83 Comments on "House impeachment manager Jason Crow: The President deserves a fair trial"

  1. Does it feels like we have been in January for the last couple months?

  2. Humanity deserves fair justice. And they are getting it this year VERY hard. Not going anywhere.

    • @Joseph Peeler Good god. And???? It DOES NOT contradict with the fact that Trump is a criminal and con man. It doesn’t detract from his lying and abuses of power.
      Go ahead. Investigate Biden and anyone else you’ve heard lies about. But PLEASE stop fooling yourself. TRUMP is IMPEACHED and GUILTY.

      Call Hunter. Call Biden. Who gives a fu■■?
      You have to change the channel from Faux news, if you want to be aware of ANY truths. The MSM are biased too. Best to look on youtube and foreign news agency platforms for a broader view of all the bs, that way, you can discern fact from fiction. Be ready for some uncomfortable awakening.
      Trump cannot tell the truth. You will find that to be the honest truth during your research opo. Good luck and I do hope you will challenge yourself.

    • If this were a fair trial, as in a real court case, it would have been summarily dismissed upon delivery to the Senate. The House failed to even name a crime or any statutory violation of the law in their articles of impeachment, which in any court indictment would cause any objective judge to dismiss the indictment and hold the prosecutors/plaintiffs in contempt of court.

      The optics of the Dems retreating with their tails between their legs from the original alleged crimes of bribery and obstruction of justice to two nothing burgers of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress,” which aren’t even a thing, looks beyond weak and appears to be corrupt. The House Dems are just liars. If everything is fair, this fake impeachment should be dismissed.

    • JD
      How would they not protect our constitution?

    • Mark Lanzarotta | January 19, 2020 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      If you think Trump isn’t going anywhere, you’re wrong.

    • Mark Lanzarotta
      What are his criminal charges?

  3. VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII | January 19, 2020 at 1:00 PM | Reply

    Imagine saying something so controversial like the President of the United States deserves a fair trial?
    I mean that’s out there!

    • @Juinata Buckingham Alot people go through it everyday because have broken the law. Donald Trump placed himself in this situation, now he’s trying to make it seem like if ain’t did anything wrong them people admitted that he was doing Alot of illegal things since day one. Now it’s time for them people to place the law in front of him and tell this is what rules no matter who you are in USA.You want to live by different laws than this you gonna have to go live in a different country or plant because this is what it is here today.

    • Mark Lanzarotta | January 19, 2020 at 9:55 PM | Reply

      Oh, he’s not getting a fair trial? McConnell wanted an automatic acquittal without a trial. He’s being tried by his Partisan Goon Squad, is your concept of fairness of the Winking variety?

    • A fair trial would include an impartial jury.
      Go ahead and convince that can happen. Clearly the Republicans will clear him and Democrats want to remove him. So neither will be impartial.
      So want to be above the law. Become a popular politician. Pick either side. Doesn’t matter they will protect as long you carry their flag.

    • @W P the democrats did subpoena those witnesses Trump blocking them remember.

    • @dogboy1953 I agree, he already said if he is re elected he is cutting all future military aid to our weaker allies in the middle East starting with Ukraine, and that only benefits Russia, and the other day he jokingly insisted that we give this dictatorship thing a try here in America I don’t know, but I love the idea, he said that at one of his cult rallies, and he still uses his personal iPhone for government business even though he was advised not to Because he was hacked once already, but Trump lives in Florida where that Russian intelligence spy ship was anchored out in the ocean, and like I said Trump uses his unsecured personal iPhone, I’m sure the Russians are always listening to him.

  4. It all depends on what you think is more important… the truth or a win (?).

    • @Joseph Peeler what does Burisma have to do with Trump breaking the law?? Even if the Biden’s are found to be guilty, it doesn’t exonerate the President from HIS actions.

    • @Baz Write Should we be giving military aid to Ukraine given that former Ukraine President Yakunovych stole $40 billion in U.S. military aid? Why shouldn’t we ask for investigation into Biden and Burisma given that Biden bragged about getting rid of prosecutor who was going after Burisma and Yakunovych? Hunter got a payoff. What for?

      The only thing Trump did that disappointed me was release the aid. Where did we get the money for military welfare to another country given that we are $23 trillion in debt with trillion dollar deficits?

      Burisma was evidently hacked n November. Maybe we will get to the truth in the coming months. My guess is that Trump isn’t the real criminal here, just like with phony Steele Dossier.

    • @Joseph Peeler …you mean, your hope is that trump isn’t the real criminal. Trump stole money from his own charities. Care to defend that too? I mean, wake up. Trump has been giving his detractors ammunition for years because he’s a criminal moron.

  5. So let me get this straight. If I’m ever put on trial, I get to prevent any witnesses, evidence or documents from being presented? Sweet!

    • Baz Write doesn’t the victim have to know it?

    • Sharon Snow you mean when Trump the racist keeps getting black folks out of prison?

    • Ricardo Almada Morga lol leftists have approached this strictly politically, changing the supposed crime every week and ending up with no crime. your example is quite different.

    • Gary Armstrong gag order lol, you may want to read up on executive privledge, who uses it and in what situations. you come off stupid.

    • @Kevin M No president has ever used as much executive order than tRUMP has.Abusing executive order is being a dictatorial tyrant.I thought right-wingers were against tyranical governments.

  6. Trump deserves a fair impeachment trial.
    Let him testify.

    • Mitchell Haylock | January 19, 2020 at 7:55 PM | Reply

      @J T SMITH let Trump give over requested witnesses and documents if he is so innocent

    • Lets do it i want to see him destroy the dems

    • @J T SMITH For…? You can’t even make a salient point without making a junior high school statement. How typical of a Trump supporter. We are in deep trouble if this is the level of our (not so) civil discourse in this nation!

    • @dominic williamson In case you haven’t noticed, Trump is acting like an autocrat. (You do understand this word?) We fought a revolution to not have royalty. Now Trump and his followers have brought us de facto king.

    • @Joseph Peeler Stop with the distraction and delusion.

  7. A fair trial means witnesses and documents!

    • @Baz Write you didn’t care about the Democrats doing in 2016, complete silence there buddy, so whose choosing party over country? You!

    • @Baz Write and Hypocrisy is what you are doing Buddy ✌️😂

    • @Fitch 09Your president refused any participation (documents or testimony) in the House portion of the impeachment. Now that it’s moved over to the GOP controlled senate, the fix is in. The capacity of GOP supporters, especially Trump supporters, to fictionalise and outright lie never ceases to amaze me! Congratulations…you’re but another liar spewing his BS online!

    • @Casey Clark no lines of questions were suppress what the f*** are you talking about. I’ve seen the list of witnesses are Republicans want the borderline on completely irrevelant to wanting to oust The whistleblower, making future whistleblower unwilling. Oh and yeah amd the guy leading the trial for some reason.

    • @elijah mikle We couldn’t ask anything close to the whistleblower, we were gaveled down so many times it wasn’t funny. Oh how short your memory is.

  8. Trump go and Pay Tax!!!!


  9. lol imagine upholding the constitution

    • If this were a fair trial, as in a real court case, it would have been summarily dismissed upon delivery to the Senate. The House failed to even name a crime or any statutory violation of the law in their articles of impeachment, which in any court indictment would cause any objective judge to dismiss the indictment and hold the prosecutors/plaintiffs in contempt of court.

      The optics of the Dems retreating with their tails between their legs from the original alleged crimes of bribery and obstruction of justice to two nothing burgers of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress,” which aren’t even a thing, looks beyond weak and appears to be corrupt. The House Dems are just liars.

    • Rodney Boehner Spin the bullshit anyway you’d like traitor.

    • @Rodney Boehner Weird comment to reply with that to but alright

  10. This will all clearly be resolved in November. No more side shows…please

    • Oh? You mean when Russia hacks that election too?

    • Elections and justice are obviously to different things. That’s like saying don’t worry about the fire will just build a new building on it!

    • Mark Lanzarotta | January 19, 2020 at 10:02 PM | Reply

      Sorry, Eugene, there still has to be an impeachment trial. He was already Impeached, did you forget? The corrupt Senate will acquit, the American people will boot Trump in November. Justice is moving like Molasses.

  11. We the American people deserve to see this trial live and have our press in the Senate while this is going on. Don’t care what Mitch wants, have 45 come in As a witness!

    • @Charles Styron Insult me all you want brother. Ive read the transcript. He’s guilty. You can play the word game all you want man. Doesnt change that there is enough evidence to prove he with held the aide to force an investigation.

      We got him 🙂

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    • @Andy C exactly

    • Sandra Arnal You stupid prick read the transcript scumbag he’s not going anywhere can’t wait to see you guys scream at the sky when he wins second term

  12. Angelia Robinson | January 19, 2020 at 2:05 PM | Reply

    Just as…..
    America, deserves to know the truth !!!

    • Yes , like why was Biden working in a corrupt country, for a corrupt company and why did his dad and Obama fire a prosecutor who was going to interview hunter. I think we all want to know that. Actually I think Guillaini already has that info, stay tuned.

    • @Dream Shop Come on! You know why Hunter was on a Ukrainian energy board: He has two nostrils to feed!

    • Must be a blond with a black face. Now who am I racist against the blond or the blackface. Don’t over think it now might turn you into a Democrat.

    • Joe Garza
      How is he racist? He’s dated several black women …

  13. When are we going to hear the WHOLE perfect call?

    • @Diego Fonseca complete negligence in the Benghazi Fiasco, at the very least incompetence at its worst.. one thing different here Americans died in Benghazi at the very least through incompetence.. obstruction of Congress abuse of power no one dead here….
      Diego you can’t be that stupid to not know how this is going to end!.. last time I checked 53 Republican Senators 47 Democrat. You do the math,

    • @Diego Fonseca I think you answered my question of Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi and the house subpoena John Bolton and the others.?????
      She could have subpoenaed anybody she wanted..hmm🙄 guarantee you have no answer for that……

    • @Earnest T Bass I’m already afraid. The US president is a narcissistic authoritarian who uses every opportunity to chip away at democracy. He’s reactionary and hot-headed, very capable of military snap decisions with little regard for consequences. He does nothing to counter climate change, a very real threat with the potential to destroy humanity. He fuels egoists, violent nationalists, conspiracy theorists, bigots, and widespread hubris. He takes no responsibility for failure, but all credit for success (even when it is not his). He is incredibly self-serving, having allegiance only to himself, and occasionally the wealthy elite. He is the antithesis of strength and no leader.
      So, yes, I’m afraid. And, unless you are a billionaire or white nationalist, you should be too.

    • Mark Lanzarotta | January 19, 2020 at 10:10 PM | Reply

      Probably never.

  14. This is what this debate need common-sense Claire lay out the facts thank you senator

  15. Everyone deserves a fair trial that’s the point of justice, even if it is trump.

    • @Tingle Matthews lol hahahahahaha OMG I can’t stop laughing at you hehehehehe

    • @Tingle Matthews lmao 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣, silly republicunt tw@tbags all about your corrupt presidential cover up hehe

    • Tingle Matthews | January 19, 2020 at 10:21 PM | Reply

      @Ash Woodworth …. Cover what up?

    • Ash Woodworth I just hope the senate is as fair and un-partisan as house was. Lmao. Obama broke GOA law 7 times for mis apportion of funds. Just like 1/2 politicians break finance law. Almost no repercussions are handed out. Bolton has no choice on executive privilege. The president decides and has nothing to do with after you leave. The courts would have to decide if it valid or not. Just like security clearance or non disclosures are not waived after employment. Case will never get majority and never getting close to super majority needed for removal.

    • @Ash Woodworth you made that choice, black people didn’t.

  16. Put Conald himself on the stand first, then let the rest of the witnesses show his perjury.

  17. Fair trial when the system is broken.

  18. A fair trial includes witnesses and documents.

  19. The issue is, if everything is up to the Senate. Will the Senate up hold the constitution?

  20. It’s so easy to forget that a few weeks ago, people were subpoenad, and just REFUSED to show up. And no one is talking about it, or doing anything about it.

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