House Approves Jan. 6 Commission, Heads To Senate 1

House Approves Jan. 6 Commission, Heads To Senate


MSNBC's Ari Melber is joined by former federal prosecutor John Flannery to report on the House's approval of the formation of an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. The legislation now heads to the Senate where it is facing an uphill battle. Despite opposition to the bill from Minority Leader McConnell, 33 Republicans joined Democrats to vote for the commission. 
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    1. Speaking of buses – Justice Thomas’ wife will be investigated which could cause him to step down. She paid to bring some of the insurrectionists to the Capital.

    2. @Snickle Fritz Now there’s a proper ending to the Thomas hearings. Always wanted to see him off the court.

    3. @thisbarb you stole my comment. Been waiting for a chance to do a “short bus” joke. It’s been awhile.

  1. What is the GOP afraid of ? – Probably the truth & it’s ramifications for several members of the house.

    1. @Bryan The difference between the Jan 6th Captiol riot and the George Floyd riots those was about social justice and the other one was about a lie from a fat orange man. You compare the two because you are a sociopath like Trump with no shame and moral compass.

    2. @J, comparing apples to oranges. But, with people like you, any diversion will do. It’s always how low can you go with trump and his gang.

    3. @Grateful Fredly
      Dominion is suing Fox for $1.6 billion; Gouliani is being sued $1.3 billion; and Susan Powell for $1.3 billion. All are defamation lawsuits and all are deemed by the courts to stand trial. All three defendants have cried to the courts to say their freedom of speech is in violation of a public’s right to know. Of what – a free and fair election. Hope all three get burned and taken down for insidious promotion of the big lie. Next: put baby cheesus behind bars for inciting the 1/6 riot, and tax fraud committed in the state of New York. It’s a win/win/win/win for America!

    1. @Charles Lewis îf u cant read, i cant help u. what i havent mentioned before, one characteristics of authoritarianism: “Political legitimacy based upon appeals to emotion and identification of the regime as a necessary evil to combat “easily recognizable societal problems, such as underdevelopment or insurgency”.

      this is basically every speech by Agent Orange ever. The whole MAGA movement is based on this principle. The voter suppression and gerrymandering by the right wing, the undermining the election and the whataboutism every time u trolls get criticized. The popular mobilization in parades and rallies. The attack on power separation by Barr, Agent Orange, McConnel. The abdication of responsibility of the executive, and at the same time power grab of this institution. The demonizing of the left wing, which is the only opposition thereby reducing political pluralism to nothing. The false accusation of Socialism, Communism and so on, while dealing and being controlled by Putin.. u want more? theres so much im really too lazy to write all down

      like i said: the last government had all 14 characteristics of Fascism which is synonym to right wing authoritarianism.

      Ask urself one question: why would u fight an anti-fascist movement that protest racism in the police tooth and nail? Why would Putin, authoritarian supporter no. 1, support him getting elected?
      Why does Agent Orange have support by Nazi rallies and the KKK??

    2. @Charles Lewis even “muh FrEe sPeecH” is a strawman to appear victimized and falsly accusing ur opponent to take this away… (same thing as Q accusing everyone of being pedophile) if u disagree u just accuse the other of violating ur rights, if they disagree with u, they always try to suppress ur free speech… its so lame. No one is even considering to take away free speech.. this is a non-issue and just used as an excuse by the right to disseminate all the abrasive bigoted hate messages they have in mind and then appear victimized if someone objects

    1. jhall – yep.. good point. Probably larger, than that, but still too many chickenshts sitting on their butts.

    2. I most definitely agree (jhall229).
      It began with their Big Lie.
      and now…
      Their Big Mistake.
      “Big mistake. BIG”!

  2. Now Moscow-Massacre Mitch needs to align with this Commission. We need a full investigation.

    1. John – Rest assured McConnell will continue to fight this. Gave himself the nickname “The Grim Reaper”, so nothing he does surprises me anymore. If he shows morals and courage, then I’ll be surprised.

  3. YES!!!!!!! FINALLY, This is how it goes when MITCH MCCONNELL is no longer in charge

    1. @Magical Frijoles yes, but he had a huge influence on republicans so for that many to be in favor of this definitely has something to do with Mitch not being there.

    2. @Magical Frijoles – Honestly, how do these people manage to watch the news and yet STILL need THIS BIG a lesson in civics and who’s who and who does what? Like, wake up and take an interest in your country, people! I live in Canada, and I know all this stuff. I feel your pain. You must be shaking your head in sadness and frustration with them!

  4. The thing is this… this will be written in history books. Definitely don’t want to be on the side that didn’t care or do anything while people were being hurt or lost their lives.

    1. @vasily202
      Talk about Republicans NOT knowing how to read.
      When you have a walking suit in office who gags/struggles trying to read out the big teleprompter.

    1. Yeah, you are likely pleased that the only person that was killed at the protest was a woman who was crapping in her panties.

    2. @Peters Peters Nah, the price of depends has been up since Nov. 7, 2016 when you are pooped over Hillary’s massacre. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    1. @Karen Fitzpatrick well then we should be investigating BLM and Antics because they’re the seditionists along with the Demonkkkrats . You know the Satanic party

    2. Same here, but I’m curious about those two Democratic No Votes. Seems like easy politics, but maybe it’s a little trickier in some districts.

  5. This should have 100%. How on earth could anyone justify not wanting to have an investigation ?

    1. @Phil Groves – 10 commissions, 8 investigations. And Hillary Clinton took the stand for 11 hours. I’d like to see Trump and McCarthy testify for 11 MINUTES! LOL

    2. @wolfman02 Thanks for the correction! I wasn’t completely up on it, because it all seemed so weirdly bogus. Never made sense. And yeah, it would be good to see them testify – folks might finally see the real nut-jobs beneath the orange facade.

    3. They’re scared the whole truth is going to come out and many of them are involved will be exposed

  6. 35 is more then I thought would say yes. Hopefully this is a good sign for the vote in the senate.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera that’s a good sign for the Republican Party. It’s a bad sign for the Trump Party.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera I would think that more Republicans breaking away from Trumpism is a GOOD sign for the party.

  7. *Whether they agree to it in the Senate or not…the Commission will move on. NO ONE is above the voice of the American People and the truth WILL come to light!*

    1. @TM it’s going to be okay… just put that tinfoil hat back on and go into the basement.. those space lasers will never hurt you again my delicate little flower.. i won’t let them.. You’re in your safe space now. Daddy won’t let those space lasers ever touch you again. Snowflake

    2. @TM ah I still remember when Trump fell in love with Kim Jong Un and the wonderful letters they wrote to eachother. Gee, I wonder what they mightve been talking about?

    3. @TM don’t forget about Trumps Chinese Bank account. When he actually had to send money to China to keep it open.

  8. It’s hard to believe the same people who kicked Liz Cheney out of leadership would be against a bipartisan commission to fully investigate the insurrection.

    1. tubruton – this was no shock to many. Bit shocking that as many as 35 GOP in the house went along. I thought maybe a dozen at the most. GOP leadership don’t want this, they’re scared what might be uncovered.

    2. @Michael Kirkpatrick The fact is all of the GOP members said that they want the investigation to be extended to include all the insurrections around the country and even the ones at the White House when Trump was president and when Biden was being sworn in on Jan. 20th and antifa and blm were causing another insurrection.

      You Democrat scums do not want another IG report to expose you again. Just like you all lied and claimed that the Mueller report claimed that there was Russian collusion, when it said that there was no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. You demoscums love to omit or add words.

    3. @Will Payne Do you even know what that word “insurrection means”? Do you know the difference between a “protest” and “insurrection”?

    4. @Will Payne
      Somebody’s chu-chu fell off the tracks again. Go peddle crazy somewhere else.

  9. Even Traitors are allowed Due Process.
    And this vote was the first step of that process for 175 of them.
    They just thought they could go straight to the catch & release part.

    1. This “domestic terrorist”, who brought a Confederate
      flag into the Capitol during this outrageous attack on
      America has been arrested in his home state of

      His name is Kevin Seefried. He’s a registered Democrat

      and Biden supporter.
      Is Pelosi going to impeach Biden now too?

      Why was his son who was there also , a Republican.
      why did they say that they were there to support Trump?
      Why did they turn themselves in , and have already told their story , and why are there specific charges against them ?
      What is your source for this piece of information ?

      It seems more like somebody trying to sell us something , the reversals will pop up everywhere , every time the FBI finds another witness , then that’s the Democrat right ?
      But Trump he was not the Democrat , what year was it he switched?

    3. I agree blm and antifa are traitors who stormed the Capitol LONG BEFORE Trump supporters did FACT!

  10. Actually… 35 Republicans is about 30 more then expected… last night’s criminal probe announcement must’ve had an impact

    1. Actually if they released all the video footage of that day we could see together who is guilty right ?
      Fun fact me and you will never see all the videos…

  11. Delay, delay, delay, deny, deny, deny that’s their strategy . . . Now you’ve got the vote, get it done, and SOON!

  12. All these people need to be held accountable for their actions before our country can heal

    1. Sit down with that BS. BLM Burn Loot Murder and Antifa are the real threat to this country. Not a few white people who entered a building they paid for.

    2. But those who burnt down private property and looted stores get a pass? Because all of that was justified, right?

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