House Democrats Demand Answers On Suspicious Capitol Tours Prior To Insurrection | The ReidOut 1

House Democrats Demand Answers On Suspicious Capitol Tours Prior To Insurrection | The ReidOut


In a letter to the House and Senate Sergeant-At-Arms, more than 30 Democrats are calling for an investigation into suspicious Capitol tours before the deadly insurrection. Aired on 01/13/2021.
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House Democrats Demand Answers On Suspicious Capitol Tours Prior To Insurrection | The ReidOut


    1. @K. M. Again, they got laughed out of court. Even the Supreme Court, with three Trump appointments, could tell you have nothing.

    2. ​@CShield “Because of the multiple recounts, multiple signature verifications, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, 60 court judges, and Scotus have all determined there was no fraud. You people are deeply stupid.” NOT to mention the burden of proof of “rigged election” falls on the accuser. Diego A’s question of asking the negative is UNIVERSALLY wrong/flawed.

    1. @John Boddie All blame falls on voters. NOTHING physically stops voters from voting for “third” parties. I go out of my way to repeatedly NAME various parties that are not republicrats or demopublicans so as NOT to call them “third” parties.

    2. @Aaron Hawley “one of the watered down third parties” What does THAT mean?
      If 160 million Americans voted for Dr Jill Stein or Ralph Nader or Howie Hawkins, then one of THEM would be President. It’s very simple.

    3. @The Ultimate Reductionist watered down: half baked, more ideology than sense
      As far as the libertarians and greens go

      There’s no viable third party, that’s why no one votes for them

    4. @Travis Brown there are practical issues with a true Democracy though

      Having elected administrators to sort through lengthy legal documents and regulations spanning many industries, has it’s merits

    1. @Diego A They are not and the FBI agrees… It’ll be fun watching all these MAGAnimals get arrested and jailed. Including those seditious GOP representatives. It’ll be very good.

    2. @Christine King No joke re the FBI, if someone makes a threat against America, the FBI want to know about it. Don’t worry tho, they will be trawling the comments, especially those we report.

  1. All and everyone involved needs to be carefully investigated by the FBI and prosecuted if there is the evidence to prove involvement in the crimes committed.

    1. @Jane Day
      Leading seditionists around congress to show them how to attack the building isn’t freedom of speech. It’s treason. But I’m sure you’ll have a very stupid argument for why it isn’t, probably involving bill clinton and obama and jeffrey epstein.

    1. @Piotr Trebisz
      We have a winner take all system that makes other parties non-viable. We don’t have a parliamentary system that gives and shares power with multiple parties.

    2. @keir farnum
      You’re deluded.
      America is always at war with someone,always.
      America has only seen maybe 10 years without war in it’s entire existence.
      All other years of it’s existence has had war of some kind with somebody.

      Republican or Democrat is doesn’t matter whose in charge.

      America is a bloodthirsty nation,and always has been.

      Founded on bloodshed and maintained on bloodshed.

      That’s America’s at it’s core.

    3. how you going to feel if there were DEMS involved ? not just republicans as your bleating on about .THEN WHAT ?

    4. @michael wynn
      I have no political affiliations,so it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest bit.
      No,I am not in the two party trick bag.

    1. @anne marie andrews ok nazi. Remember when they banned “hate speech”? How have you let yourself become this? You actually think its about orange man? You are him. Your everything the Ds project at him.

    2. @ranna neumann not as much as they love your 3 week old account. It says fake like the news. How many times you vote? One for each fake account you use?

  2. A planned and failed coup d e’tat. Too many involved to cover it up, but they (planners) will try to the death to cover it up. Good thing they are all Morons!

    1. @Jane Day If republicunts are allowed to STEAL a legal election
      just because they are sore losers & are mad that they lost,
      & violently storm a Capitol building,
      then so are the Greens, the Marxists, Antifa,
      the Socialist & Liberation Party (Gloria de la Riva, Sunil Freeman),
      Communist Party, Libertarian Party,
      Transhumanist Party & all other Independents who lost, too. PERIOD!

    2. @John Molina “It looks like a mess, not planned out.” Cuntservaturds are inferior in every way to humans.
      They are too stupid to do anything that is hard or requires any self sacrifice. They won’t even go vegetarian for the animals.

    3. The USDA has sold off all our food for next year so we’re gonna start seeing famine and empty grocery stores by this time next year

    1. Where are the Feds? Don’t we have any laws? No, but wow, what happen to normal people, if a parking meter is expired?

    1. Wrap your brain around this for a second…

      JANUARY 6, 2021
      In the NATION’S CAPITAL, on the grounds of the Capitol Building, there were SEVERAL crimes committed.

      AMERICANS attacked other AMERICANS. And, as a result, there were FIVE(5) DEATHS that took place.



      And yet, here we are, STILL fighting, STILL placing blame, STILL championing party OVER COUNTRY.

      Foreign entities are applauding our internal demise…


  3. Any member of Congress who facilitated the attempted coup needs to be expelled and charged with seditious conspiracy.

    1. @bing it is , but that’s a easy way out…he has made citizens suffer and its only fitting that he should suffer for what he has done…

    2. @myko freder it was an all or nothing gambit just like Trump wanted because this will lock in GOP loyalty for whats coming on inauguration day. eyes open and ears on the ground.

    3. They can check the visitors list, normally you have register ahead of time and check in with ID before you enter the building complex.

    1. Leavenworth Penitentiary is old and imposing, just the place to first straighten out and then totally screw with their heads for the remainder of their miserable lives.

  4. They GOP is basically the return on the Confederacy. This time however, they’re trying to destroy the government from the inside.

    1. huge? No no no. A small prison. 8 in a 2 man cell with a broken toilet. Feed them lots of bratwurst, cheese, and cheap beer.

  5. This is disgusting. If it is an inside job, every Rep. and Senator involved needs to be removed from office and thrown in prison.

    1. @INJIJI COMEDY What’s your little video about? You keep posting links to it, but there’s a period dividing “tube” in half.

    2. @artandcard keylogger. asks you to sign back in to youtube. it will give him your password to your google info and everything you’ve ever saved on there. any log in information, payment info, emails, any documents that you’ve created using googles home office tools etc. and the icing on top is it’s from a Russian IP. LMFAO

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