House GOP Members Storm Secure Room To Delay Witness – The Day That Was | MSNBC

House GOP Members Storm Secure Room To Delay Witness - The Day That Was | MSNBC 1


House Republicans led by Florida’s Matt Gaetz broke into the closed-door testimony by Laura Cooper, the top Pentagon official overseeing U.S. policy regarding Ukraine. More than two dozen Republicans broke Congressional rules by occupying the secure room, known as a SCIF, without clearance, bringing electronic devices into the room, also ordering pizza and Chick-fil-A. After a five hour delay, Cooper was able to testify in the impeachment inquiry. Aired on 10/24/19.
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House GOP Members Storm Secure Room To Delay Witness – The Day That Was | MSNBC

55 Comments on "House GOP Members Storm Secure Room To Delay Witness – The Day That Was | MSNBC"

  1. The majority of the Rep party should be charged with treason. America, what have you done to your country?

    • @joye ottwell lol sure he is.prove something already

    • dems should be outraged by this “closed-door” secret meetings! Don’t you realize the Republicans could do the same to your elected leaders if this is allowed to continue?

  2. Gaetz Florida is welcoming you back home to be charged and interrogated for your crimes of espionage and treason. Come back to Florida get water boarded.

  3. Walter Sickinger | October 24, 2019 at 9:03 AM | Reply

    Surely what these morons did was illegal…..they should be arrested and charged.

    • @Hyperpandas Why are you so quick to give THIS crime a pass?

    • Robert Hartford | October 24, 2019 at 11:46 AM | Reply

      Yes, how dare they interrupt what should be public. Shameful….the democrat’s Central Committee should be able to railroad someone in private. Send them to the Gulag.

    • @Hyperpandas Cowards like you make me sick. “Public ridicule is far more effective”? Tell that to all of the black people who “used their words” to complain about the numerous injustices by whites, only to be ignored…until they started video recording, having these racists arrested and suing them! Now people are listening!

      Bullies don’t respond to just words or being ignored. You have to hit back! Also, these are not just any thugs. These thugs are career politicians…people in position of great leadership! Of all people, they know better!

      If people like you are unwilling to actually hold THESE animals accountable, then why hold anyone accountable?

    • dems should be outraged by this “closed-door” secret meetings! Don’t you realize the Republicans could do the same to your elected leaders if this is allowed to continue?

  4. As a lifelong republican for 31 years, I’m going to #walkaway in 2020. I’m going to vote straight blue down the ticket for the first time in my life.
    The republican do nothings in congress and the oval office have lost all my respect.

    • @Quiet Entropy it is, but OP is flipping it around. The hashtag was meant to get Democrat voters to not participate and he’s using it FOR the democrats, which makes it a great use.

    • @Sheev Palpatine false equivalency makes you look dumb. And the middle is not helpful to anyone.

      The left is progress, the right is regress. And you’re saying the only sensible choice is to be in the middle of progress and regress. That’s sitting still. That’s idiocy.

    • Well said

  5. They should be locked up and charged with obstruction of Justice

  6. This is more like a raid, a charade and an animals club of what the burglary Creepublicans did that day.

  7. How the f**k do they storm the room? Are there no security guards outside a secure room?

  8. Witness intimidation?

  9. The Reps can’t stand the silence of this inquiry….as we all know there is silence before the storm….hmmmm????

    • Victoria Drella | October 24, 2019 at 9:54 AM | Reply

      That’s strange bcuz there are REPUKES in on these COMMITTEES and that is the way it is ALWAYS been.

    • No it’s not the silence, for Gaetz and Jones it’s about they can not put on their shows for Trump and push conspiracy theories publicly. It’s all about their little egos.

  10. It is a Republicans reality show, acting lawless is entertainment. Also goes to show that the democrats are too civilised to be in politics. No lock them up?

  11. Would somebody please make a citizen’s arrest of Matt Gaetz already? The man’s committed multiple Federal crimes.

  12. The GOP have no defense for The donald’s actions so the are attacking the constitutional process.

    • Yep… When facts aren’t on your side, attack the process. Except they’re supposed to be lawmakers. Republicans are losers and criminals, this is subversive beyond belief.

    • ihave35cents – He (Trump’s own administration) said (under oath with threat of perjury), she (Trump’s own administration) said ( (under oath with threat of perjury)

    • Hahha Now you Dont want Transparency?? You guys on the Left are Nuts and Hate this country

    • But when this fails will they be considered criminals because of this blocking – which amounts to obstruction of justice?

  13. Gaetz busted for driving his daddy’s BMW while drunk. He refused the breathalyzer test, didn’t lose his license.

  14. A tantrum .. wow. So, practically the whole PARTY is, like, infected with that mind-thing? …

  15. They all should be held in contempt..they broke their oaths
    Their constituents must surely see this

    • Their constituents probably encouraged it, I don’t see what else could motivate them to do something this reckless. Except maybe getting four more years with the equivalent of a substitute teacher in the Oval office.

  16. Luckily none of them morons brought firearm into the room!

  17. *GOP = Godless Oligarchy Putinites.*

  18. the GOP showing how desperate they are to stop the rule of the house

    • surely you joke, mein failüre | October 24, 2019 at 11:21 AM | Reply

      Those same Rethuglicans were A-OK about closed-door depositions back when they investigated Benghazi and kept finding nothing.

  19. In fairness, that’s all they’ve got.

  20. Breaking laws and endangering national security because Trump is innocent.

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