1. I’d go through the whole cabinet getting plaster molds like groupies of yesteryear then sell them on eBay

    1. Like i said the libtards know nothing about this story. I don’t think trolling their ignorance has much impact.
      None of these zombies know how underhabded the covington story really was.

    1. cj p What do you expect CJ from an IMPEACHED RAPIST/CRIMINAL/PEDOPHILE CHEATER CORRUPT SCUM BAG!? Did you think Trump would make our Country better?! What a fool! Trump just WEAKENED US worse than ever, even from our strongest all!

  1. The targets in Iraq were notified of the air strike hours before the attack so there was no fatalities..CNN is narrative based and devoid of news or information

    1. @Niaaal I recommend going to mainstream news (fox and cnn)but more importantly independent journalists not owned by corporate interests. In addition to this and of great importance is following Q. Qanon is NOT what CNN and the other mainstream media outlets would have you believe.

    2. Follow Qanon for very important information with links to videos and articles that you will NEVER hear on CNN. People are waking up to the truth and the truth is not to be found on corporate media. It has been purposely hidden from us for decades upon decades by the “owners” of society. I cannot stress this enough, FOLLOW Q.


    3. You and Trump need to find an island and start your own country. The real world does not need people like you in it. This is decisive and unproductive. #MAGA hey if you don’t like it you can leave. (PERIOD)

    4. @Onyx Opinion Trump needs to find an island??? Trump is RECLAIMING the country that has been STOLEN from us by the globalist NEW WORLD ORDER sellout politicians. By the time this is all said and done there wont be an island left for the NWO traiters to flee to. Trump is the best thing to happen to this country whether you realize it now or not. In time you will.

    1. Dave Dennis I saw some black racists and a crackhead “native” that deserved a good spit in the face.

    2. @Dave Dennis Only a Marxist Tweak would conclude that standing still and smiling is being “disrespectful”.

    1. Make sure to detail what happened to the covington kids. Ignorant cnn zombies have no idea.
      All the libtards at my job were completely oblivious to this story.

    2. I’m here as usual to remind the libtards that cnn’s ratings are the lowest in cable news history while Fox is celebrating record highest ratings ever. Cnn’s ratings are so bad they were bested by the Hallmark channel

    1. Trump put a travel ban on countries obama leveled with ordinance. Dems fought tooth and nail to prevent that security measure. Any terrorist attack on us soil they will be able to pin on trump. They pray for an attack just for political power.

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