House Judiciary Committee Votes On New Rules For Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC

House Judiciary Committee Votes On New Rules For Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


The House Judiciary took their biggest procedural step in their impeachment inquiry into the president. Political Scientist Rachel Bitecofer breaks down the politics of impeachment and explains why Democrats should embrace holding Trump accountable heading into 2020.
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House Judiciary Committee Votes On New Rules For Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC

34 Comments on "House Judiciary Committee Votes On New Rules For Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC"

  1. The only enemy of America today is the Republican Party.

  2. if trump is impeache all on senat is impeache to because no one call for that

  3. About time!😊

  4. I will always remember pelosi as the coward that allowed all of this to continue. She said it herself. Her signs are in the basement. Why fight so hard all your life and then at the end stop fighting? Impeachment and locking him up is the only true justice for all of his many crimes and also for americans to feel safe that believe in democracy and the rule of law. What a train wreck we all must fix now.

    • Night Shine
      You clearly dont know what you’re talking about. Impeachment wont get him out of office or locked up. Its only a tool to lay out the evidence and you dont want this one shot to fizzle prematurely. There will be impeachment articles because Pelosi wants it. You are only disagreeing with her on the timing.

      But remember: trump will not be convicted by the senate. The only way to get rid of him is the election.

  5. Some call it Maurice

  6. Pelosi is a spineless sell out and deep in trumps pocket. She is trumps biggest protector and needs to be removed immediately

  7. poutine extra fromage and bronw sauce dont lie

  8. The bottom line is that Trump is corrupt and has shown time and time again that he thinks he is above the law. If Pelosi doesn’t impeach Trump then the Constitution has absolutely no meaning. Pelosi might as well just hand the entire government over to Trump for the rest of his life with the way she is going. TRUMP IS A CRIMINAL and must be impeached!

  9. Dems have to pass new laws just to try an impeach Trump, if this fails what they gone try next, time after time, they tried to get this man, why isn’t he out of office yet, please tell me who ever is against Trump, for me I don’t care whose in office as long as they do right for the people

    • The Senate Republicans have blocked every move that the Democrats in the house have tried to pass. Including the impeachment of their conman president. Why do people not recognize the fault of the Republican Senate?

  10. Jonathan Groenewald | September 13, 2019 at 7:05 AM | Reply

    ????The Dems are the party of mirrors…They keep looking into things, but do nothing.

    The old Dems need to move aside and give way to the new faces on the block, the AOCs and the Katie Porters..At the moment they are Spineless whilst America is being trashed…God help us all because nothing is going to stop Trump at this rate. He become more empowered every day, doing as he pleases.

  11. Omg Trump is getting increasingly desperate lol his stupid questionnaires, surveys and mini-polls are popping up like ads all over YouTube again.

    Once they have your information, who KNOWS what it will be used for!

    Whether you’re a Trump supporter or not, I’d think twice before signing up on anything that has to reach out to you in advertisement form on YouTube!

    I’m just sayin’ 👍

  12. Now, Tax Returns, please! ✌️👍

  13. So, It’s up to the Dems to LEAD; to CREATE Public Opinion, with COURAGE, rather than pandering to it, with no message, Nancy

  14. Instead of impeachment it should be a short, sharp Amendment 25 – Now – then make sure all his ill gotten gains are removed from him and his family!

  15. Impeaching a president because he lied about a sexual indiscretion is not the same as impeaching a president who lies in public 12 to 20 times a day about almost everything.

  16. There will be no UNITY as long as Pelosi is the Speaker. What she pulled today was ludicrous. Does she think the people of the US are stupid and we can’t see CORRUPTION when its been shoved down our throats for the past 3 years.?? NOW, with her failure and lack of leadership in todays vote, its plain as day that the fix is in. Pelosi is just as corrupt as Trump . Its looking more and more like she wants the GOP to win in 2020. How else will the people get revenge against the DNC except by overpowering her and the DNC with a RED WAVE in 2020.

  17. Kristen Rdesinski | September 13, 2019 at 11:04 AM | Reply

    Polling only reflects the answers on specific questions (that can also be confusing) that are asked of a small portion of people. Many people do not participate in polls even when asked to, the reasons are varied, such as timing and means of contact. Phone calls can be mistaken for sales calls or robocalls, online polling could be easily mistaken for pfishing schemes, etc. Even the polling questions that appear on sites like MSN could easily be paid advertisements instead of legitimate polls.
    Another problem with polls? People lie. People will say what they think the questioner wishes to hear. Not a single one of us goes through life without lying, even those of us who try our best to be honest.
    Saying that I don’t think many in the entire world could compare to the sheer quantity of lies that 45 tells daily.

  18. *_File the Motion to Vacate the Chair against Pelosi, House Democrats_*
    Sack her from the speakership. She has to go. She is protecting this administration.

  19. He has never had any idea what a Presidency means or how it works.
    he has literally cheated taxpayers – not even hiding it anymore.
    watching him do some things a 5 year old wouldn’t- and lie.
    lies with every breath- he is a disgrace to the air.

  20. Do it. Come on, Little Jerry Waddle Hips. The Republicans retaking the House will be great.

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