House committee holds first public hearing on the January 6 Capitol insurrection | USA TODAY 1

House committee holds first public hearing on the January 6 Capitol insurrection | USA TODAY

House committee of seven Democrats and two Republicans will begin delving into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol on Tuesday, trying to find out who organized and funded a deadly insurrection that threatened to stop the peaceful transition of power.

A mob spurred by former President Donald Trump's false claims of a stolen election breached the Capitol on Jan. 6, when rioters broke down doors and shattered windows, some shouting "Hang Mike Pence!" The attack temporarily halted Congress' counting of Electoral College votes certifying President Joe Biden's victory.

The hearing on Capitol Hill is the first public hearing of the panel appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to investigate the attack that left five people dead. The panel is led by Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who has the power to subpoena, and includes Republican Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, both Trump critics who voted to impeach him.

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  1. The hit man are jailed, but don Gambino is still running his mouth in a tour, spreading lies about his loss to sleepy Joe. Sad but nothing will come to fruition.

    1. @Anna Belle They are mindless follower’s of the orange cult man. They know what really happened but the love they have for that idiot orange man blinds them.

  2. I wonder if, after listening to the testimony of the police officers they claim to support, those that support these domestic terrorists still see this as “loving” get together?

    1. you mean the hand picked interviewed officers who are known liberal democrates? why didnt they pick any of the officers that let them in? bet they would have a completley different storry then these bought and paid for democops.

  3. Does anybody remember the evidence that came out at the impeachment does anybody remember that at all nobody Buehler? Buehler?

  4. What is more pathetic? Believing the big lie or intentionally keeping it alive 8 months later because you cannot admit you were duped to begin with? I has suspicions as well intentionally but waited. Still nothing. By January it was obvious there was nothing. This should have never happened.

    1. So, people should just give up and let their government be treasonous? You forget your place in this world No matter what side, it deserves investigation. The same way we investigated Russia for 4 years, we wanted that done too. Let everyone’s voices be heard, even if it dissents from your own. To silence anyone is a dangerous road.

    2. I was interested in the rigged election right up until Kraken lady started talking about dead dictators and all this other non-sense. Like seriously started to sound like some Russian collusion level BS but maybe a bit higher level than even that. 66% of the GOP has lost their minds, just as they, quite accurately, claimed Democrats did after Hillary loat.

    3. @Stephanie S At what point to you call it quits? A year? No smoking gun has been found. No dead bodies. No concrete proof of fraud. Is this how it’s going to be at every election? Clinton had suspicions but called Trump the next day to congratulate him. We crossed into the realm of ridiculous months ago. The world sees us as bad reality TV. So Stephanie give me a date when we end this fruitless treasure hunt. Give me a day that if there is still no credible proof (not the bs hidden in the bowels of youtube) we can tell Trump to move along. And we can end this circus.

    4. These individuals committed treason, lead by Trump, with his sick mind, lying tongue, and fascist ideology. They should be made to be held responsible for their actions. They are, everyone one of them, criminals, racists, liars, murderers, overall dangerous people of the worse kind. If this isn’t dealt with, this human viper will rear it ugly head and strike again. Make no mistake about it. My prayer is that God will mete out justice for these actions, and that our government officials will have the courage needed to abandon their faulty reasoning and cowardice on this issue. I hope they find themselves again, because right now, they are surely lost. Our country must stand firmly for what is right and just. This is America, not some third world country. We are bigger, and far better, than this. Democracy was hard won. It was purchased with the blood of our countrymen. We cannot allow it to just fade away. We need our government officials to do their jobs, like they took a sworn oath to do.

  5. They were fighting for two hours! Cops were nice enough not to shoot. Next time when the nation goes to ONe world leader, the resisters will be killed; heads up Read your Revelations.

  6. Difference between how we view riots and demonstrations in this country where was the tear gas and cop’s stun guns and fire arms this went on, way too long

  7. We all, any Republican, Democrat, and Independent, who cares for this democratic republic, wants to know who instigated this.

  8. I weep through this testimony. I cannot comprehend how we’ve become this kind of country. These officers are amazing heroes. Bless them for achieving what seems impossible. Thank you Democrats for this hearing and bringing out the truth. I thought we were better. I place the blame on one man for this tragedy. Thank you selfless heroes. I’m so sorry it came to this.

    1. I also blame the qcrazy evangelicals. They financed this horror. From the get go. Even if their gullibility was co-opted. They were begging for it

  9. I stopped watching at about 2:45 because I am totally drained. I may try to continue to watch it again tomorrow… THIS is not the America in which I thought lived…

  10. The real question is how do you avoid another “trump” getting control of the White House?

    1. @Lolo Dee burn and ban All religious building. Baby boomer but ussr is a atheist state bs is over played. Enforce our secular republics values

  11. The questions really are…
    Who shot Ash…Lee B.?
    Who burned down Minnie-App-o-lis?
    Chicago, Louisville, LA, Detroit, Seattle, etc…

  12. Most trumplicans are making fun of the cops and look at this whole thing as a joke. They are sociopaths

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