirty rags in the corner.

    2. @Linda Pinda Belinda Yes well tell that to Dr Walensky who says “pregnant people”. Love to see the science on that.

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