House committee approves gun-control bills in wake of mass shootings | USA TODAY

House committee approves gun-control bills in wake of mass shootings | USA TODAY 1


    1. @Kittie Pride A concerned parent. We’ve had 3 major shootings in the past 2 weeks like come on.

  1. talk and spend ruined the country why not take rights? we are not AUSTRALIA and you will find that out

  2. I joined the Army at age 17. If they want to raise the standard purchasing age to 21. THEN DO NOT SUPPORT THE MILITARY until you are 21.

    1. @james carpenter you can scroll up and read your comment if you want a word for word but something about getting around “new laws” and something about “personal m4’s and m16’s 🤷🤷 no clue wtf your talking about, when did the military issue “personal firearms”??

    2. @Matthew O’Reilly they aren’t personal once you leave but yes the whole time you are in you can pull any rifle with in your jurisdiction so a private or sergeant can take out a rifle out of the armory with registration making it your personal responsibility and your personal rifle at the time you take it out of the armory in your name have a nice day

    3. Contitutionally there is no age limit for guns. Except for the Militia, where every male 17 and older is conscripted. So if anything, the age should be lowered at least to 17 using the Milita clause. But if we are honest, there shouldn’t be any age restrictions at all.

    4. Right now, you cannot buy beer in the US until you are 21. The age of majority varies for various purposes, and in various jurisdictions.

      If you want to standardize that, good luck. It makes sense to have a unified age of majority, but there is tremendous opposition to it.

  3. The older politicians get the more dangerous they become. Term limits are the final solution.

    1. There are term limits of every US Representative and every US Senator. They are called ‘elections.’

      If you don’t like the politicians, vote them out. Or be quiet.

    2. @tea42 Term limits assure that voters will not be able to elect the candidate they choose. Nothing more. If the people support the policies of a candidate, why should he not serve for as long as he supports what the voters want?

      You want term limits because you are part of a tiny minority that cannot get their way through elections, and want to deny the majority the right to choose the candidate they want. If you cannot vote out a politician, it means that more people support his position than yours.

      So, put on your big boy pants and accept democracy. Or go somewhere where there are no elections. But stop pretending that term limits are anything but a way for the minority to rule.

  4. What they should do is change the way they hire police officers. Because talking about a so called chief of police Are Aredondo, even after taking a class on active shooter, then blame him and his trainer. Close down the academy they all went to!! If this is the way law enforcement officers are coming out, then what can we expect in the future. And on gun control, it’s so sad that Because of a coward we lost all these innocent lives. And the rest of the nation is going to pay for that cowards actions. What are we supposed to use to defend our families, sling shots or maybe sticks and stones? WOW! THEY SHOULD HIRE THE MOM WHO ON HER OWN WENT INTO THE SCHOOL AND GOT HER KIDS AS CHIFE OF POLICE!!

    1. And that’s why I think police officers should only be marines and/or special forces..
      Just like ONLY fighter pilots should fly commercial airplanes and Navel Captains should be the ones Captains of cruise lines….
      If a civilian wants to be a paid “hero”
      Be an E.M.T. or a fireman…
      The rest of those should be trained instead of someone who has an inferiority complex

  5. Never let a serious crisis go to waste….. To further an agenda no one would accept under normal clear logical thinking.

  6. “If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.” – Jeff Cooper, U.S. Marine, Firearms Instructor & Writer

    1. @arizjones ummm first off, what state do you live in? Because the number one city (25 spots higher than Chicago) in America with the most gun homicides is Jackson Missouri, a state with an F for gun control laws and nearly 50% of adults have a gun in the home. They also have a right-wing atourney general and have no interest in defending the police. So it seems like a state with terrible gun laws and rightwing leadership had way more gun deaths than the “leftist” one your claiming has a criminal problem. Also… You wanna search EVERY car that comes in and out of a state? I drive through states all the time, that’s so impractical.

    2. @arizjones Louisiana, the state with the highest homicide rate has a republican attourney general.

    3. @Daydreon Mckinney You said “How many of those self defense cases were proven not to be self defense? “. The data base didn’t say there were any. I deal with facts, not your wild speculation. You ask me that question, as if I’m your slave to do your research and work for you. I’m not. Show us the evidence of your wild claim.

  7. “America can best be described in one word.. asafootindafoot ji chi ping” Joe Biden 2022

  8. The best estimates are that guns are used to deter or thwart crime between 500,000 and 2.8 million times per year, but the more likely answer is probably somewhere in the middle. A 2021 survey estimated that guns are used 1.67 million times per year in self defense in the United States. No shots were fired in 81.9% of those defensive use cases. 50.9% of the time, displaying the firearm was sufficient to scare off the attacker; 31% of the time, simply telling someone they were armed prevented the attack from taking place. Only 18.1% of the time was firing the gun required to defend their life. Yet, more people are murdered by knives than AR-15s. Yet leftists are obsessed with this simpleton want to ban the AR-15. There are over 20 million AR-15s, yet actually very few of them are ever used in murders. Between 2007 and 2017, nearly 1,700 people were murdered with a knife or sharp object per year. That’s almost four times the number of people murdered by an assailant with any sort of rifle (439 per year), let alone an AR-15. And murders with handguns are fifteen times the number of murders with any type of rifle.

  9. Like these politicians care who lives or dies. They all need to wear NASCAR suits so we can see who sponsors them 🙏♥️🇺🇸♥️🙏

  10. “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary” Karl Marx

    1. @Veric Basilio actually it’s taught me a lot, don’t need to agree with someone to learn from them……..

  11. Everyone is too scared to do anything but point fingers. Why raise bills that won’t pass? Because it gives you more excuses to say you’re trying something even though you know it’s destined to fail.

  12. What would be a moderate compromise on gun control for gun owners?
    Here’s an idea: you can have your red flag laws and universal back ground checks; however, in return, I want this:

    If a person uses a red flag law to forcefully take the weapon of a person who is deemed stable and capable of having the weapon, then the person who reported the gun owner will be charged for a felony have no less than a 50,000 dollar fine AND 10 years in prison. After all, red flag laws might be used by a person trying to get back at an ex by taking that person’s weapons, or something similar. That person will also lose their ability to vote, hold public office, and to work for the government in any capacity indefinitely. A) If a person who has had their guns confiscated is the victim of a crime in which having a weapon could have been prevented. The person who falsely reported the gun owner is responsible for any damages and replacement of items that have been stolen. B) If someone losing their gun to a false report is unable to prevent a crime resulting in death or great bodily harm, the person falsely reporting shall be given not less than the maximum sentence for whichever charge of murder or manslaughter is greater, that applies to causing death or harm to another during a criminal act.
    Weapons that are taken need to have a easy and quick path back to the gun owner after he is deemed sane and capable of having the weapon. Any weapon that is damaged, destroyed or “lost” while in custody will need to be replaced with a 25 percent up charge of the MSRP of that weapon new. If the weapon was custom, the customization cost is added in and an additional 25 percent will be added to the cost of the customization. If the weapon in question is a heirloom, collectors item, or one of a kind, and can not be priced or appraised there will be a minimum of a 10,000 dollar to 100,000 dollar replacement fee based off the weapon in question. These fees will be paid by the agency that confiscated the weapon. There will also be a verified chain of custody while the weapon is with whatever agency takes the weapon. If the weapon disappears or is damaged the last person to sign the chain of custody is liable for 20 percent of the cost for a replacement weapon.
    No more gun free zones, as all they do is give criminals the opportunity to be the only person in that area with a gun.
    National concealed carry reciprocity but to carry concealed you must attend 40 hours worth of training and qualify on the weapon you intend to carry you will also need to requalify every 5 years. Military members, police, and first responders, are not required the 40 hours or the qualification. If people want to conceal carry within their state without a permit that is a local government issue, and they may handle it as they please. This would essentially allow current laws on file and currently reciprocity to stay in effect.
    Gun safety classes will be a requirement to graduate high school, offered along side drivers education and sex education. (If we can teach “safe sex” and “safe driving” we should teach “safe gun handling” too.) This will include all weapon types and will require a “range week” to familiarize weapons to every person in the nation. This range week does not require a person to shoot although they can if they are willing. However they will be required to learn trigger discipline, how to load all types of weapons, muzzle awareness, and general safety.
    NFA no longer exists in any sense of the word. Fully auto is good to go. Suppressor good to go. Short barrel good to go. If I want a belt fed all good. 500 round mag sure.
    There continues to be no national gun registry. The American government does not need to know who has or what type of guns a person has. It is not their business. The universal background check remains just that: a background check, and it no longer requires a serial number of the weapon to run the background check. It also need to be cheap or even easier an app for a smart phone, so if someone does a person to person purchase they can run it instantly on their phone.
    A hearing must be carried out under speedy trial rules.
    Hearings should fall under probate rules – most states require at minimum an advocate if not a lawyer for the accused for probated person.
    Impound fees are paid by the state or agency impounding.
    Criminals and their families may not sue for any death or injury that occurs while they are committing or fleeing a criminal act.
    The victims and family’s of victims of gun crimes can NOT sue gun manufacturers over their products being used in a crime. A gun manufacturer is at no fault when a person uses their product in a illegal matter much like how a auto manufacturer is liable for someone who drives drunk and kills a family in a car wreck.
    All gun laws state and federal upon the signing of this law become null and void. AND there will be no additional gun control laws at any level for no less than a period of 10 years in which time the provisions set by this law will be re-evaluated. This law can only be reviewed every 10 years.
    If we can make that happen, then I will support your red flag laws and background checks.

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