House Democrats Raise Questions On Whether Capitol Rioters Had ‘Inside Assistance’ | MSNBC 1

House Democrats Raise Questions On Whether Capitol Rioters Had ‘Inside Assistance’ | MSNBC


Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., said if there were inside help to the Capitol Hill attackers that it will be investigated, and adds with only 160 hours until the inauguration, “we have to remove the greatest threat to the Capitol and democracy and that’s the president.” Aired on 01/13/2021.
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House Democrats Raise Questions On Whether Capitol Rioters Had ‘Inside Assistance’ | MSNBC


    1. @IMPROV FILMS Dman they were slaveholders. Don’t change the subject trump and his gang are all complicit and should be tried in a criminal conspiracy

    2. @IMPROV FILMS Dman reporting your comments for hate speech and graphic violence. Youtube needs to pull your account for violating terms of behavior.

  1. It’s simple. They have friends working there and the GOP helping. Clearly the police were told to stand back and standby by DHS on behalf of trump.

    1. Lauren Bobert is one for sure. She posted photos with some militia members that stormed the day before. Then made tweets about 1776. Then disclosed the speaker of the houses location. She probably gave the tours too

    1. @Real Talk76 if I had a dollar for everytime I’ve caught someone with a flawed premise based off false equivalents
      1 million hamberders

    2. @liberal applesauce but the right does. There is enough evidence to ask these questions. Actual video evidence of police helping rioters. Actual initial indications of reps communicating beforehand with rioters. The questions, at this point, are fair. Contrast with the right. No evidence that a disease causing a global pandemic is an engineered event, followed by massive evidence against this idea. Right wing loons still believe it. No evidence of election fraud, followed by evidence debunking this idea. Right wing loons still believe it. No evidence the world is flat, right wing loons still believe it. No evidence the covid vaccine is dangerous, right wing loons still believe it. No evidence agenda 21 is real, Glenn Beck makes a small fortune writing a book about it and right wing loons still believe it. I could type a solid block of text a mile long that no one would read with more examples. You have no leg to stand on, you have no place at this late date – after the alternative reality the trumpers constructed out of nothing – to even attempt to pretend you can make any rational decisions on this or any other question of truth vs falsehood. Go back to sitting in the corner.

    1. Capitol policemen WERE SENT HOME EARLY. If that isn’t an inside job, I’d like to know what is. This has to be investigated in depth!!

  2. Better hurry up GOP and vote to impeach.. this is getting worse by the minute- you’re already on the wrong side of history in the very moment – its just so bad.

    1. Nixon’s landslide in ’72 may have been the biggest in American history. By the end of ’74, you couldn’t find anyone who voted for him.

  3. That’s not a question. That’s a fact!! None of this could have happened without some complicity from insiders.

  4. I remember that Trump removed 3 Pentagon officials and replaced them with his loyalists. And then I saw that States kept calling for permission to send their National Guards to the Capitol. It took hours to get any response. I think that this attack was planned for a very long time.

    1. Trump didn’t want to be bothered because he was too busy watching it unfold on live tv.
      Law & order President…

    2. @Tim Hodgetts , That is exactly what I think it is, too. And I worry that the Necessary investigations may distract from Joe Biden’s first beginnings in Office, but they must be done. Trump is far too dangerous to get away with anything more.

    1. They should really be lucky the rest of us are even allowing them to stay in society after four years of this retardation them and their cult leader put us all through.

    2. @Kevin J the ex-president not only disputed the election for over two months, but he incited an insurgence on the Nation’s Capitol building.
      Grow up

    3. @Kevin J four week old account spewing hatred about Black people in another video. YouTube needs to invoke stronger punishment for these violations of service.
      You’re an adult, try to behave like one for once in your life

  5. Can you imagine, what Senate Republicans would’ve done, if a democratic president sneezed without asking them for permission?

  6. People like Gym Jordan, Matt Gates, Cruis, Ruby-o should be removed from office! And should be charged for insurrection and the many others still supporting trump and incited the attackers!

  7. The guy in charge of “Stop The Steal” just named 3 Republican congressmen who were involved. So, yes they had help from the GOPs on the Hill.

    1. If this is angers me…but yet they still believe along with their colleagues..less maybe a dozen..that trump..should be removed and never ever hold another office ever…if true..they should along with trump..face man slaughter charges…

  8. The QAnon’s congressional representatives is an Angry women and shouldn’t have the right to own and hold a Gun .

  9. Stop calling them “protesters” and “rioters”. They are “domestic terrorists” Let’s stop sugar-coating who they are.

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