House Democrats plan to impeach Trump, again 1

House Democrats plan to impeach Trump, again


House Democrats are currently planning to introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump as soon as Monday, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.
That could set up a vote in the House early to the middle of next week. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has not explicitly said when this will go to the floor.
This would be the second time the House has unveiled articles of impeachment against President Trump.
In December 2019, the House impeached Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Senate acquitted him on both charges last February.
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    1. @Angel I know its like spam and junk mail, save it for your Sunday serman Judas priest the one that everyone sleeps through.

    2. @j c yes and trump who thought his regime would never end is about to be impeached for the 2nd time. Yeah that’s your guy.

  1. Even if the impeachment is not completed in time, history needs to have this on the record. Trump running in 2024 should not be even possible.

    1. Todd Mintz – Yes, there is. “ex” has a more negative connotation than “former”. It’s why we say “Former President” after a complete term, and “ex-wife” or “ex-employee” after a divorce or a firing.

    1. @The Collapsing State was snow flake crying again. Suck it up buttercup your orange clown lost. Was that you I saw storming the capitol with painted face and viking horns. Or was that you in the santa suit. You guys would be funny if you werent bashing in the police officers heads with fire extinguishers and killing them. I mean hey where was your hero Kyle Rittenhouse when you really needed him.

  2. Isn’t this the 1st time in history that a President has been impeached TWICE?! What an embarassment…

    1. @damien roberts are you saying that Trump didn’t appoint multiple highly conservative judges, not just in the supreme court, but courts across the country.

    2. @tabby73 Well, he will have accomplished his goal of being unforgettable. He will be the source of a whole new lineup of university courses ranging ethics, political science, psychology, law, morality, a special course for theology students, and many others. Trump will literally become “Hitler, the modern version”.

    3. @LemUUU Yes he did. He is a conservative, representing 10’s of millions of conservatives. What is your point? How is appointing conservative justices the equivilent of expanding the number of justices of the supreme court to overcome a conservative majority? – That is the actual meaning of ‘stacking the court’, in case you didn’t know? Expanding it from 9 members to whatever number is required to cynically dilute the conservative majority. That will be yet another degrading political move by the left. The Supreme Court has had nine members for 150 years.

    1. @Tony Bossone why would a billionaire need loans from Russia and China to build golf courses? Why does he hide his taxes? Why can’t your cult leading conman get a loan from an American bank? Why would a billionaire scam tens of millions in campaign funds and launder it through shell corporations? Why beg his base for money? He’s taken a quarter billion since he lost the election from his cult. Why would a billionaire steal from his charitable foundation and have it closed permanently?
      Trump is a scam artist criminal conman and always has been. His history of paying huge fines to avoid prison are the proof.

    2. @Caballo Palido so by him being a scam scam artist this means that he’s not broke and not in debt right which one is it people you say he’s broke and debt and you turn around and say he’s got a lot of money because he’s a scam artist you guys just don’t know what to call him you just mad because Trump didn’t go with the program and people who don’t go with the program you criticize him you ridicule them you do whatever you can and come up whatever false narrative you can to get rid of them. At the end of the day he goes home to his luxury life and people like you sit behind a phone that you pay monthly payments for because you’re broke typing away some made up false idea that he scammed everybody he’s ever worked with

    3. @Tony Bossone Toney, Toney, Toney: chou gots gude taste in musique; but a lousy head for da Trute.
      Yer acting like a mook. Trumps mook.
      Dis is no gude.

      Whad can I say, ‘cept:
      1-Look up “The Mooch” on You Tube, capiche ?
      2-Bon Appeteet

    4. @Tony Bossone those are cute mental gymnastics you’ve got there. If trump has money it’s from money laundering. ALL of his golf courses are losing money.
      Go ahead and defend your cult leader. He’s probably going to prison. Finally.

    1. These impeachments were fraudulent! Some congress members voted twice and there were even dead congress members!

    1. @Eddie Washington i agree with you he needs to held accountable as well this is unexceptable what they have done for god sakes 5people died. And people lives was in danger here!!

    2. @Bobby Wise Sedition, Treason, Hmm idk a full on assault against our nation? there’s more take your pick

    1. @Fahid No, it will only destroy what little trust the people have left for the government to do what is right. Trust me, you will likely have riots if he doesn’t get impeached. His actions cannot be allowed to stand. And he cannot be allowed to run for reelection ever again.

    2. @LoboKhan1 mueller didn’t say he was guilty either.. or did he.. I know u were there so please let me know ASAP.

    3. @T. Jay Then let the natural course of democracy push him out. I have trust in the American people not to let him get elected again. Again, I say this as someone who hates Trump

    4. @J J
      I’m going to start calling you Giggles.
      Laughing emojis are for tweens, Squirt.
      I know you’re gritting your teeth in frustration and wringing your little hands.
      Hysterical giggling might help you cope with the fact that your little lord Diaper Don lost by a landslide, but it’s a pathetic look for anyone, even a 12 year old like yourself.
      ByeDon Jan 20, 2021.
      Time to dry your eyes and wipe your cry snot, Squirt.

  3. “What happens in the next 12 days is really anyone’s guess at this point”. When will my life stop being like this :((((

    1. Right? LoL HA! Idiot’s never learn in the case of TRUMP His ego is egotistical, he really needs help and my not get the proper attention he needs until he’s Locked up in a sanitarium somewhere.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek They got the codes under Lock and key with the general’s and will gladly tell Trump Hell! No!

  4. When I look at this so-called president his mentally is almost serial killerish he actually doesn’t believe he did anything wrong and that is the scary part

    1. @John Nichols Andersen Haha, yea right tough guy. You do that from home on the internet? Even if you could lift them wet noodles and punched some chick with pink hair. You would just be assaulting a chick with pink hair. Not Antifa. She might believe in Antifa, but she aint Antifa. Cause it’s not organized. Really though it must suck to be as angry as you and have lost so badly. As a full fledged democratic socialist all I can say is… How ya like them Apple BYATCH!

    2. @Mac 77wtf, I’m not in home, I’m in the house of a black woman who is washing my feets… your answer made me laugh very hard… full fledged democratic socialist???, what are you doing here? Go to Cuba

  5. If he actually gets impeached this time by senate, he might as well become the first president to be impeached twice in history. Not so good on your name or your resume. Joe biden isn’t wrong, he is an embarrassment to the United States 😛

  6. This is the right thing to do at this time, as an old saying says, “For Evil to Triumph is for Good Men to Do Nothing.”

  7. This must be “The Storm” that the Q Anon folks were talking about, unfortunately they got it backwards, tables are turned and all the mass arrests are on them: federal charges for the rioters who broke and entered into a secured federal building.

  8. I could have told you he wasn’t going to resign lol. Not in his character. He will burn everything down with him

  9. “Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”
    – George Washington
    Farewell address

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