House Impeachment Managers, Trump Legal Team Lay Out Case | MTP Daily | MSNBC

House Impeachment Managers, Trump Legal Team Lay Out Case | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. tRump did incite violence all evidence is in tweets and his speeches. 5 attorneys decided not to represent tRump at the last minute.stay safe 😷✌

    1. @mr you that is why his name is LYING TED, albeit his name is Raphael but he hates himself and I abhor this coward, hypocrite and LIAR!

    2. @Mainely You all should be very worried about the asshat you put in office with you;r leftist mob voter fraud bs , job killing moron’s !

    3. @Vance Copeland

      I agree that we definitely need more qualified candidates. I can’t believe that they’re not even required to go through a TS security clearance background check prior to campaigning. America is in need of a modernization and an intentional rational renaissance of some sort.

      After all…. Presidents are suposed to decide upon which policies we move forward with… not design them. That is for the house of Congress, isn’t it?
      ….at least Congress gives our Representatives a chance to voice concerns and consult academia, and debate.

      But each president seems to be taking more and more executive actions…. and that is just plain unAmerican; because it denies the American people their representation via the house and Senate.

      I once considered Bush’s decision to unilaterally engage in military action without the consent of Congress to be the most disturbing abuse to the constitution that i have ever seen, but it’s been a slippery slope towards dictatorship since then…. regardless of the POTUS’s party.

      Executive actions aren’t supposed to be normal. And neither are Impeachments.
      …..but lets not pretend that trump wasn’t the first president worthy of being Impeached twice.

      My take on it is based on both academics and experience; after the military, i then worked in the field of international relations and human rights. America is less safe now, as a direct result of trump…. than it was under Obama.

      Obama was undoubtedly a much better President than Trump; pretty much in every facet. Despite ramping up many of Bush’s unconstitutional policies. Sure I have my criticisms of every administration; those who can’t do criticise. And btw, much of Biden’s cabinet was blatantly and admittedly selected in direct violation of the Civil Liberties Act.

      America isn’t some static state, fixed product…. America is a dynamic and ever evolving democracy…. because that’s what our constitution outlines for our republic.

      Good Riddance to Trump
      … of luck to Biden.

      But we need better candidates in general. And at the very least reinstate the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Government Accountability Office, and the MAVNI program.

    4. @Vance Copeland

      Ps. I voted for Admiral Bill McRaven for POTUS, and Nobel Laureate and professor of American Development Economics, Dr. Michael Kremer for VP.

    1. VladI. Ok, which one of you great people got my statement taken down ? Did I hurt your lil feelings ? Poor babies. But typical, don’t like what someone says, you cry, & block them. Boo whoo.

  2. When did the “constitution” go from being a good thing to a criminals defence against treason,murder and thievery ?

    school massacres – constitution
    racism – constitution
    treason – constitution

    somewhere along the line americans forgot what it was supposed to be,and decided what they wanted it to be.

    1. When the Republicans got a majority of right wing revisionists on the SCOTUS, the Constitution became nothing but a magic book that says whatever they want it to say.

    2. @Alex Quevedo He was using the spelling – ‘defence’ that all other English speaking countries use (including we English). So perhaps he, too, is not American.

  3. A non-violent protest on Jan. 6th was of absolutely no use to Trump,
    he knew it, and what happened was what he wanted and called for.

    1. @janeen harris He was absolutely a murder!!!! If he can escape this crime, we all will have the same right as he does. So build no JAILs. All men are created equal. This is the law of the land.

    2. @Jeff Seeg No, it doesn’t – there was election, and what matters is its result. If you want to argue that election was stolen – don’t bother to answer.

  4. Is someone new editing these videos?? She wasn’t done speaking and that’s been the theme on most of the videos today

    1. The Free Speech Clause exists to protect private citizens from the government, not to protect government officials from accountability for their own abusive statements

    2. What are even _’Woooords?’_ How can we really say what anything is ever…? Meanings can mean anything, ammirite? Can I get an amen?

  5. It’s not that he’s too cheap to pay his lawyers. He knows he doesn’t have too because the cowardly gop jurors will again give him a free pass

  6. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ dumb defense, basically saying donal can rob the Treasury & shoot someone on his way out the door with no consequence

  7. Here’s betting that many GOP senators say they’re “COVID positive” when it’s time to vote, and are absent.

  8. Am I missing something? He is not being impeached, he’s been impeached already. He is supposed to be tried. There is a big difference between the two. Yes, he might not be impeached as he’s not longer the president, but to being convinced of the crimes he was impeached for by the house.?

  9. “While sworn to faithfully execute the laws — and to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution — President Trump incited insurrection against the United States government. His conduct endangered the life of every single Member of Congress, jeopardized the peaceful transition of power and line of succession, and compromised our national security.” — House Managers

  10. Then: It is unconstitutional to impeach a sitting president!
    Now: It is unconstitutional to impeach a former president!
    The constitution begs to differ.

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