1. Trump is nearing 15 , 000 lies. At this rate and if he makes to end of his term , Orange Hitler should be near 20 ,000 or more lies. He generally lies about 15 to 20 times a day.

    2. @William H just for the sake of argument here but who fucking cares if hes a homosexual? Is this the trumpers come backs now? “Wait, but ummm your gay haha” jesus the internet sucks

    1. @Alexander Cartier You’re running scared! Babbling on trying to make sense of it all! The reality is, during the entire 2016 election, every Leftist Libtard Media Station was constantly quoting polls that had Killary Rotten Crouch Killinton up by ungodly percentage points. They were all wrong! FAKE POLLS! Very few got it right. Fox News Polling was the most accurate. Ann Coulter said on Bill Maher’s show just months after Trump’s announcement he was the most likely to win in 2016 and got laughed at by all. You turds are completely out of touch with reality.
      Go Trump 2020 Landsl….AVALAAAAAANCHE!

    2. @BradLee Jones no seriously, which polls were out? What am I apparently scared of? Show me where moody analytics came up with their figures and what made them more credible? Ungodly percentage points? Like 3 percentage points, where she ended up winning by two? Making their margin of error one point? That’s ungodly?

    3. @BradLee Jones what about the 2018 polls? 2012 polls? How far outside of the margins were the polls then?

    4. @BradLee Jones anything new on the russia review that will clear trump and expose potential criminal charges!?

    1. @ШΛЯPΛТH now that is funny. Polishing your comedy act by posting. Someone on the right saying the left are hypocrites. Thanks for the laugh. Keep posting and let us know know when your HBO special is.

    2. @ШΛЯPΛТH ….. Then why are here unless of course you are an Imbecile…

      If the shoe fits wear it… You are NOT American..

      How is Vlad doing Ruskie…

    1. Alexthequeer 436 If you paid attention in U.S. History class you’d know this, Cletus. Stupid motherfucker.

    2. William H Really? Has ISIS been destroyed? Your Dear Leader promised that they’d be destroyed in his first month in office. Oh, and where’s his big, beautiful wall that he claimed would be inpenetrable? Stupid, ignorant hillbilly bastard.

  1. “I never” “I dont know” “I this and that” everybody knows these phrases means the opposite!! He can’t even LIE without being caught!!

    1. @EatThe Babies said “. You can call victory if you want but anyone with an IQ above 20 could read this thread and see otherwise.” You want to win points when the country is on the line? #SAD

    2. @Sean Embry The country is on the line because of the previously argued points. That means the country’s future hinges on winning these arguments in the impeachment hearing and public opinion. F CK you’re an idiot.

  2. Of course he did!!!
    The man is incapable of telling the truth and his entire life he’s gotten away with it!!!


    1. @Troy Stocker When did Obama testify under oath? And what testimony was it? Also, when did Obama say he had the world’s greatest memory?

    2. Awww poor coddled little Soyboy is afraid he’s not going to get his Xmas wish ahahahahaha. Blexit 2020, time to leave the KKK.

    1. @get lost close your eyes and imagine a spouse who cheated on you, and imagine you voted for that spouse to be US president lolz

    2. In the case of wives he just tells the truth: “you’re too old and saggy now woman. Move along, I’m getting a new one.” LoL not LoL

    3. You yanks are fucking amazing! Your impeachmdnt coup has failed so you back to mueller to see if there is anything more to dig up there! There is no juris prudence in your country ( and even less here) the wofld has gone mad. Leave Trump alone to continue his excellent work!!

    1. @conference Justice yep. It’s all you have, I rest my case. Funny though, you don’t like Putin, that much is clear, but Truml thinks he is a great strong leader, the best thing since sliced bread lol. How do you square that with yourself?

    2. @Nemo Krada i responded to you. Can you tell time, see which came first. Wasnt me honey bunch. Like I said, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Poor thing.

    1. @conference Justice Which part cleared him? The part where Sondland said Trump was seeking a quid pro quo? The part where we find out that Pence knew the whole time? The part where he drives his truck over Pompeo, Rudy, Mick?

      At no part was he cleared you LoOnEy TooN. I have to admit man. Your power of pure delusion and denial has been an ABSOLUTE BLAST for me. However, it’s rapidly becoming sad how pathetic you are. So, your on the mute list now. Have fun at the monster truck show!

    1. Drop the TRIBAL crap and help solve problems not create them. Too far Left or Right and you slide off mountain. The real winners are the teams of rich Lawyers fleecing the tax payers.

    1. ……You People Still Listening To This Babbling Bullshit on cnn, You Have Nothing On This President, Get Over It, Maga!!!!

    2. Drop the TRIBAL crap and help solve problems not create them. Too far Left or Right and you slide off mountain. The real winners are the teams of rich Lawyers fleecing the tax payers.

    1. @bluebirds4me hugely biggest in the history of lying the perfect lie WTF I hope you know that arguing with these trumpanzee idiots is a waste of time. Trumpanzeeism is acute and cannot be cured with facts or the truth the cure for this draft dodging con man con artist cancer in the White House is the voting booth 2020 Trump’s new catchphrase MAGA my attorneys getting arrested Trump for prison or a brain aneurysm 2020!!!

    1. @Thragon68 You’ve got it wrong sir, i’m a fellow truth seeker as well, hence the Enlil and Enki reference, and I apologies if i did not made my self clear with my earlier statement.
      I just wanted to say that you are taking the side of an ignorant climate changing denying moron promoter of cancer inducing windmills propaganda that wants to keep his base, heck, the whole world ignorant, because ignorance is a bliss and people won’t ask any questions, while also being interested yourself in finding answers to questions this kind of people wouldn’t even want you asking.

      As others stated, the whole Biden thing has the appearance of a wrong doing but no facts to back it up. If it were to be true then he should charged accordingly but you have to agree with me there’s a certain difference in the most powerful man on this planet abusing his power to force a whole other country to help his agenda by holding support money from a country fighting for its survival against the most aggressive nation on this planet and the biggest threat to US.

      We do however have facts backing up this impeachment proceeding as we had with the Mueller report or the Trump signed and promoted hotels fiascos where honest citizens lost hundreds of thousand of dollars at least by trusting this evil serpents hallow promises.

      From UK to France to Germany to Ukraine to Israel to Iraq, only to name the most “interesting” ones, have in the recent history accused Russia, based on irrefutable evidence, of interfering with their internal affairs (to put it mildly) so why would it be different with US, their greatest opponent? Not to mention the tremendous amount of evidence that backs the so called “allegations” up.

      I’m not from US, i don’t like the democrats ideology nor do i like the republicans. I do not support either of the two party and i’m not a fan of either. History has shown us time and time again that when it really matters, NEITHER party has the best interest of the country at heart and only want to improve their short term political (and not only) gain; not to mention the fact that the US is the leader of the so called “New world” that should drive the whole world to a better and more brighter future, if not by direct action, by leading through example.

      I am sure however that history will remember Trump for being the perfect counter-example of what decency, trustworthiness and professionalism is for eons to come.

      Hope you sir have an amazing evening and a good night!

    1. Specially poor or homeless people he does not care about middle class, just does not care. He cares about rich white people only.

    1. Actually his call was perfect! But, he got caught. Remember the police officer had illegal choke hold and killed the man. Trump had that same choke hold on Zelinsky. Give him what he wanted or your people die. You get no money or weapons for support. And make it simplier. Let’s make it simple. Bolton called it a drug deal. Here is an example. Say a person want a crack rock. Asks a dealer. The dealer says not his crack, but ” If you do ( ME) a favor ( THOUGH). A sexual favor I’ll give you some crack rock. Even though he knows it’s not his to give. This is a simple example of what Trump did with Ukraine.

    2. I wonder how he became president and his wife is in porn magazines in the first place. Clinton was impeached , because he got a blow job. While president. If that’s the case Trump never should have been president. His wife sets no example for our women or girls as a mentor except. Hey! Be a porn star. Girls?

    1. Doom2exe More Fake News “the socialists narrative” libs are racist, policy imprisoning early term baby killers. And where are crooked Hillary’s emails.

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