House Dems Send Impeachment Charges To Senate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

House Dems Send Impeachment Charges To Senate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. Trump started it. Like Parnas said, this was all about ensuring his reelection. They did not even care if any investigations were conducted, just that they were announced…

    1. Derrick Barnett obama killed thousands of young children and mothers with drone strikes. Democratic arnt any better. Its the 1% vs us citizens people dont understand they all work for the Illuminati and are all on the same team just playing different cards. Go look up the new world order and read about it maybe it will open your closed mind.

    2. @Gas & Diesel wrong on both accounts. Nancy Pelosi was a master during this whole process. She waited until Trump did something stupid n now he is the 3rd President in history to be impeached. Also the USA has ghettos all over the country not just in Pelosi’ s district.

  1. “Time has revealed many things” is code for “we needed to find a willing, a bribable candidate , to lie for us”

    1. I’ll have two nothing burgers with fake Russian dressing and a side of lies. Lev Parnas has no connection to Trump, nor did he work in any capacity for him, nor did he ever talk to Trump. Who cares what this delusional nutjob has to say. He’s just pulling a ret*rded Michael Cohen to stay out of jail. It doesn’t work, so he’s acting like a moron in public for no reason at all.

    2. Man all these Russians hate witnesses they cant shoot. Look at them all here in the comments pretending to be Trumpers who watch MSNBC.

  2. Just corrupt it’s a completely corrupted legal system they’re tearing the Constitution apart before our eyes and no one in this country seems to care

    1. @The Missing Link You mean your president? He’s the only one grounded to reality. It is ironic. Its like raiyain…

    2. Revdope 1 Grounded in a false reality of his making…..Just like a reality tv star…..

      Just because you say words and speak loudly, doesn’t mean it’s any more truthful than the last time you said words and spoke loudly…. Trust me…. Or should I say “Believe Me!” like that bufoon always says…..

    1. Pelosi passing out pens and taking pictures together smiling. They were so “somber”, Huh!
      The msm is going crazy with their latest news. Lol it’s like the rest of their accusations. Its💩

    2. And that’s swampy bloated government for you. 9 pallbearers and that Democrat party casket is easily carried by one.

    3. @tre artis more like the dems are going to loose their seats in the house and the Republicans will have both the house and the senate and Donald Trump will be sitting in the White House for 4 more years! The only thing the liberal sheep supporters will be doing is running for their safe spaces with their therapy dogs screaming at the sky! LOL !!!

  3. “Dog and Pony show moves to new theatre for more wailing and gnashing of teeth” -There, fixed your headline.

    1. Taylor Libby if I did what Trump did I would be in prison months ago.

      Enough with this pony show. Get that man out of office!

      Have a good day!

    2. Taylor Libby See I was confused. You said wailing. The Democrats have built a clear calm and concise case. Far from being described as wailing. I guess I am stooge for assuming everyone is sensible….

      Sorry to bother! #savethedishwashersandtoilets

    1. Yeah, because having your personal lawyer doing your dirty political bidding using taxpayer dollars as leverage is not swampy at all… Kushner, Ivanka AND Rudy Guiliani’s son working in the White House on our dime is also rather laughable, especially when their whole Ukraine scam was to accuse Hunter Biden of “taking advantage of Biden being his father”. Weeeeeeell……..

    2. Breaking: Fake Americans claiming to be patriots support massive criminality and ongoing abuse of their nation.
      If you are American (I doubt it) you should be ashamed.

    3. @E C I can’t understand why a person in the highest executive office using a license legitimate law officer to investigate a self admitted (by jo jo on video) extortionist is a problem. He has discretion to do that.

    4. @C Thomas the only abuse of the nation is the ongoing perpetrations of lifetime leeches in congress elected by the brainless large population centers who are destroying their own cities on local levels. I am a born and lifetime resident of Ohio.

    1. @Jeremy Backup – 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 I’m a USAF veteran, served under Ronald Reagan. I was a patriot before Trump, I hope to be one again…when Trump is gone. Trump does NOT represent the majority of us, thanks to the electoral college.

    2. The United States has nothing to do with people’s behavior. This land is the promise land. The best that there could be. Now politicians on the other hand. When they serve only their best interest and not the people then you can be ashamed of them. Just an idea

  4. I watched an MSNBC News story on here the other night that literally said: “We have NEW government documents tonight that give us more information about just how directly involved the President was…”, “These documents are the heart of why he is being impeached…”, “These documents are SUPER incriminating…”, “They show NEW evidence of a cover up…”. The host then wraps the whole segment up by saying, “I should tell you, MSNBC News HAS NOT independently verified these emails”. 🤔 🤦💩

    1. @B Park with no republican votes whatsoever.
      First time in history that it was one sided.
      Bunch of rabid animals who do not know when to stop.

  5. Pelosi, What a piece of work she is, politics, what about a day’s work on the peoples business instead of party games?

  6. Perfect photo of pelosi’s seven dwarfs. Elf lord nadler. Oh yea, lev is a crook out on bail for mads interview.

  7. “This is a bad night for Trump.” How? Because a bunch of establishment traitors hate him? *That’s a good thing.*

    1. Hahaha, there are some poor loosers who hate him, the kinda people without a job like you and therefor hates him, but believe me, it was obama who made you a homeless person. Now the economy is booming thnx to Trump you’ll be able to find a job. Come on and get your lazy butt out of your chair.

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