House Impeachment Managers Forcing GOP 'To Grapple With The Donald Trump Who Was President' | MSNBC 1

House Impeachment Managers Forcing GOP ‘To Grapple With The Donald Trump Who Was President’ | MSNBC


NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett Haake brings us the latest from the second day of Trump's impeachment trial. Aired on 2/10/2021.
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House Impeachment Managers Forcing GOP 'To Grapple With The Donald Trump Who Was President' | MSNBC


  1. After watching this the Republicans had better vote for the impeachment.or they’ll forever be remembered as just as guilty

    1. Most of the Republicans do not have a PAIR so they will not vote their conscience, they will slither back to their hide holes. What a pathetic group of fuzzies. I AM GLAD I LEFT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

    2. @Sue Ann Smith Work to publicly shame all republican doners, pressure & boycott them all to choke off their $$$, work to see they wear their party over country seditous stain forever, & start work now to see they are NEVER elected to ANY public office ever again! Coup attempts & sedition must have consequences or they are only dress rehearsals!

    3. They can’t…If they do Trump will form his own party & that will be the end of conservative politics in the US

    1. Unfortunately it’s not… he can always say he’s representing his voters- even when it’s obvious he’s representing his master. You could never prove it.

  2. The GOP is at war with itself and both sides are flying the confederate flag. You can’t spell HATRED without RED HAT

    1. ​@Penboy as ‘god’ “they were never [relevant] since Ronald Reagan” – several hundred thousand grieving middle east families would beg to differ…


    1. “There will be blood in the streets”. Loretta Lynch
      “Who says protest have to be peaceful “. Chris Cuomo
      “There needs to be unrest in the streets”. Ayana Presley
      “Protesters should not let up”. Kamala Harris
      “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprising all over the country and maybe there will be”. Nancy Pelosi
      “You get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere”. Maxine Waters

    2. @Matt O so when it’s a private citizens lives livelihood and place of employment being burned to the ground and destroyed it’s ok and encouraged but when it THEIR place of employment somehow threatened then we are going to do something. THEY GIVE ZERO $h!^s ABOUT US! This is not about protecting democracy this is about protecting their overflowing pockets.

    3. HOW did this conversation about ONLY the current trial against Trump turn into an argument about BLM???????

    4. @summermojo no BLM protesters were arrested for rioting, violence or property destruction. They were all arrested for graffiti, trespass and refusal to obey a lawful order to disperse. This information was determined by Princeton university, who analysed all the arrest records from all the protests.

      Whoever it was that was rioting and burning businesses over the summer, it wasn’t BLM. And, according to the FBI and HSA, there is no evidence of Antifa involvement in any of the protests either.

      Let me give you my take on events. Trump’s extremist supporters went to protests in Democrat cities in certain states to destroy businesses, set fires and run amok, creating the impression of lawlessness for Trump’s re-election propaganda videos. Indeed, both Princeton university and the FBI said that is exactly what happened. They also said Trump’s “federal” goon squad came in aggressively and were responsible for much of the violence where they were deployed.

      So no. It wasn’t BLM or Antifa rioting and destroying cities last summer.

  4. Short of a divine miracle we all know the Church of Baby Cheesus will acquit their Toddler Messiah a second time and destroy impeachment as a tool of checks and balances. It’s time for the Justice Department to rescind the memorandum against indicting a sitting President on criminal charges.

    1. I may be crazy, but I think the case presented, showing all the context and buildup, may well be sufficient to convince some Republicans to actually do their duty at last and convict. I don’t know that there will be sufficient, but I’m sure there will be some who will vote to convict. After all, every GoP Senator voted that the Impeachment was Unconstitutional when they voted upon it prior to the start of the trial, yet quite a number changed their stance and voted with the Democrats when that same issue was put to the vote at the start of the trial. Most of the GoP members have been trying to hide and avoid the Trump issues, but it’s front and centre and now the whole country is getting to see the reality of Jan 6h, so they’ll find it harder to justify inaction – after all, they would essentially be saying nothing at all is Impeachable, which is of course an absurdity.

    1. @Kevin Offutt I love that you think the people who simply disagree with leftist rhetoric are Trumpers. Hahaha. You racist leftists are not that bright.

  5. If Hawley isn’t interested in paying attention to the proceedings, why is he there? He should be told to leave the Capitol and denied a vote on the matter in hand, otherwise, he’s just taking up space and using oxygen to no good effect.

    1. He has to be present or he doesn’t get to vote. That is the only reason many of the Republican Senators are there; the fewer Republicans present, the easier it would have been for the Democrats to reach the necessary majority.

    2. Yes, Agree with you very much about Hawley. He’s one of Trump’s old puppets; and that blemish will likely follow him throughout the rest of his “term”. Trump’s in even more deep doo-doo; with two state governments. Who knows what additional trouble will inevitably follow our now former and most corrupt US president.

    3. He’s not smart enough to realize that he should be more worried about the 81 million that voted for Biden as opposed to the base of 74 million he’s trying so hard to please!

    1. Agree with you 100 times over. Hawley was Trump’s puppet, and when Trump could no longer “use” him, he forgot all about him. That’s Trump’s way; similar to Putin’s and Jong-un’s, two of Trump’s pals.

    2. @Nick Kautz yes I see how media content he mind especially the Newsmax, and Fox News Channel that shows their “opinion hosts” more then real newsmen and women.

  6. Disengagement should not be allowed in the Chamber; those unwilling to cooperate should be removed and warned that it will no be tolerated.

    1. Publicly embarrass & boycott every last one of Hawley & GOP’s corporate & business doners! Coup attempts & blatent lies must have consequences & republicans only seem to comprehend or care about their $$$

  7. Oh! If they don’t see it then it doesn’t exist, still back in the school yard along with the bully who walks away with clean hands after siccing his gang on someone. Cowards!

  8. If the GOPQ senators refuse to pay attention to the presentations, they set a terrible precedent for any future issues that are discussed in the Senate that might be controversial . Shame on them refusing to adhere to their sworn responsibilities.

  9. Hawley should be censured for not paying attention. He has the right to vote his conscience, but he has a duty as a senator to discharge his responsibilities with respect and honor.

  10. Don’t forget…many of the jury are also on trial… Cruz, Graham, Hawley and others are also responsible for what happened.

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