House And Senate In Impeachment Standoff Over Next Steps – Day That Was | MSNBC

House And Senate In Impeachment Standoff Over Next Steps - Day That Was | MSNBC 1


    1. @MrDiscostu4u I think she is doing the right thing especially since the republicons are saying they are going to acquit trump even before a trial even begins!

    2. Without the delivery of the Articles, the Senate doesn’t have to do anything. He can just wait. Plus, the Republicans control the rules. Just like the Democrats in the House did. And there wasn’t anything fair about any of that process. Don’t scream about not being fair when your party wasn’t being fair in the House.

    1. CHINLESS rich crook, Dull, ignorant, married to a foreign-born (Asian…I regret that I’ve forgotten the specific country – no offense intended) American government department head who is notorioud for funneling government monies to herself and her overseas family. McConnell has no conscience, no political learning and understanding, SO DAMNED FOOLISH that he doesn’t know how inexcusably ignorant and foolish he is. Throw him in the nearest pig pen and let those piggies go to town!! kmk

    2. @NPC .000000beta: Exactly how do you mean “enjoy?” As in, “enjoy this drawing and quartering we are about to put you through. Our expert craftsmen will give you the maximum amount of pain possible, all without breaking a sweat.” Is THAT the kind of “enjoy” you mean, because that’ll be no trouble at all, I assure you! Despicable Donald is at least 1000 times more irritating than sand in one’s swimsuit. And he only gets worse from there, spewing lies and ignorance like hollow-point ammo.: lethal to every human brain they penetrate. kmk

    1. @Garry G What, they find more dead people willing to vote Democrat????? Go lay down, you sound delusional. And I have to remind you that popular vote is only useful for determining the winning slates of electors of each state, not the winner of the election. We are a Representative Republic, not a country under the tyranny of the Majority. Hope your safe space is well stocked with tissues, cocoa and Play-doh when Trump gets re-elected.

    2. @Richard Thomas But he does have a great idea! Plus Gitmo has plenty of cell space for Nancy, Chucky, Adam and Jerry.

    3. @Oslo Vega Well, it isn’t that way and there is zero chance of that ever happening. So get over it. Oh, and left leaning people are deranged so that doesn’t work.

    1. The fact that trump still has supporters is scary in its self! This only proves that the majority of white people are in fact racists, and does not care about obeying the Constitution!!!!!

    2. Donald Trump is YOUR PRESIDENT now. Donald Trump will not be impeached and will finish his term and still be YOUR PRESIDENT. Donald Trump will be re-elected in Nov. 2020 and remain YOUR PRESIDENT. The deep state purge will continue throughout that entire time. #EnjoyTheShow #NothingCanStopWhatsComing

    3. @Karen Schumer Wow your a sick individual. You don’t even know his supporters. How exactly did he not obey the constitution?

    1. @maya L ummmm because they went rouge…it won’t be a fair trial if they already have their minds made up. The Democrats in the house of rep. didn’t make their minds up until AFTER the witnesses testified…that is what a fair trial is. And they voted bipartisan. They were very easy on him too.

    2. @Claudette J sigh … 1) Everyone has their minds made up. I do, you do, everyone in the house and senate does as well. We’ve seen what the democrats have in the way of evidence. There is not nor will there be any new evidence that’s going to change anyone’s mind. 2) If you believe that the democrats on the intelligence and judiciary committees didn’t have their minds made up before the hearings even started then you are laughably naive. 3) The only bipartisan vote there has been in this whole impeachment farce was *against* impeachment. Most Americans were opposed to impeachment.

    3. @maya L so u agree they r abusing their power…thank u for agreeing with me…btw I know u have already hear this at least once in ur life but 2 wrongs don’t make a right…just the right wing

    1. Deja Vu how is he stupid in this instance? I think Nancy Pelosi should be in jail for jamming a baseless crime in a rushed impeachment vote with no plans to represent a case to the senate which makes the impeachment pointless.

    2. He may look and sound stupid, but underneath is a hard-core, seasoned, master strategist. He is evil, not stupid. He may even throw Trump under the bus, ultimately, and brilliantly co-erce the whole thing to save as much of his own tail as he can in the end. Trump is a tool to him.

    3. @Dyan Nope sorry. Nancy yas absolutely no say so here. Mitch has just ate her lunch. The rules are quite clear here. The house does the investigation and present the articles of impeachment. Tye Senate then writes its own rules om the trail. Separation of powers include those between both houses.

    1. @jeff mcgowan Again, the narrative sounds great, but I still haven’t seen him accused of anything that makes sense. A couple of allegations, about what? Bibery? something? What exactly were the official impeachment allagations, they came up with? Working with Russians, or something like that?

    2. @red brown they charged him with ..abuse of power ..and ..obstruction of congress.. lol.. weak and lame charges.. because they had nothing .. they bullyed the republicans in the house but cant bully the senate

    3. ​@jeff mcgowan “Abuse of power?” Wow. How is that a “High Crime or Misdemeanor”. But “Abuse of power?” sounds cool. “obstructing congress”. By exerting the legal “Presidental Privlege? Boy, I bet they really go for that one in the Senate.

    1. @Jennifer Radach Hahaha. When the process of Making America Great Again, the senior Republics will retire and allow the new ones to run this country, again.

    2. @Dave Schultz You are misinformed! Get your head out of the sand and pay attention. Mitch is a darn corrupt crook. I live in Canada, follow resl news and I know Mitch and the GOP are fooling you dimwit tRUMP supporters. Stop watching faux fox news!

    3. @red brown Now I was just reading the idiotic comments by these boot licking Trump oh sorry, these CHUMP supporters and by far yours is the most asinine yet. Why move to Trump’s butt buddy Kim Jong Jong country

  1. At the end of the day folks it boils down to one thing. Stop watching what is happening to you and write your congress representatives, your senate representatives, your state representatives and vote. Don’t let the Mitch Mcconnell’s and Lindsay Graham’s run rogue and wipe their feet with the Constitution, end their careers. Afterward, clean the Whitehouse up of all the other rats that played a role in obstruction, conspiracy and planted the seeds of hate, division and racism. I do not live in the US but I can see this clearly from the outside looking in.

    1. @Armandhammer And get off your knees armandhammer. When Trump and his cronies are done with you they are going drop you at the corner and make you walk home with your shoes in your hand. Only then you will realize.

  2. GOP in these statements are violating their oath of office and their duties to defend our institutions and the constitution. Do they not owe the people a fair and impartial trial? If they were not afraid of the evidence and testimony that will be given, they would hold impartial hearings and invite relevant witnesses to Trump’s crimes of the misuse of power and corruption.

    1. @Leslie Schwartz I dont think you understand what the process is. You dont listen to both sides. I’m a democrat switching Republican. I have been looking carefully this time. You are blinded still. Please look your facts. Democrats called him a Russian Spy, then Chinese Spy, then North Korean Spy, now Ukraine conspirator……. They call him dumb but that sounds like his a true 007….. I smelled bs when they started speaking ill of him and his family. They said his a cheater….. yet we forget Clinton….they called him racists for building a wall yet he has a good relationship with Mexico and got Mexico to help us at the Border to stop the influx of immigrants and has done raids on Narcotic operations on the border. There’s several clips of Mexican police trying to stop immigrants from all over the world. Trump said immigrants not Mexicans. I’m from a hispanic household we agree with Trump. There is a correct way to come to America. It’s a long process. Trump gave the go ahead to use deadly force on shooters and designate them Terrorists… that means no more mercy plea deals. He said this after his visit to El Paso Texas the Shooting that occurred because of a guy talking about pollution and over population quoting the lorax. The media said that it was racial inspired by Trump…… the called the border detainment facilities Trump’s concentration camps but they have been there long before Obama… need to look at your facts. The shame Trump for pardoning Veterans and Law Enforcement….. Obama pardon several Heroine, Cocaine, Marijuana traffickers….. they were charged with distributing…… I rather have some veterans come back home and get some help dealing with their turmoil they received at war. War is traumatizing so they need help. I rather not throw them in jail. They volunteered to put their life in the line now it’s our turn to pay it back and give them some leniency and needed treatment. I dont understand the sick way that The Media covers up things. All they blast is Impeachement proceedings saying how Unconstitutional Trump is…..VIGINIA BILL TO BAN GUNS AND WANTED TO DO BUY BACKS…… this was done at the same time. COMIFORNIA AND NEW YORK WANTED SIMILAR BILLS…. all of this while they are doing a flood of Impeachment proceedings….. that’s unconstitutional DEMOCRATIC GOONS wanted to do UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN BANS HIDDEN BEHIND IMPEACHEMNT OF OUR PRESIDENT. This is a shame how blinded people are because they dont make time to look for more facts and fact checking those facts.

    2. @ElectricBlade Sorry, you do not know what you are talking about at all. Trump is on the take of millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs appointed by Putin who are laundering money out of their country, this is proven. That is why he is so close to Putin. Putin has appointed himself dictator for life and the Russians recognized they could corrupt Trump because all he cares about it money, that is why they wanted Trump in office not Clinton and that is why they did what they could to interfere with US electoral process, Trump is Putin’s puppet. Trump thinks he can lie and fool everyone, and clearly he can fool a lot of stupid Republicans. He is without a doubt the most corrupt presidential office holder in US history. He is guilty of bribery and abuse of power. He thinks he was elected billionaire boss of the universe and has no clue that his powers as president are limited. The House of Representatives are part of Congress, a co-equal branch of government. Trump’s power is not unlimited. The GOP are ignoring Trumps crimes in office because they believe removing Trump from office decreases their power and influence, they are not considering at all their oaths of office to uphold the constitution and to be impartial. Trump was impeached, and there were more than 17 crimes which the Muller Report identified which Trump could be convicted of. There are currently two legal procedures by which Trump can be convicted of criminal acts beyond the current impeachment. He is a fraud, a liar, a phony, a warped narcissist. He is as phony as his real estate university. You are the one who has blinded yourself to his corrupt disreputable character.

    3. @Leslie Schwartz again that’s a lie. FBI found no evidence it was speculating that this might had happen but it didn’t. You didn’t read the final result, they wanted to show you a fake narrative and Hilary spoke up saying how voters are dumb and easily manipulated by fake drama and controversy. I’m sorry to say you fall under her description of a misinformed voter.

  3. Want a fair trial?
    Fire Moscov Mitch Mc-Con-nell first.
    He has already made clear that he’s going to turn the trial into a kangaroo-court and sabotage it.
    So fire him first.
    Then you can go for it.

  4. Getting a good laugh over those who say: Not impeached if not sent over to Senate. Either they are not from the U.S. or failed their civics class.

    1. Oh, trump is Impeached in the House no matter if the articles are sent or not. A lawyer just said that on TV today. It does not matter if Pelosi sends them or not.

    2. Then that Democrat law professor that testified in the House for the Denocrats about impeachment failed his civics lesson? Can’t have it both ways.

  5. I can’t find anywhere in our Constitution, “the Senate and Judges shall render their verdict before the trial”

    1. also does not say starting planning to impeach the day after he’s elected and render verdict that day. Dems set the standard…..everything they did can be done their way now….and i hope ALL of it is and senate is just as rotten and unfair as the dems have been.

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