House Intel Member Himes Reacts To Iran Strike | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

House Intel Member Himes Reacts To Iran Strike | The Last Word | MSNBC


Lawrence O’Donnell interviews Rep. Himes on Capitol Hill with his reaction to Iran’s strike on U.S. forces in Iraq. Aired on 01/07/20.
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House Intel Member Himes Reacts To Iran Strike | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. “We have no intelligence from the administration tonight”, truer words were never spoken…….this administration has no intelligence at all in any sense of the word intelligence.

    1. Thank the Lord for Trump the man has set their agenda back decades may the Lord protect him and his evil times for sure

    1. Remind me how much did olbumer killary and the corrupt demerats steal from the American taxpayers i can tell you if you want lol

  2. the trump is a litmus, that allows us to see our enemies clearly…
    any not against the trump are enemy
    trumpanzies are not human
    trumpanzies have zero human rights… no ROE

    1. wel1968 – Here’s hoping you realize that PUSTULE “is a litmus, that allows us to see” ourselves clearly.

    2. @Diane Owen not i
      not mine
      we all know better
      how are you and yours doin aye sparky?

      we are ready… are you?
      we are organized
      we make our own springs, ley alone recievers and barrels

      ARE YOU READY!?!

      better get ready…
      we do not need 30+% of these beasts among us anymore




    1. Oh, Mark.
      #45’s *fawned for dictators* , over and over…
      In fact, let us ‘count the ways’:
      1. #45 smiled, *saluted* and shook hands…with the men *who murdered* collegiate Otto Warmbier.
      2. #45 smiled, danced and dined…with the men *who murdered* journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
      3. #45 posed, preened and puled…with the former *KGB agent who attacked our country* in 2016.
      *’Three strikes’* …and *#45’s ‘out’.*
      It’s *beyond* shameful…and yet *utterly* unsurprising, considering #45’s affinity *for* our nations adversaries.

    2. @CynAnne1 you’re lucky my comments are being censored my opinion of you is very low bordering on your phew words fail me did you go to school?

  3. I thought we had such an amazing equipmen? But they couldn’t take out one incoming rocket? That’s very scary. Those Patriots you sold to everybody were a waste of money it seems. I am afraid All isn’t well

  4. They really need to stop putting the word ‘intelligence’ in the same sentence with most of these people.

    1. Do you prefer the world “clearly thought out” “well planned” because that’s exactly what the president did! But then again, people like you will always find fault with the president no matter what he does

  5. what is obvious is that this country has made a tragic, unforgivable mistake. we know that if we had a leader who was murdered, who was as exalted and admired as the iranian leader, we would go to war. any reaction by the Iranians is justified and warranted, based on our values. the answer is to really impeach the president, on grounds of insanity and incompetence. it these are not grounds, for impeachment, then prosecute and impeach the administration for violating international law, and for war crimes. we need to show iran and the world that america is not an elite origination of international criminals, even if it is.

    1. agikus People cannot keep placing the Citizens of America with Anyone who strongly disagree with corrupt policies. WAR should stay in its lane with the People who the Leaders of all Country’s knows has a direct involvement in starting trouble. That way there would not be a repeated, senseless War. The ones who are insane. They will be the only ones that die. That is real justice and intelligence.

    2. @Diane Owen
      ISIS / ISIL is still looking for some good breeders . Be careful they do not stone you however . They love that SHARIA stuff.

      I do not need to hate those that are condemned to hellfire . I pray God releases them from the false doctrine they practice .

  6. I only have one question, given that your next, “elections,” will be rigged and falsified; you have a Dictatorship now. What more proof do you need? Impeachment, “Trial,” without witnesses or evidence? The people sitting in, “judgement,” of Trump are his conspirators? My question: Why are you ALLOWING this, America? Seriously . . .

    1. @Crimdor Why? don’t you have any idea how this affects us? It does. If you were just a banana republic, or a sh*t hole country as your Dear Leader likes to call other countries, your problems would stay YOUR problems. Sadly, you’re not, however your position in the world is greatly reduced as is the estimation we held you in. Now if we could only get our economies detached from yours, we might be better off.

    2. @imiss toronto – #45 *will NEVER* be able to forget PMs Johnson and Trudeau and President Macron *ALL laughing AT him* last year…and *not* because he’s ‘humorous’.

  7. Lawrence begins: _”We have no intelligence from the administration…”_ the segment could have ended right there…

  8. Fake News

    What we are going to find out is that Iran went to the Russians, who went to Trump, to tell him they were going to fire some missiles, for a show.

  9. Say this three times with a straight face — I dare you to try!

    “Trust me — I’m from the U.S. Government!”

  10. Could it be that the Iranians just became “The Adults in the Room”? God knows Trump is incapable of such a feat!

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