House Democrats Rattle Social Security Administration To Put Covid Relief Checks In Motion 1

House Democrats Rattle Social Security Administration To Put Covid Relief Checks In Motion


Rachel Maddow reports on four Democratic members of the House Ways and Means Committee who figured out that tens of millions of people on Social Security had not received their Covid relief checks because the Social Security Administration had not processed information the IRS needed to send out the checks. Aired on 03/27/2021.
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House Democrats Rattle Social Security Administration To Put Covid Relief Checks In Motion


  1. Fire Saul and Black they are messing with disability recipients delaying money to the most marginalized and vulnerable like me absolutely despicable.

    1. Hmmm, I am not sure, but you might actually need to blame your bank. It turns out that smaller banks advanced the money to their customers knowing they would eventually get paid but larger banks did not.

    2. @Chad Simmons Wow, that is just awesome, you are ready to put one million more people out of work because you hate Trump. That is a special kind of “tolerance” right there. You do know that not everyone who works for the government necessarily agrees with everything their bosses do? You know, kind of like real life?

    3. @Mary C @kim, wants revenge! She thinks anyone who served under Pres Trump committed a crime…i think those hard-working people deserve praise for MAGA!

    1. @Dorcas Kerr Wow! because Republicans will do anything to hinder the Biden administration, and it was a Republican who has holding the checks up! Do you need a picture or a diagram to make more clear??

    2. @Dorcas Kerr The people responsible were from his administration, they’re doing it put of spite so what’s your point?

    1. @762 if you got evidencie then why are you wasting your time here. go to the fbi and they’ll arrest you for stupidy

    2. Seriously? The bill has passed. The Democrats are in charge……plus this is just BS. Every person I come across says their stimulus is already in there account. Including, once again, the ones who never lost a pay check and never needed it. So stupid.

    3. @Bo I looked it up, they have sent out 127 million payments as of 2 days ago. This is a dog and pony show.

    1. Yes, they all need to be held accountable for trying to destroy democracy. They all terrorizing America

    2. @Ash Roskell true hurts you look at Moscow, & the black children’s sleeping in cages are in America.

  2. I am a social security recipient and have no idea when I will receive my stimulus. I am shocked that it’s because of Republican lunacy. They hate the idea of anyone but them getting anything.

    1. See a bunch of sane people with their good opinions and a bunch of haters no good rat fastest Trump supporting Republicans

    2. I’m in the same boat, only have SS for income. Republicans do not care unless it’s tax breaks for the rich

    3. @Thomas Chisholm How do you know how much anyone has contributed into SS? How do WE know that YOU aren’t some lazy hack collecting money yourself, let alone someone from Russia just trying to stir up division in OUR country? How much do you contribute?

    4. We are being screwed and only a few care, 30 mill and we have no idea when these STIM checks will get to us and if they’ll be via DD or paper checks or eip cards.. unacceptable

    5. I see the $1,400 checks as a tax rebate for the working class Americans. Seems that it’s okay for Republican politicians to give money to the mega rich, but not their regular folks voters.

  3. I’m 68 years old and have never registered to vote. That will change so I can have the great pleasure to vote against every Republican I can.

    1. @Crimdor It would have been 11:00 pm if they´re in Alaska. Not that late. There are all kinds of reasons to be up. Once you get older you have to get up in the night a lot.

    1. They ARE TOO busy CHECKING the southern border…something. To attack BIDEN WITH…..forget THE shootings, or caring about the big time voter’s suppression….OR DOING ANY REAL WORK , OR LYING ABOUT THE SEDITION……AND ALL OF THERE ORANGE NOSES…

    2. In some cases, and I don’t know if this is one of them, certain appointees by a former administration cannot be fired, for instance that a-h*le Postmaster General Louis Da Joy. In his case however, I believe the Biden administration is trying to get around that by forming a committee from within the USPS who can. Anyway, your question, whether rhetorical or straight-up, can probably be answered by a little online research. I’m on SSDI myself, and this is frustrating! rhetorical,

    1. Please Trump and his Appointees are criminals and try to destroy America so Russians can take over.

    2. I am surprised that DeJoy is still there. I guess that I will Google his position, he is awful ! (But all of the Trump Administration were. )

    1. President Biden, please get rid of all Trumps appointees now, this delay should of not to happen..

    2. “1984” is no longer a science fiction, it’s a clear and present danger Twitter will be gone soon. It is the least important of all the tech companies. There will be a national “delete your twitter account day” . Jack Dorsey is so ignorant he doesn’t get it.

  4. The Biden administration needs to prioritize the ousting of every single Trump saboteur still festering in the federal government.

    1. And to clear out the trash beginning with Louis deJoy, like the saying goes New Broom clean Sweep.
      President Biden should demand the resignation of every former appointment and if not submitted all should be Ousted immediately…

    2. @Bo he gave names no it goes through process of background checks time of interviews then infront of congress. It takes steps President Biden. Already started

    3. @Kalina Phan even though he gave names for these positions none of you commenting did your job and even looked y’all clueless brain in your little toe

    1. They are all still taking orders from the loser and following his orders to sabotage the current administration. Why are they still holding office (and that includes the Senate republicans who worship their leader at Mar Et Lago!)

  5. Get ready for a fight with the new Confederacy. The Republicans will destroy this country, if they can’t control it.

  6. And then there’s the post office run by the guy with a completely inappropriate name. He takes DeJoy out of life itself. What a selfish, self-important creep.

    1. Hopefully DeJoy will be on his way out. Biden is able to fire board member of the USPO and replace them with honorable men who then can fire DeJoy.

    2. Whayevet6democrats are still doing eoth the DeJoy, beats logic. The guy who was hellbent in disenfrachising minorities from voting still enjoying office. Biden should stop this nicesity. And fire the guy. The more they wait hoping Republican will to the line and act for the interest of the country they will wait forever.

    3. @George Onyango Our President doesn’t have the constitutional authority to fire the Postmaster General. Trump and the GOP are trying to create a country where one man rules, don’t inadvertently support them by falling victim to the shine of authoritarian leadership. Bureaucracy is a friend of Liberty.

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